Series 13 Australian Championship

Hobie® Kayak Fishing Series 13 Australian Championship – Gold Coast, QLD

Hobie Fishing Series 13 Australian Championship, brought to you by Daiwa, will be held on the Gold Coast site where Hobie Fishing Worlds 8 was battled out in 2019. At Mitchell Park, Broadwater Parklands, Southport QLD, from July 13th – July 17th, 2022.

Places were allocated through Hobie Fishing Series qualifying rounds, AOY, Wildcard, and VIP – as per the Rules.

Round Info










1Russell BabekuhlNSWOpen31.72 kg32.73 kg31.58 kg96.03 kg6.03 kgHobie Mirage Outback Papaya Camo, $1250 Cash Prize, and a Simms Apparel Prize Pack
2Lex IrwinQLDOpen31.73 kg31.74 kg32.14 kg95.61 kg5.61 kg$1000 Cash Prize, plus Simms Apparel Prize Pack
3Simon MorleyNSWOpen31.64 kg32.01 kg31.96 kg95.61 kg5.61 kg$750 Cash Prize, plus Simms Apparel Prize Pack
4Luke RoganQLDOpen32.15 kg31.85 kg31.48 kg95.48 kg5.48 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
5David ShanahanVICOpen31.02 kg32.48 kg31.88 kg95.38 kg5.38 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
6Alan ListerACTOpen32.10 kg31.63 kg31.48 kg95.21 kg5.21 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
7Alex GreisdorfWAOpen31.81 kg31.47 kg31.85 kg95.13 kg5.13 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
8Jack GammieNSWOpen31.43 kg32.05 kg31.53 kg95.01 kg5.01 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
9Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen31.37 kg32.06 kg31.55 kg94.98 kg4.98 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
10Glenn AllenNSWOpen31.42 kg31.79 kg31.62 kg94.83 kg4.83 kgSimms Apparel Prize Pack
11Richard SomertonVICOpen31.68 kg31.50 kg31.55 kg94.73 kg4.73 kg
12Karl StaitNSWOpen32.20 kg31.39 kg31.12 kg94.71 kg4.71 kg
13Tom McLeanNSWOpen31.60 kg31.85 kg31.22 kg94.67 kg4.67 kg
14Andrew KrushkaTASOpen31.79 kg31.18 kg31.59 kg94.56 kg4.56 kg
15Jonty KrushkaTASOpen31.29 kg31.15 kg32.02 kg94.46 kg4.46 kg
16Tony PettieVICOpen31.74 kg31.37 kg31.35 kg94.46 kg4.46 kg
17Zachary MorozoffNSWOpen31.27 kg31.19 kg31.89 kg94.35 kg4.35 kg
18Andrew HancoxNSWOpen31.38 kg31.43 kg31.49 kg94.30 kg4.30 kg
19Brad ClarkVICOpen31.91 kg31.31 kg31.01 kg94.23 kg4.23 kg
20Steven PrykeVICOpen31.49 kg31.31 kg31.43 kg94.23 kg4.23 kg
21Wade WalkerQLDOpen31.17 kg31.37 kg31.64 kg94.18 kg4.18 kg
22Dylan PaceVICOpen32.23 kg20.58 kg31.33 kg84.14 kg4.14 kg
23Joseph GardnerWAOpen31.86 kg31.23 kg31.01 kg94.10 kg4.10 kg
24Bradley HartNSWOpen31.59 kg31.30 kg31.20 kg94.09 kg4.09 kg
25Josh CarpenterNSWOpen31.57 kg31.19 kg31.26 kg94.02 kg4.02 kg
26Brett CroweNSWOpen31.47 kg31.45 kg31.09 kg94.01 kg4.01 kg
27James KilpatrickNSWOpen10.47 kg32.06 kg31.36 kg73.89 kg3.89 kg
28Andrew DeathNSWOpen31.29 kg31.24 kg31.28 kg93.81 kg3.81 kg
29Ryan HoneybrookNSWOpen31.09 kg31.59 kg31.06 kg93.74 kg3.74 kg
30Richard PattersonNSWOpen31.26 kg31.41 kg31.07 kg93.74 kg3.74 kg
31Jesse ThompsonNSWOpen31.35 kg31.08 kg31.23 kg93.66 kg3.66 kg
32Terry GrimaNSWOpen20.54 kg31.45 kg31.65 kg83.64 kg3.64 kg
33John CouriNSWOpen30.94 kg31.32 kg31.37 kg93.63 kg3.63 kg
34Jayden DihoodVICOpen31.21 kg20.85 kg31.46 kg83.52 kg3.52 kg
35Joel CrosbieVICOpen31.35 kg10.30 kg31.86 kg73.51 kg3.51 kg
36Darcy HardingVICOpen31.38 kg31.10 kg31.03 kg93.51 kg3.51 kg
37Jason MeechNSWOpen31.13 kg31.03 kg31.22 kg93.38 kg3.38 kg
38Sean HillNSWOpen31.35 kg31.17 kg20.83 kg83.35 kg3.35 kg
39Allen ParishQLDOpen31.40 kg10.28 kg21.17 kg62.85 kg2.85 kg
40Dennis VillamorVICOpen20.90 kg30.95 kg20.95 kg72.80 kg2.80 kg
41Pine RossNSWOpen21.02 kg31.27 kg10.42 kg62.71 kg2.71 kg
42Brendan PieschelNSWOpen31.26 kg31.32 kg62.58 kg2.58 kg
43Cedric LopezNSWOpen20.71 kg31.54 kg20.26 kg72.51 kg-0.40 kg2.51 kg
44Jason DeenenVICOpen31.30 kg20.76 kg10.31 kg62.37 kg2.37 kg
45David AytonVICOpen31.21 kg21.07 kg52.28 kg2.28 kg
46Justin PughNSWOpen31.12 kg31.04 kg62.16 kg2.16 kg
47Corey GallagherVICOpen10.38 kg10.29 kg31.42 kg52.09 kg2.09 kg
48Nick MaceVICOpen31.43 kg10.27 kg10.31 kg52.01 kg2.01 kg
49Doug BakerNSWOpen10.37 kg31.07 kg41.44 kg1.44 kg
50Ruth BeebyVICOpen20.82 kg10.38 kg31.20 kg1.20 kg
51Gordon GammieNSWOpen10.44 kg10.68 kg21.12 kg1.12 kg
52David HedgeNSWOpen10.34 kg10.36 kg20.70 kg0.70 kg
53Jamie BowdenNSWOpen10.41 kg10.41 kg0.41 kg
54Cullen Di MattinaNSWOpen
54Tyson HayesQLDOpen
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total Fish D3Total Weight D3Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
14269.10 kg13465.04 kg12961.38 kg405195.52 kg0.48 kg

