Hobie® Kayak Bream Series 11 Australian Championship – St Georges Basin, NSW

Hobie Kayak Bream Series 11 Australian Championship, brought to you by Daiwa, will be held on St Georges Basin, at Palm Beach in Sanctuary Point NSW, from Jan 29th – Feb 2nd, 2020.

All invited anglers have entered this event.

Places were allocated through Hobie Kayak Bream Series qualifying rounds, AOY, Wildcard, and VIP – as per the Rules.


Due to council permit limitations and community concerns, we kindly ask that your consider your impact upon the wider community when participating in this event. Please respect the local residents by turning off headlights and keep noise to a minimum.

Carpooling is requested if possible.

Please Note – limited parking/beach launching at Palm Beach.

Strictly no camping outside regulated camping sites! Palm Beach Caravan Park is happy to accommodate you. And they’re just a short walk to the event site.

Your cooperation with the above requests will see Hobie Kayak competitions and events welcomed again into the Shoalhaven Community well into the future.

Round Info

Information Sheet

Welcome Function and Mandatory Briefing. Wednesday, 29th of January

LOCATION NAME The Country Club, St Georges Basin

LOCATION ADDRESS 11 Paradise Beach Rd, Sanctuary Point NSW 2540

  • Mandatory Briefing (6:30 pm Sharp!)
    • Session Times (Indicative times announced – subject to change)
    • Rules and event Information
  • Registration (All anglers must bring their PFD 1 and fishing license for inspection)
  • Kayak Allocation
  • Introduction of Qualifying Anglers
  • Presentation of Welcome Packs

Daiwa Pre-Fish Day. Thursday, 30th of January

  • 7:30am Daily Registration
  • 7:50am Mandatory Briefing
  • 8:00am Access to Event Boats
  • Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Session Information

Lowrance Championship Day 1. Friday, 31st of January

  • 5:00am Daily Registration
  • 5:30am Mandatory Briefing
  • Competition Day 1 Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Power-Pole Championship Day 2. Saturday, 1st of February

  • 5:00am Daily Registration
  • 5:30am Mandatory Briefing
  • Competition Day 2 Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Daiwa Championship Day 3. Sunday, 2nd of February

  • 5:00am Daily Registration (Anglers to return sounder chargers before a key tag is assigned)
  • 5:30am Mandatory Briefing
  • Competition Day 3 Session Time: Announced at Briefing

Functions and Meals

LOCATION NAME The Country Club, St Georges Basin

LOCATION ADDRESS 11 Paradise Beach Rd, Sanctuary Point NSW 2540

  • Wednesday, Jan 29th (6.30 PM Sharp!)
    • Canapes
    • Limited soft drinks, beer, and wine
    • Dinner (Anglers to Organise Own)
  • Thursday, Jan 30th – Pre-Fish Day
    • Breakfast – FROM 4:45 am
    • Snack Packs and Drinks (provided)
    • 1:00 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • Dinner (Anglers to Organise Own)
  • Friday, Jan 31st – Comp Day 1
    • Breakfast – FROM 4:45 am
    • Snack Packs and Drinks (provided)
    • 2:30 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • Dinner (Anglers to Organise Own)
  • Saturday, Feb 1st – Comp Day 2
    • Breakfast – FROM 4:45 am
    • Snack Packs and Drinks (provided)
    • 2:30 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • 5:30pm sharp – 7:30pm Official Championship Dinner @ The Country Club, St Georges Basin
    • Mortgage Corp Angler of the Year presentation
    • Angler’s Choice Award voting and presentation
    • LOCATION ADDRESS 11 Paradise Beach Rd, Sanctuary Point NSW 2540
  • Sunday, Feb 2nd – Comp Day 3
    • Breakfast – FROM 4:45 am
    • Snack Packs and Drinks (provided)
    • 1:30 – onwards Lunch at the Event Site
    • Dinner (Anglers to Organise Own)

Mandatory Briefings

It is mandatory to attend all briefings listed above. Anglers who are unable to attend the boat allocation, navigation, & pre-fish day will have to forfeit their entry into the Australian Championship.

