Please take time to read the following announcement.

After many hours of ongoing deliberation, we have concluded that despite any further easing of restriction with a focus on allowing competitors to make the necessary arrangements on accommodation, travel etc to postpone the Round 1 event in Mallacoota to a likely date in mid-2021.
Please know that these decisions are not made easily and that we personally know there are some of you that this will not please. It is our aim to have a 100% satisfaction level for those that choose to be a part of our series however right now this decision may disappoint some of you and for this we apologise.
To the best of our abilities and even to the extent of attempting to arrange a COVID testing facility to be available in Mallacoota (outside of the current availability and already overloaded demands) our efforts have not meet the required needs of the event. As per the VIC DHHS the alternative option was a testing facility in Orbost, 1hr 45mins from Mallacoota. The schedule looked as though it would require a Wednesday test, isolate till your results come back 24-48 hours? (and isolating is not pre-fishing, however isolated you would have been doing so). To abide by the current VIC Health requirements this may have further excluded many of the potential competitors and caused unnecessary division within the group.
Moving forward it is our intentions to run the Nicholson event as planned (with or without interstate competitors). In addition, we are making the necessary applications for a second event to be held in NSW after the Nicholson event. Pending final approvals this event is will be held at St Georges Basin. The St Georges Basin event will be an additional event to the Series 13 Calendar, we do not intend to withdraw any of the other planned events.
With all of this, there is a further announcement with respect to the series and its broader opportunities regarding the Australian Championships and Hobie Fishing Worlds in the coming weeks. May we say on this that Series 13 presents more opportunities than in any years past in this space.
Therefore, please do all that you can do within your families and broader community to be vigilant with respect to your health and the health of those around you. Adhere to the current COVID practices as directed within your state. Please take the time to make yourself aware of the requirements in the Series 13 rules with respect to COVID SAFE practices whilst attending our planned events.
Let’s make sure we do all we can within our series, our broader fishing community to make every chance for the events to proceed.
Thank you for your patience and your understanding and lets look forward to March and get this Series started with a bang!



Like seat belts in cars, PFDs save lives. If you are on the water – please wear your personal floatation device.



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