Big Bream Winner

Russell BabekuhlNSW1.22 kg$500.00 Cash Prize, plus Simms Apparel Prize Pack

Information Sheet

Welcome Function and Mandatory Briefing. Wednesday, 13th of July

LOCATION NAME Broadwater Parklands

LOCATION ADDRESS Northern Pavilion, Corner of Marine Pde and North St, Southport QLD 4215

  • Mandatory Briefing (5:30 pm Sharp!)
    • Session Times (Indicative times announced – subject to change)
    • Rules and event Information
  • Kayak Allocation
  • Introduction of Qualifying Anglers
  • Presentation of Welcome Packs

Lowrance Navigation Day. Thursday, 14th of July

  • 7:30am Daily Registration
  • 7:50am Mandatory Briefing
  • 8:00am Access to Event Boats
  • Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Session Information

Daiwa Championship Day 1. Friday, 15th of July

  • 5:00am Daily Registration
  • 5:30am Mandatory Briefing
  • Competition Day 1 Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Daiwa Championship Day 2. Saturday, 16th of July

  • 5:00am Daily Registration
  • 5:30am Mandatory Briefing
  • Competition Day 2 Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Daiwa Championship Day 3. Sunday, 17th of July

  • 5:00am Daily Registration (Anglers to return sounder chargers before a key tag is assigned)
  • 5:30am Mandatory Briefing
  • Competition Day 3 Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Functions and Meals

LOCATION NAME Broadwater Parklands

LOCATION ADDRESS Northern Pavilion, Corner of Marine Pde and North St, Southport QLD 4215

  • Wednesday, Jul 13th (5.30 PM Sharp!)
  • Thursday, Jul 14th – Navigation Day
    • 2:00 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • Dinner (Angler to organise)
  • Friday, Jul 15th – Comp Day 1
    • 2:00 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • Dinner (Angler to organise)
  • Saturday, Jul 16th – Comp Day 2
    • 2:00 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • 6:30pm sharp Official Championship Dinner @ Club Southport
    • Mortgage Corp Angler of the Year presentation
    • Angler’s Choice Award presentation
    • LOCATION ADDRESS 154A Scarborough St, Southport QLD 4215
  • Sunday, Jul 17th – Comp Day 3
    • 1:30 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • Dinner (Angler to organise)

Mandatory Briefings

It is mandatory to attend all briefings listed above. Anglers who are unable to attend the boat allocation, navigation, & pre-fish day will have to forfeit their entry into the Australian Championship.

No Go Zones

Competing anglers are to strictly observe all posted No Go Zones.

For your convenience, all No Go Zones have been programmed into your competition provided Lowrance sounder. Please help us support the Gold Coast community by avoiding ALL marked locations.

Your cooperation with the above requests will see Hobie Kayak competitions welcomed again into the Gold Coast, and beyond, well into the future.

  • Seaward side of the outer Port and Starboard Markers of the Gold Coast Seaway Entrance.
  • Sign Posted Marinas
  • If asked to leave a private marina, oyster lease or other facility, anglers shall do so immediately and shall not return for the remainder of the tournament.

Gold Coast No Go Zones

Daiwa Event Site Location

gold coast hobie fishing event site

Mitchell Park, Broadwater Parklands (North of the Mitchel Park boat ramps) – Northern Peninsula Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215

Fishing Format

  • 3-Day, cumulative weight tournament.
  • All eligible fish must be weighed alive and released in a healthy condition.

