Georges River round BIG NEWS!


On October 10, 2019 we launched the 2020 HOBIE KAYAK BREAM SERIES presented by DIAWA. The response we received was beyond all expectations.

At the end of the Georges River round, earlier this year, we thanked everyone for an outstanding job in car pooling, and more importantly, not camping; keeping their car’s head-lights off and the noise down. THANK YOU to all who attended.

With this, we approached council to see if we could extend our permit for the Georges River 2020 round, which would allow us to have more car parking, which means more anglers! Whilst we hadn’t received the extended approval for the Georges River 2020 round at the time of the 2020 series publication, we needed to keep the cap from the previous Georges River round limited to 65 when the series was announced.

Hats off to all of you for understanding the importance of the relationship between the local community and council. As a result, Hobie Fishing is pleased to announce that council has approved our updated request and we can reopen the round to take up to 100 total anglers!

The capped round (65) filled up in record time due to this amazing launch location and fishery. The extension of entries is scheduled to re-open from 12.30 pm Monday, 28th October 2019 (AEDT) which means another 35 anglers have a shot at entering before this round fills up again!

Once again, we thank all of you for your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you all again soon!



Like seat belts in cars, PFDs save lives. If you are on the water – please wear your personal floatation device.



Hobie stocks a huge range of PFD’s for all types of watersports. With a wide range suitable for adults, kids, and even the family dog, Hobie PFD's will have you safe on the water.

Hobie H-Crates

The Hobie H-Crate allows anglers to easily orgainse their fishing gear, within easy reach, while expanding the available H-Rail space on their Hobie kayak. Heavy duty adjustable straps allow for quick installation and removal.

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