Australian Worlds Team Standings


The current standings for the Australia Team to compete in the Hobie Fishing World Championship have been released. All indications are that to sit near the top of the point score table, consistency over a number of events is rewarded above all else.

While no angler so far has competed in the prescribed minimum of three qualifying tournaments, the six anglers to represent Australia at the 2016 Hobie Fishing World Championship are getting closer to be named with just two qualifying tournaments to be completed.

167 individual anglers have competed in the first three worlds qualifying rounds with 70 competing in two qualifiers. If any of those 70 anglers compete in either the Lowrance Scamander round in Tasmania or the Hogs Breath Café round on Wallis Lake in Forster, New South Wales they will have a chance to represent Australia. The remaining 97 anglers from the original 167 will need to compete in both of these rounds to be considered for the Aussie team.

As event registrations for the April 22 and 23 Tasmanian round stand at the time of writing this article, 19 of the anglers will have reached the 3 tournament worlds qualifying minimum. They will be in the mix for team selection based on the total of the three rounds that they have participated in. If these anglers (and others who have yet to enter) participate in the final qualifying round in Forster, and obtain a higher point score than any of their three previous rounds, that score will be an upgrade and they will drop their lowest score. Only an angler’s best three finishing point scores are accumulated to reach a final tally.

Any angler currently sitting in a lower position on the leaderboard still has a massive opportunity to leap up the table as those above them fail to upgrade their scores. With two events remaining any angler who finishes with three solid scores in their bag could end up wearing the green and gold in 2016.