No Go Zones

  • TBA – Jan 21, 2020 we have just learned that there is a Sailing Regatta occurring on the St Georges Basin at the same time as the Australian Championship. However, anglers will need to give all sailboats right of way whilst under sail / more info to follow rather than a NO GO ZONE with relation to this.

Daiwa Event Site Location

Series 11 Australian Championship 2019 location mapPalm Beach, Sanctuary Point NSW 2540

Fishing Format

  • 3-Day, cumulative weight tournament.
  • All eligible fish must be weighed alive and released in a healthy condition.

No Fishing – Pre-fish Ban

The Australian Championship location will have a total pre-fish ban, for 30 days, on the waterway starting from and including Tuesday 31st December 2019 up to and including Wednesday 29th January 2020.

Due to the last minute change of the location – The Pre-Fish Ban for this event is Effective Immediately, Friday 17th January 2020.

Included in the entry fee for this year's Australian Championship:

  • The use of a new identically rigged 2019/20 Hobie® Pro Angler 14 kayaks featuring the new MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins
  • 2 Official Series 11 Australian Championship jerseys
  • Official Hobie Hat
  • Official Daiwa Hat
  • Official Lowrance Hat
  • Official Welcoming Registration Function, includes Complimentary Canapes and a Limited Open Bar
  • Continental Breakfast Station each morning from 4:30 am provided by Hobie Polarized
  • Competition day snack packs provided by Atomic – Frogleys Offshore
  • Lunch on Thursday provided by Gerber
  • Lunch on Friday provided by Tackle Tactics
  • Lunch on Saturday provided by Strike Pro
  • Lunch on Sunday provided by ProLure
  • Official Championship Tournament dinner on Saturday February 2nd provided by Hobie Asia Pacific
  • The chance to be crowned Hobie Kayak Bream Series 11 Australian Champion

Supplied Equipment

  • Hobie Livewell v2
  • Lowrance Sounder
  • Power-Pole Micro Anchor, with ultra-light spike
  • Chargers
  • Access to Trax 2-30 wheels

The Series 11 Hobie Bream Australian Championship prizes will include:

  • Sponsor prize packs paid down to 10th place.
  • Championship trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  • Cash Prizes of:
    • 1st – $1,500.00
    • 2nd – $1000.00
    • 3rd – $750.00
    • Atomic Big Bream – $250.00 per competition day
    • Cranka Lures - Anglers Choice Award (Entry Refunded)
    • Donut Dough $100.00 – random draw each competition day
  • 1st place will also receive a paid complimentary entry fee into the 2020 Hobie® Kayak Bream Series 12 Australian Championship provided the angler competes during the 2020 Hobie Kayak Bream Series 12. (subject to 2020 rules*)

Angler Checklist (to be supplied by anglers)

Australian Championship

  • All anglers in the Australian Championship shall fish from factory supplied, Hobie kayaks.
  • Anglers shall provide their own tackle and safety gear for the Australian Championship.
  • The winner of the Hobie Kayak Bream Series 11 Australian Championship shall receive a wildcard entry into the following year’s Australian Championship, provided the angler competes in a minimum* number of rounds in that year’s Hobie Kayak Bream Series. *Minimum Number of rounds to be determined.
  • Only official tournament apparel is permitted be worn during Pre-Fish and Competition Days.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the Australian Championship

The Hobie Kayak Bream Series 11 Australian Championship, presented by Daiwa, is off to an excellent start.

