Jack Gammie (AUS) Crowned the Hobie Fishing World Champion

Australian Hobie Fishing Team At Hobie Fishing Worlds 10 11 In 2024

The Hobie Fishing Worlds 10/11, powered by Lowrance, was held from June 25 to July 1, 2024, in Tecumseh, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and showcased some of the most thrilling competitive kayak fishing the sport has seen.

Fifty of the best anglers from 15 countries, representing a diverse and global community of expert kayak fishing anglers, gathered at the breathtakingly picturesque Lake St. Clair. This lake, known for its rich ecosystem and prime Smallmouth Bass fishing, was the perfect venue for this prestigious event.

What an incredible three days it has been at the Hobie Fishing World Championship! The competition was intense, the skills on display were awe-inspiring, and the thrill was palpable.

Over 1,000 bass were caught and submitted for scoring in the “Catch, Photo, Release” format, reflecting the healthy population of Smallmouth Bass in Lake St. Clair. The event started with the RAM Mounts Practice & Pre-Fish Day and included three championship days sponsored by Lowrance, Hobie Eyewear, and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

As the competition headed into the final day, Antoine Desrocher-Gagnon was leading the pack with a 5-inch advantage over his nearest competitor, Jaxton Orr from the USA.

Despite the tough competition, all the anglers, in a display of great sportsmanship and determination, persevered.

The weather at Lake St. Clair presented a variety of challenges, from ‘sporty’ winds to electrical storms, but the competitors managed to catch, photograph, release, and submit an impressive total of 1,034 bass to the TourneyX scoring platform.

The competition followed the Catch, Photo, Release format, with competitors submitting their five longest fish each day. As the event ended, Jack Gammie was crowned the World Champion with the greatest cumulative length.

Jack Gammie from Sydney, NSW, Australia, showed remarkable skill and emerged as the Hobie Fishing World 10/11 Champion. It was a close competition, with Antoine Desrocher-Gagnon from Team Canada taking second place, and Ron Champion from Team USA securing third place, a testament to their dedication and skill in the sport.

It’s also worth mentioning Team USA’s Ron Champion; who made an amazing leap from 21st to third place on Day Two with an 89.25-inch catch, which he managed to hold onto for Championship Sunday. All in all, it was an exciting and thrilling competition filled with memorable moments.

1st Place: Jack Gammie (Australia)

Jack Gammie of Australia emerged as the world champion, securing 1st place with an impressive total of 274.25 inches of fish. His strategic approach and consistent performance across all competition days earned him the top spot. Gammie’s skill in targeting the prime shallow areas where Smallmouth Bass congregate during June was evident throughout the event.

When asked about his technique for his full complement of small and largemouth bass, Gammie replied:

Timing and patience, I stumbled across this spot on the second practice day, and I raced there on Competition Day One and got my limit early and then left it alone. Day Two, I did the same thing but stayed in the area to find new ground. Then I just sat there all day today. The bites weren’t consistent, about 30-40 minutes apart. But I decided to stick out, and it paid off.

I was looking at the sky, and when it was lighter, I was throwing a more natural presentation, and then when the sky was more overcast, I would throw the darker colour. I was throwing Gold Camo Worm 4″ on the drop-shot, Berkley Power Minnow in Clear, and then a Big TRD Ned Rig thanks to Ryan Lambert (USA).

2nd Place: Antoine Desrocher-Gagnon (Canada)

Antoine Desrocher-Gagnon from Canada claimed 2nd place with a total of 262.00 inches. His achievement was highlighted by being awarded the Day Two Biggest Bass Award. Desrocher-Gagnon’s local knowledge and adept use of soft plastic baits and crankbaits allowed him to excel in the varying conditions of Lake St. Clair.

3rd Place: Ron Champion (USA)

Ron Champion from the USA secured 3rd place with 261.00 inches. Champion’s experience and versatility in using different lures and techniques, such as topwater lures and spinnerbaits, played a crucial role in his success. His ability to adapt to the changing conditions and target deeper areas adjacent to the shallows proved effective.


The 2024 Hobie Fishing Worlds celebrated skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. The stunning Canadian scenery and Lake St. Clair’s rich fishing heritage provided the perfect backdrop for this thrilling competition. Congratulations to all the anglers, especially our top three finishers, for their outstanding performances.

This event would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, including Lowrance, RAM Mounts, Hobie Eyewear, and many others who tirelessly promote kayak fishing. See you all at the next Hobie Fishing Worlds!

For more details, full results, photo galleries and videos of the event visit the Hobie Fishing Worlds official page.



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