Oct 06-07, 2018. Swan River, Western Australia.

Strike-Pro Round 8 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 10 October 6th – 7th at Swan River, Western Australia.

Strike Pro round 8 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 10 was contested on the Swan River in Western Australia on the October 6 and 7, weekend.
On both days anglers pedalled off from the Power-Pole Starting Line in comfortable conditions, a lack of breeze made fishing a little tougher than some anglers would have liked, although 70% of the competitors caught legal size fish.
A total of 30 fish weighing 15.24kg were brought back to the scales on day one and on day two 27 bream were brought back for 15.18kg, accumulating a two-day total of 57 fish for 30.42kg. The average weight of “the Swan” bream to hit the scales was an excellent 530g.

First place in the final WA round of the series went to Western Australian Joshua Phillips who pocketed $810 for his 6 fish, which weighed in at 4.24kg. Phillips was leading at the finish of day one after he had his bag of 3 bream in the well between 8:30-9:00am.
On day two he employed the same strategy used on day one heading upstream, but Phillips coved a little more water than he had done on the previous day. He hit every snag he came across and threw at every likely looking piece of bank throughout the day. Phillips found that day two catches were a little more spread out than on day one, with his total legal, fish catches limited to just three (enough to fill his bag) and coming on board about every hour or so from 8:00-11:00am. He had dropped a couple of big fish in the snags, in that period, and was worried those misfortunes had lost him the tournament. Nevertheless, in the end he was glad to get the three in his livewell that were fat enough to win him the round.

Rod: Pflueger Trion
Reel: Daiwa 2000 Exceler
Line: 3lb FC Sniper
Leader: Sunline 6lb and 4lb Nitlon DFC
Lure : ZMan 2 ½ inch Grubz in Motor Oil and Midnight Oil with 1/20 TT Tournament painted red

Second Place went to Alex Greisdorf from WA, winning $480 for his 6 fish with a two-day total weighing 4.17kg. Griesdorf had a slow start to the tournament on day one, bringing 3 for 1.23kg to the scales, after finding plenty of fish but struggling to pull them aboard. However, his bag did set him up to take out the Mortgage Corp Monster Mover prize pack with an excellent improvement on day two with 3 for 2.94kg after catching around 30 legals throughout the session.
Among his catch was the largest fish of the tournament, the $100 Atomic Big Bream, a 1.33kg bruiser caught on day two and which saw Greisdorf take nearly 5 (heart stopping) minutes to land using a zMan Slim Swimz in motor oil with a 1/12 TT Headlox jighead on 3lb FC straight through and one of his custom Duff rods.

Rod: Custom Duff Rod
Reel: Luvias and Exist
Line: 3lb FC Sniper
Leader: 10lb Daiwa Evo 8
Lure : ZMan Grubz in Gudgeon, Slim Swimz in Motor with 1/12 to 1/16 TT Headlox jigheads

Third Place went to Ben Oakes $290 with 6 for 4.13kg. Day one 1.83kg and day two 2.30kg.

The Women’s Division winner was Jenny Gardner with 3 for 1.41kg and the Master’s went to Steven Owens with 3 for 1.48kg.