1 Brett Crowe NSW
2 Steven Pryke VIC
3 Travis Newland WA
4 Mitchell Maddison NSW
5 Paul Burton WA
6 Jason Deenen VIC
7 Fred Fraser WA
8 Tom Mclean NSW
9 Kris Hickson NSW
10 Greg Cooper WA
11 Jon Clisby VIC
12 Jon Chen ACT
13 Corey Gallagher VIC
14 Nathan Wright VIC
15 Jack Gammie NSW
16 Richard Somerton VIC
17 Tony Pettie VIC
18 Kobi Rothall SA
19 Mark Young NSW
20 Dale Baxter VIC
21 Mitch King VIC
22 Carl Dubois NSW
23 Simon Morley NSW
24 Cullen Di Mattina NSW
25 Glenn Allen NSW
26 Darren Weda VIC
27 Brendan Pieschel NSW
28 Luke Rogan QLD
29 Joseph Gardner WA
30 Jarred Fancett NSW
31 Kevin Varty NSW
32 Kane Terry NSW
33 Andrew Hancox NSW
34 Tyson Hayes QLD
35 Ian Abercromby WA
36 David Shanahan VIC
37 Stuart Walker NSW
38 Aaron Williams NSW
39 Sean Hill NSW
40 Paul Davidson VIC
41 Chris Miller SA
42 Francis Di Mattina NSW
43 Grant Hocking VIC
44 Byron Hill NSW
45 Zachary Morozoff NSW
46 James Kilpatrick NSW
47 Gary Hanson VIC
48 Malcolm Halliday NSW
49 Brian Hunt NSW
50 Adriano Tosolini NSW










1Kris HicksonNSWOpen32.08 kg32.37 kg32.64 kg97.09 kg7.09 kg
2Glenn AllenNSWOpen32.06 kg31.71 kg32.96 kg96.73 kg6.73 kg
3Carl DuboisNSWOpen21.09 kg32.95 kg31.96 kg86.00 kg6.00 kg
4Richard SomertonVICOpen31.49 kg32.20 kg31.88 kg95.57 kg5.57 kg
5Jack GammieNSWOpen31.71 kg31.71 kg32.04 kg95.46 kg5.46 kg
6Tom McLeanNSWOpen31.75 kg31.65 kg31.92 kg95.32 kg5.32 kg
7Chris MillerSAOpen32.06 kg31.48 kg31.73 kg95.27 kg5.27 kg
8Paul DavidsonVICOpen31.58 kg32.06 kg31.59 kg95.23 kg5.23 kg
9James KilpatrickNSWOpen32.51 kg31.19 kg21.38 kg85.08 kg5.08 kg
10Cullen Di MattinaNSWOpen10.85 kg31.81 kg32.37 kg75.03 kg5.03 kg
11Corey GallagherVICOpen31.86 kg31.56 kg31.52 kg94.94 kg4.94 kg
12Simon MorleyNSWOpen21.36 kg31.57 kg31.93 kg84.86 kg4.86 kg
13Jon ChenACTOpen10.45 kg32.33 kg32.06 kg74.84 kg4.84 kg
14Tony PettieVICOpen31.66 kg21.19 kg31.98 kg84.83 kg4.83 kg
15Kane TerryNSWOpen31.88 kg32.23 kg10.53 kg74.64 kg4.64 kg
16Gary HansonVICOpen31.95 kg31.53 kg21.02 kg84.50 kg4.50 kg
17Dale BaxterVICOpen31.53 kg31.86 kg31.09 kg94.48 kg4.48 kg
18Greg CooperWAOpen31.42 kg31.53 kg31.50 kg94.45 kg4.45 kg
19Malcolm HallidayNSWOpen21.14 kg31.81 kg31.45 kg84.40 kg4.40 kg
20Steven PrykeVICOpen31.48 kg31.33 kg31.51 kg94.32 kg4.32 kg
21Stuart WalkerNSWOpen31.40 kg21.58 kg31.31 kg84.29 kg4.29 kg
22Adriano TosoliniNSWOpen31.51 kg31.47 kg31.23 kg94.21 kg4.21 kg
23Fred FraserWAOpen21.26 kg31.53 kg31.36 kg84.15 kg4.15 kg
24Jon ClisbyVICOpen31.04 kg31.80 kg31.24 kg94.08 kg4.08 kg
25Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen31.75 kg21.19 kg31.12 kg84.06 kg4.06 kg
26Aaron WilliamsNSWOpen31.89 kg31.51 kg10.61 kg74.01 kg4.01 kg
27Paul BurtonWAOpen20.81 kg31.17 kg32.02 kg84.00 kg4.00 kg
28Joseph GardnerWAOpen31.89 kg32.09 kg63.98 kg3.98 kg
29Darren WedaVICOpen32.21 kg31.76 kg63.97 kg3.97 kg
30Mark YoungNSWOpen31.32 kg20.61 kg32.01 kg83.94 kg3.94 kg
31Jason DeenenVICOpen31.34 kg10.35 kg32.18 kg73.87 kg3.87 kg
32Grant HockingVICOpen31.92 kg31.91 kg63.83 kg3.83 kg
33Zachary MorozoffNSWOpen10.80 kg31.73 kg31.26 kg73.79 kg3.79 kg
34Brendan PieschelNSWOpen31.75 kg10.45 kg31.49 kg73.69 kg3.69 kg
35Kevin VartyNSWOpen31.84 kg20.82 kg20.89 kg73.55 kg3.55 kg
36Brian HuntNSWOpen10.35 kg21.25 kg31.93 kg63.53 kg3.53 kg
37Kobi RothallSAOpen10.58 kg31.70 kg21.07 kg63.35 kg3.35 kg
38Byron HillNSWOpen31.64 kg31.61 kg63.25 kg3.25 kg
39Nathan WrightVICOpen21.08 kg32.02 kg53.10 kg3.10 kg
40Andrew HancoxNSWOpen31.56 kg31.29 kg62.85 kg2.85 kg
41Travis NewlandWAOpen31.09 kg31.47 kg62.56 kg2.56 kg
42Luke RoganQLDOpen21.07 kg31.48 kg52.55 kg2.55 kg
43Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen20.84 kg31.64 kg52.48 kg2.48 kg
44Brett CroweNSWOpen10.43 kg31.88 kg42.31 kg2.31 kg
45Sean HillNSWOpen10.63 kg10.39 kg31.21 kg52.23 kg2.23 kg
46David ShanahanVICOpen31.65 kg31.65 kg1.65 kg
47Jarred FancettNSWOpen31.56 kg31.56 kg1.56 kg
48Ian AbercrombyWAOpen10.64 kg10.41 kg21.05 kg1.05 kg
49Tyson HayesQLDOpen10.68 kg10.68 kg0.68 kg
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total Fish D3Total Weight D3Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
11163.00 kg11565.76 kg11666.85 kg342195.61 kg0.57 kg

