Welcome to 2021, I know we all have our fingers crossed for better year than the year passed.

The current situation with various borders closed across Australia, we have decided to delay the announcement of either opening entries or pushing forward with the event for those who can attend with the existing COVID restrictions till the 22nd January.

Is this delaying the inevitable, perhaps it is, should we hold out till the 29th well this may yet be the case, we simply don’t have that crystal ball. Please work with us, we are sure you can all appreciate we want this to start as much if not more than you all do!

Should the event be postponed to a date TBA later in the year we know that the then launch of Series 13 will be a block buster at the Nicholson River. Are we likely to run into the same COVID situation, perhaps only time will tell. Should this be the case we are actively working towards a split beginning to the season with an event in VIC and another in NSW, both to be in March the details of this are TBA.

We also have several opportunities in months throughout the year which we set out as part of the planning for series 13. For those not looking to travel west for the double header (less likely now with COVID ongoing) then we will work on space in June. August is also open as is November.

Until you walk in these shoes it almost unfathomable the responsibilities and the expectations surrounding these events. We have had 11 otherwise uninterrupted season and some amazing journeys around Australia and the globe for that matter and to see this halted causes frustration at a minimum. Please continue to look forward to getting back to these events and supporting each other as well as the amazing group of sponsors that make these events possible.

We will continually assess the situation based on government recommendations and restrictions over the next few weeks.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, wear masks and wash your hands! We are all in this together no matter where we are located.



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