1Joshua PhillipsWAOpen32.14 kg32.10 kg64.24 kg4.24 kg$810.00
2Alex GreisdorfWAOpen31.23 kg32.94 kg64.17 kg4.17 kg$480.00
3Ben OakesWAOpen31.83 kg32.30 kg64.13 kg4.13 kg$290.00
4Robert SgambelluriWAOpen31.49 kg31.43 kg62.92 kg2.92 kg$190.00
5Shane OwensWAOpen31.30 kg31.50 kg62.80 kg2.80 kg$140.00
6Joseph GardnerWAOpen31.60 kg20.87 kg52.47 kg2.47 kg
7Bradley GangeWAOpen31.50 kg31.50 kg1.50 kg
8Steven OwensWAMasters (60-64)10.42 kg21.06 kg31.48 kg1.48 kg
9Jenny GardnerWAWomen's10.62 kg20.79 kg31.41 kg1.41 kg
10Jesse ChoyWAOpen10.48 kg10.40 kg20.88 kg0.88 kg
11Didier BlanquartWAMasters (60-64)20.80 kg20.80 kg0.80 kg
12Andy MitchellWAOpen20.67 kg20.67 kg0.67 kg
13Stuart MccarthyWAOpen10.54 kg10.54 kg0.54 kg
14Ian AbercrombyWAOpen10.53 kg10.53 kg0.53 kg
15Paul BurtonWAOpen10.46 kg10.46 kg0.46 kg
16Michelle PardiniWAWomen's10.40 kg10.40 kg0.40 kg
17Travis NewlandWAOpen10.36 kg10.36 kg0.36 kg
18Matt WilliamsWAOpen10.34 kg10.34 kg0.34 kg
19Mark FirthWAOpen10.32 kg10.32 kg0.32 kg
20Paul SiemaszkoWAOpen
20Gordon GammieNSWOpen
20Ruan Van Der BergWAOpen
20Robert PeachWAOpen
20Peter DegrootWAOpen
20Lionel MundriWAOpen
20Matthew MccarthyWAOpen
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
3015.24 kg2715.18 kg5730.42 kg0.53 kg

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Alex GreisdorfWA1.33 kg

Mortgage Corp Monster Mover

Alex GreisdorfWA1.232.94

Division Winners

Jenny GardnerWA10.62 kg20.79 kg31.41 kg
Master's (60 - 64 yrs)
Steven OwensWA10.42 kg21.06 kg31.48 kg


Important Rule Changes for 2018

There are several change to the Rules – they are marked in bold 2018 Hobie Bream Series Rules.

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Information Sheet


Early Entries Close at midnight AEST on 28 September 2018.

  • Early Entry: $100.00
  • Late Entry: $140.00
  • On the Day Entry: $140.00

This is a 2 day event. October 06 – 07, 2018.


Bayswater Sea Scout Hall Lot 8564 Milne St Bayswater WA 6053

No Fishing

Monday 24th September up to and including Thursday 4th October.

No Go Zones
  • Elizabeth Quay
  • Barrack Street Jetties and Rowing Jetty to the left
  • Herrison Island Ski Zone
Registration Times

Day 1 6:00am. Day 2 Registration time will be announced on Day 1.

Briefing Times

Day 1 6:30am. Day 2 Briefing time will be announced on Day 1.

Session Times

Day 1 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2018 Rules, item 16). Day 2 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2018 Rules, item 16).

Briefing, Launch, And Weigh-in Location

Bayswater Sea Scout Hall Lot 8564 Milne St Bayswater WA 6053

More Information

Location Map

Closest Hobie Dealer

Getaway Outdoors Westminster/Balcatta

If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email media@hobiecat.com.au directly.

1Didier BlanquartWAOpenMaster's (60-64)
2Ben OakesWAOpen
3Travis NewlandWAOpen
4Paul SiemaszkoWAOpen
5Joshua PhillipsWAOpen
6Andy MitchellWAOpen
7Shane OwensWAOpen
8Steven OwensWAOpenMaster's (60-64)
9Stuart McCarthyWAOpen
10Joseph GardnerWAOpen
11Jenny GardnerWAOpenWomen's
12Gordon GammieNSWOpen
13Mark FirthWAOpen
14Paul BurtonWAOpen
15Ruan Van der BergWAOpen
16Robert PeachWAOpen
17Robert SgambelluriWAOpen
18Peter DeGrootWAOpen
19Lionel MundriWAOpen
20Michelle PardiniWAOpenWomen's
21Bradley GangeWAOpen
22Ian AbercrombyWAOpen
23Matthew McCarthyWAOpen
24Tracey GreisdorfWAOpen
25Matt WilliamsWAOpen
26Cayden SmithWAFirst Timer
Open 25
Youth (16 – under 21yrs) 0
Women's 2
Master's (60 – 64yrs) 2
Grand Master's (65 and over) 0
PA17T Tandem 0
First Time Entries 1
Table Updated October 8, 2018 8:28 am

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