Big Bream Winner

Day 1Grant HockingVIC1.04 kg
Day 2Stuart WalkerNSW1.08 kg
Day 3Carl DuboisNSW1.30 kg

DAY 3 Weigh In

DAY 2 Weigh In

DAY 1 Weigh In

Pre-Fish Weigh In

Australian Championship Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 11 Day 3

Australian Championship Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 11 Day 2


Australian Championship Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 11 Day 1

Australian Championship Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 11 Function and Safety Briefing

Australian Championship Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 11 Pre-Fish

Australian Championship Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 11 Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I RSVP?

  • To confirm your attendance, please click the Enter Now button and make (or arrange for) payment before close of business on Friday the 29th of November 2019.
  • If you are unable to attend, please click “Decline Entry” at the bottom of your Official Invitation prior to 19th of November 2019, to assist us in the organisation of the Championship.

When does my Entry need to be submitted?

  • For ALL Invitees, you have until close of business Friday, 19th of November 2019

What is the password for the Entry Form?

  • Just log in to your Hobie Fishing account and you be given access automatically.

How much does it cost and what are your payment options?

  • Entry and payment options are on the Official Entry form (click Enter Now below).

Where can I book my Australian Championship Accommodation?

  • Anglers must arrange their own accommodation in the area surrounding the St Georges Basin and Palm Beach in Sanctuary Point.

*All details subject to change without prior notice.



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