The Long Road West!

We Made It3b

Follow along as the Hobie Fishing trailer makes the long journey west to the Hobie Kayak Bream Series Grand Final in South Yunderup, Western Australia.

After a 4:00am start and a flight from Sydney yesterday, we picked up the trailer at Binks Marine in Adelaide and started the long journey west. We made it as far as Pt Augusta in 41ºC heat where we stopped for a well earned rest.

The weather is much cooler and overcast today at 22ºC when we left Pt Augusta this morning at 7am SA time. We are leaving the last mountains, hills and slopes behind as we head into the Never Never.

We just passed a Japanese guy covered in flies pulling a make shift wooden cart across from the west( missed the photo), we hope to see more of these international nomads as we travel further into the vast, open horizon today.

We have 768km of roadkill and nothingness to travel through, on today’s leg of the Hobie Sojourn to the West, to reach our stop for the night, a roadhouse on the Middle of nowhere called Nullabor.

On the edge of The Great Australian Bight and about to start the journey into real desolation, the infamous Nullabor. All fuelled up and with a jerry can full of diesel and a few bottles of water as back up.

Weather is good at 28c but we’re still getting sunburnt through the windows. No real wind like the strong winds effecting the trailer yesterday and the sun which was making the windscreen like a BBQ hot plate. The real adventure lies head today and the 900+ km we’ll be doing tomorrow.

Get’em up, move’m out Hobie ride.

After leaving at 6:30 am SA time we headed off on our longest day drive of 1070km yesterday from Nullabor in South Australia to Coolgardie in Western Australia arriving last night at around 6:30 WA time. We stayed in miners accommodation (say no more) ate miners meals (say no more), It was, generally, a really classy experience.

We got the Hobie wagon train wheels-a-rollin’ at 6am WA time and headed off through the red dirt to Perth just a 645km hop down the road. Leaving the old mining town of Coolgardie with its 40 metre wide main street behind we came across the original starting point of the longest fence in the world about 300km down the track to Perth.

Road trains are overtaking us as we crawl towards the WA capital and the Hobie Kayak Bream Series Grand Final.

After travelling over 4500km from the beaches of the Pacific Ocean on the NSW coastline, and dragging the Hobie event trailer on the long, long, long slog from Adelaide, crossing some of Australia’s most remote regions, we have finally reached our destination on the Indian Ocean.

With a three hour time difference from our starting point at the Hobie Cat Australasia factory in Huskisson, Jervis Bay the crew are now suffering from the not so well known “trailer lag”. We dropped into one of our great sponsors Hogs Breath Cafe at Mandurah on the way through to the event site at South Yanderup.

The guys at our fantastic WA dealership group Getaway Outdoors were the first to greet us on our arrival in Western Australia. We can’t wait to get the action started for the 2014 Hobie Kayak Bream Series Grand Final,which begins with the Lowrance Navigation Day next Friday. We’ll post some photos of the area tomorrow. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty cool!



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