No Fishing – Pre-fish Ban

The Australian Championship location will have a total pre-fish ban, for 30 days, on the waterway starting from and including Wednesday 15th June 2022 up to and including Thursday 13th July 2022.

Included in the entry fee for this year's Australian Championship:

  • 2 Official Series 13 Australian Championship jerseys
  • Official Daiwa Cap
  • Official Hobie Fishing Cap
  • Official Lowrance Cap
  • Official Welcoming Registration Function, includes Complimentary Meal
  • Official Championship Tournament dinner on Saturday provided by Daiwa
  • The chance to be crowned Hobie Kayak Bream Series 13 Australian Champion!

Supplied Equipment

  • Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14
  • Hobie MirageDrive® 180 with Turbo Kick-Up Fins
  • Power-Pole Micro with Lithium Battery and Pro Angler Mount
  • Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 Tripleshot with RAM Universal Marine Electronic adapter with Arm and H-Rail 1.5" RAM ball
  • Hobie Livewell V2
  • FPV 17.5AMP Battery
  • Berley Pro Mast Mount for FPV Battery
  • Chargers
  • Hobie Rectangular Bucket
  • Access to Trax 2-30 wheels
The Series 13 Hobie Bream Australian Championship prizes will include:
  • Sponsor prize packs paid down to 3rd place
  • Championship trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Cash Prizes of:
  • 1st - Hobie Mirage Outback Papaya Camo + Cash Payout
  • 2nd - Cash Payout
  • 3rd - Cash Payout
  • Big Bream - $500.00, 1 winner takes all
  • Anglers Choice Award - $350 plus Daiwa Prize Pack
  • 1st place will also receive a paid complimentary entry fee into the Hobie® Kayak Series 14 Australian Championship provided the angler competes during the Hobie Kayak Series 14 in 2023. (subject to Series 14 rules*)

Angler Checklist (to be supplied by anglers)

  • Fishing gear; rods, reels, tackle boxes (boxes not supplied), or soft sided tackle management systems like the Vantage Seat Accessory Bag or similar and the Hobie Rectangular Hatch
  • Landing net
  • Australian PFD Type 1

Australian Championship

  • All anglers in the Australian Championship shall fish from factory supplied, Hobie kayaks.
  • Anglers shall provide their own tackle and safety gear for the Australian Championship.
  • The winner of the Hobie Fishing Series 13 Australian Championship shall receive a wildcard entry into the following year’s Australian Championship, provided the angler competes in a minimum* number of rounds in that year’s Hobie Fishing Series. *Minimum Number of rounds to be determined.
  • Only official tournament apparel is permitted be worn during Pre-Fish and Competition Days.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the Australian Championship

The Hobie Fishing Series 13 Australian Championship, presented by Daiwa, is off to an excellent start.

1 Bradley Hart NSW
2 Allen Parish QLD
3 Karl Stait NSW
4 Joel Crosbie VIC
5 Josh Carpenter NSW
6 Brendan Pieschel NSW
7 Dylan Pace VIC
8 Pine Ross NSW
9 Tom Mclean NSW
10 Doug Baker NSW
11 Corey Gallagher VIC
12 Justin Pugh NSW
13 Ryan Honeybrook NSW
14 Jesse Thompson NSW
15 Darcy Harding VIC
16 David Shanahan VIC
17 Ruth Beeby VIC
18 Andrew Krushka TAS
19 Jonty Krushka TAS
20 Wade Walker QLD
21 David Ayton VIC
22 David Hedge NSW
23 Brad Clark VIC
24 Andrew Death NSW
25 John Couri NSW
26 Francis Di Mattina NSW
27 Alan Lister ACT
28 Terry Grima NSW
29 Cedric Lopez NSW
30 Jayden Dihood VIC
31 Joseph Gardner WA
32 Richard Patterson NSW
33 Brett Crowe NSW
34 Sean Hill NSW
35 Steven Pryke VIC
36 Nick Mace VIC
37 Tony Pettie VIC
38 Glenn Allen NSW
39 Jason Deenen VIC
40 Russell Babekuhl NSW
41 Jack Gammie NSW
42 Simon Morley NSW
43 Andrew Hancox NSW
44 Richard Somerton VIC
45 James Kilpatrick NSW
46 Alex Greisdorf WA
47 Cullen Di Mattina NSW
48 Lex Irwin QLD
49 Zachary Morozoff NSW
50 Luke Rogan QLD
51 Jamie Bowden NSW
52 Gordon Gammie NSW
53 Jason Meech NSW
54 Dennis Villamor VIC
55 Tyson Hayes QLD

Championship Dinner


CSi Club Southport
154A Scarborough St, Southport QLD 4215
6:30 pm
16th 2022
Lemon pepper calamari
Fillet mignon
Crispy skin barramundi
Berry cheesecake
Eaton mess
2 drink vouchers
Extra Meals (partners, family etc)
Adults: $59.00
Children, under 12: $9.90


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