Strike Pro Round 1. Bemm River, Victoria 2020 Feb 29 - 01

On-Time entries for this round close on Fri, Feb 21, 2020 12:59 pm

Mortgage Corp Round 3. Mallacoota, Victoria 2020 Apr 17 - 18

On-Time entries for this round close on Fri, Apr 10, 2020 1:59 pm

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The Hobie Kayak Bream Fishing Series 12 starts Feb 29th in Bemm River, Victoria

The venue for the first round of the Hobie Kayak Bream Fishing Series 12 will see anglers converge on Bemm River in Victoria.

Series 12 has 9 rounds this year, 3 rounds less than usual. We are very excited about this year’s series and we’re looking forward to seeing you at these events.

There is some fierce competition this year as anglers jostle to qualify for the Hobie Fishing Worlds team, and better yet, score the top spot Angler of the Year!

You gotta be in it to win it!

Hobie Fishing Latest News

Hobie Fishing ALL NEW Pro Angler 360

We’ve always pedalled circles around the competition. Now you can too. New MirageDrive 360 technology boasts full-circle navigation making it exciting to weave through obstacles and easy to stay on top of the fish. Resilient and hardy, the all new Kick-Up Fins plow through even the most unyielding obstructions like logs, rocks, kelp and trees. Offered exclusively on the 2020 Pro Angler 12 and 14 360 Series in Arctic Blue Camo.

Watch the video to learn more!

Essential Hobie Gear

Hobie Livewells

High-flow, self-priming pump.
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Hobie Plug-In Carts

Plug it in and go Play.
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Hobie H-Crates

Light weight and durable.
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Like seat belts in cars, PFD's save lives. If you are on the water – please wear your personal floatation device.


Hobie stocks a huge range of PFD’s for all types of watersports. With a wide range suitable for adults, kids, and even the family dog, Hobie PFD's will have you safe on the water.

Hobie Livewells

The Hobie Livewell range is used for storage of live bait, or caught fish, that fits onto the rear storage wells of most MirageDrive® Pedal Kayaks.