Boomer Creek Vineyard Event Site Directions

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We are on the eve of the 2024 Hobie Fishing Series 15 Tassie Tour….

A few guidelines for the next few days.

Pre-Fish Monday March 4, 2024

Monday Pre-Fish is available from the Boomer Creek Vineyard.
Please DO NOT attend the site before 7am on Monday.

Competition Day 1 & Day 2

Tuesday and Wednesday from 5am by this time you will see HOBIE flags guiding this path detailed below.

  • Follow the roadway into the vineyard and as you see the signage for the cellar door continue to the left-hand side roadway.
  • Pass the dam on the left and head along till you see the farm sheds and a pile of woodchip.
  • TURN RIGHT at the woodchip pile.
  • Continue alongside the vines on your right-hand side, there is a grass cut path, follow this downhill to the next gate.
  • Go through the gate and you will see a patch of grass freshly cut on your right-hand side.
  • This will be the event site.
Boomer Creek Vineyard Event Site Directions

The Hobie Team will be on-site from midday on Monday to set up.

As you contact anyone from the Boomer Creek Vineyard, please extend your thanks for the opportunity to be on-site with them across the next three days.

Any questions please ask, and we will be back to you asap.

Looking forward to seeing you all!



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