Current PlacingR 1 PtsAnglerStateR 2 PtsAnglerStateR 3 PtsAnglerStateTotal Points
198Paul MalovVic96Paul MalovVic194
288Tony PettieVic99Tony PettieVic187
390Glenn AllenNSW94Glenn AllenNSW184
489Aaron WilliamsVic85Aaron WilliamsVic174
579Chris BurbidgeVic95Chris BurbidgeVic174
686Mitch KingVic87Mitch KingVic173
785Bogdan ZisuVic84Bogdan ZisuVic169
893Jason MeechNSW76Jason MeechNSW169
968Richard SomertonVic97Richard SomertonVic165
1084Derek HamerNSW77Derek HamerNSW161
1160Carl DuboisNSW100Carl DuboisNSW160
1267Neil CarstairsVic93Neil CarstairsVIC160
1394Stewart DunnNSW65Stewart DunnNSW159
1491Joel CrosbieVic66Joel CrosbieVic157
1587Jonathan ChenACT70Jonathan ChenACT157
16100Chris LyonsVic55Chris LyonsVic155
1771Steven PrykeVic83Steven PrykeVic154
1855Jim BarrieNSW91Jim BarrieNSW146
1963Dean GambleVic81Dean GambleVic144
2076Paul DavidsonVic68Paul DavidsonVic144
2182Clark WilsonVic60Clark WilsonVic142
2278Nathan PreziosoVic63Nathan PreziosoVic141
2353David ShanahanVic86David ShanahanVic139
2481Jason DeenenVic58Jason DeenenVic139
2597Mark CribbesVic42Mark CribbesVic139
2683Bruce RollinsVic54Bruce RollinsVic137
2780Mark YoungNSW56Mark YoungNSW136
2857Andrew DeathNSW78Andrew DeathNSW135
2977Corey GallagherVic57Corey GallagherVic134
3099Kevin VartyNSW29Kevin VartyNSW128
3195James RoganNSW31James RoganNSW126
3244Byron HillNSW79Byron HillNSW123
3350Josh CarpenterNSW72Josh CarpenterNSW122
3470Gary HansonVic51Gary HansonVic121
3552Ka Ching ChungVIC67Ka Ching ChungVic119
3645Chesney FungVic71Chesney FungVic116
3725Peter GardiakosVic90Peter GardiakosVic115
3830Brian RutledgeNSW82Brian RutledgeNSW112
3961Andrew HancoxNSW47Andrew HancoxNSW108
4035Darryl HeadNSW73Darryl HeadNSW108
4165Simon MorleyNSW43Simon MorleyNSW108
4272Tony CurwenVic34Tony CurwenVic106
4315Scott MarcinkowskiNSW89Scott MarcinkowskiNSW104
4451Dan WalterNSW52Dan WalterNSW103
4541Jon ClisbyVic62Jon ClisbyVic103
4642Jason LambertNSW59Jason LambertNSW101
47100Greg CooperWA100
4899Robert SgambelluriWA99
4998Josh KlimasNSW98
5098Barry BrownriggWA98
5123Ralph ErikssonNSW74Ralph ErikssonNSW97
5259Tracey WrightNSW38Tracey WrightNSW97
5397Alex GreisdorfWA97
5496Nick MaceVic96
5596Brett OzanneWA96
5695Steve OwensWA95
5794Andy MitchellWA94
5893Massimo SalomoneWA93
5992Dylan HennessVic92
6092Kane TerryNSW92
6192Jake GillWA92
6291Mitch VaneWA91
6337Tim GolbyVic53Tim GolbyVic90
6490Kepler WebberWA90
6549David HedgeNSW40David HedgeNSW89
6689Tim StylianouWA89
6788Alex FranchukVic88
6888Paul McCullochWA88
6987Mirek SoucekWA87
7058Ben HarrisonSA28Ben HarrisonSA86
7186Joe FrancoWA86
7285Jesse ChoyWA85
7384Shane OwensWA84
7446Patrick WilsonACT37Patrick WilsonACT83
7583Mathew JefferyWA83
7682Joseph GardnerWA82
7764David AytonVic17David AytonVic81
7881Shaun MoranWA81
7980Rick MassieVic80
8080Hamish McNabbWA80
8179Craig Leatt HayterWA79
8278Oli StevensonWA78
8327Brian HuntNSW50Brian HuntNSW77
8477Colin PeaseyWA77
8576Brad MartinWA76
8656Michelle GambleVic19Michelle GambleVic75
8775Scott CarmodyNSW75
8875Ty HanleyVic75
8975Brendon ChambersWA75
9074Warren AllenNSW74
9174Steven MorrisonWA74
9273Ronnie SonterNSW73
9373Robert PeachWA73
9472Dan SmithWA72
9571Brian NortonWA71
9670Jeff CorkillWA70
970Scott LovigVic69Scott LovigVic69
9869Michelle CarmodyNSW69
9969Keith AndrewsWA69
10068Michelle PardiniWA68
10143Alan OsborneVic24Alan OsborneVic67
1023Matt PetrieVic64Matt PetrieVic67
10367Didier BlanquartWA67
10417Shane TaylorNSW49Shane TaylorNSW66
10566Rich DaviesVic66
10619Geoff AlfordACT45Geoff AlfordACT64
10762Dale BaxterVic62
10861Rodney O'sullivanNSW61
10954Darren WedaVic54
11021Douglas EvansVic32Douglas EvansVic53
11131Jason ChildsNSW18Jason ChildsNSW49
1122Paul HardimanACT46Paul HardimanACT48
11348Jayden DihoodVic48
11448Bill WoodsNSW48
11547David MorrisVic47
11634Jeremy ThomasNSW12Jeremy ThomasNSW46
11720Tom McbrideACT25Tom McbrideACT45
11844Nick GlennSA44
11913Amy BarrieNSW30Amy BarrieNSW43
1209Peter WoodsNSW33Peter WoodsNSW42
12141Joel BrambleVic41
1221Ben PhayerVic39Ben PhayerVic40
12340Vicki LearNSW40
12439Jordan TrustyVic39
12511Tameika PurnellNSW27Tameika PurnellNSW38
12638Michael ShawNSW38
12736Will DavisNSW36
12836Paul DunlopNSW36
1290Christopher PurnellNSW35Christopher PurnellNSW35
13033John WhelanNSW33
13132Rhett GillSA32
13229Chris SeetoNSW29
13328Andre DukinoNSW28
1344Craig WallaceNSW22Craig WallaceNSW26
13526Jack MorrisVic26
13626Madeline HillNSW26
13724Marcus MccormickVic24
13823Doug BakerNSW23
1398Eric WoodNSW14Eric WoodNSW22
14022Alex WhiteheadSA22
14121Roy ToalNSW21
14220Scott BakerVic20
14318Scott BrownleesVic18
14416Chriss AposVic16
14516Neil HutchinsSA16
1460Lex ForbesVic15Lex ForbesVic15
14714Cristie BensonNSW14
14813James KilpatrickNSW13
14912Peter WhelanVic12
15010Jason ReidNSW10
1517Shannon HushNSW7
1526Bruce WatersonVic6
1535Riley HoodVic5
1540Steve ThomasVic0Steve ThomasVic0
1560Andrew FennellyVic0
1570Peter BalzanVic0
1580Stuart MayWA0
1590Matt WilliamsWA0
1600Phill CockshuttWA0
1610Robert CockshuttWA0
1620Ian AbercrombeWA0
1630Brad GangeWA0
1640Reece BrainWA0
1650Dave WallaceWA0
1660Emily McKeigWA0
1670Suzanne SiranovicWA0


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