Series 11 2019

The 2019 Hobie Kayak Bream Series 11 is designed to offer kayak anglers a competitive Bream fishing tournament.

These events are open to all makes of kayaks, except for the Australian Championship. Australian Championship competitors are all provided with identical fitted Hobie MirageDrive® kayaks. Each Hobie Kayak Bream series round will have its own qualifying rounds, rankings, payouts, and prize schedule.

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2019 Angler of the Year

Bream Rules 2019

Series 11 Australian Championship

Australian Championship Anglers 2019

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Hobie Carts and Beach Dollys

Hobie wheelcarts and dolly allow you to simply wheel your Hobie down to the water eliminating trips back and forth to the vehicle! At the end of the day, Hobie carts get you to the water faster.