Round 10: Mandurah, Western Australia

2-3 July 2016

Round 10 of the Hobie Kayak Bream Series returned to Mandurah in Western Australia on the 2nd and 3rd of July.

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Event Date
2 – 3 July
No Fishing
Monday 20th June up to and including Thursday 30th June
Session Times
7:00am – 2:00pm
Registration Times
Registration Location
River Resorts in South Yunderup
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Briefing Location
River Resorts in South Yunderup
Launch Location
River Resorts in South Yunderup
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River Resorts in South Yunderup
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River Resorts in South Yunderup
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Mandurah Hobie Fishing Event Site River Resorts

If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email media@hobiecat.com.au directly.

1. Stuart May
2. Keith Andrews
3. Robert Sgambelluri
4. Hamish McNabb
5. Dave Wallace
6. Robert Peach.
7. Greg Cooper
8. Joe Franco
9. Didier Blanquart
10. Shaun Moran
11. Michelle Pardini
12. Brad Gange
13. Ian Abercromby
14. Andy mitchell
15. Jesse Choy
16. Jenny Gardner
17. Joseph Gardner
18. Massimo Salomone
19. Steve Owens
20. Shane Owens
21. Brendon knowles
22. Jeff Corkill
23. Alex greisdorf
24. Matthew Jeffery








ANGLERFish 1W 1LATEBig BreamF 2W 2Big BreamTOTAL
1Joseph Gardner32.2800.90031.5553.835
2Jesse Choy31.8800.67521.2650.7453.145
3Massimo Salomone31.5750.00031.1500.4952.725
4Tim Stylinou31.7000.81520.8202.520
5Dayne Ferry31.5500.69010.8502.400
6Shane Owens31.3800.74520.6752.055
7Andy Mitchell31.5700.67510.4051.975
8Shaun Moran10.2600.26031.4800.8101.740
9Alex Greisdorf21.1550.00010.4851.640
10Robert Sgambelluri31.3500.59510.2651.615
11Joe Franco31.5900.72500.0000.0001.590
12Steve Owens31.1100.00000.0001.110
13Greg Cooper20.6300.00010.3100.940
14Jon Field00.0000.00020.6850.685
15Stuart May00.0000.00020.6050.6050.605
16Robert Peach.10.5000.50000.0000.500
17Michelle Pardini10.4950.49500.0000.495
18Hamish McNabb10.465-0.05000.0000.415
19Matthew Jeffery10.3750.37500.0000.375
20Dave Wallace00.000-0.7500.00031.0650.315
21Brendon Knowles00.0000.00010.2800.280
22Ian Abercromby00.0000.00000.0000.000
23Jenny Gardner00.0000.00000.0000.000
24Jeff Corkill00.0000.00000.0000.000
Total Fish Caught67
Day One Average Weight0.509
Day Two Average Weight0.425
Total Average Weight0.474
Total FishWeight31.760

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Getaway Outdoors Hobie Round 10

Round 10 of the National Hobie Kayak Series kicked off from the River Resort start location in Mandurah with cold but near perfect conditions. The options available were aplenty with the option to head upriver and fish the vast assortment of snags and odd flat, or to make the trek downstream to target pontoons, jetties and the various canals. For the keen yakker there was always the 6km plus pedal to access the Serpentine River if the Murray was not to their liking.

With three stitches, a sliced thumb 2015 Kayak Angler of the Year Joseph Gardner continued his outstanding form by weighing in two full bags of three bream for the total weight of 3.835kg. Joseph weighed in 2.280kg on day one and carried an overnight lead of 400 grams into day two, he then added another 1.555kg to take the win and earn a spot in the 2016 Hobie Australian kayak Grand Final to be held in Queensland.
When asked how the weekend had gone, Joseph replied “Day one was pretty good, as per normal I like to try and get away from the crowds a little so I was planning on heading downstream and making my way to the Serpentine River. On the way I was hitting as many of the boats sheds and pontoons as I could and picked up some good bites, which gave me pretty nice bag. So I changed plans a little and decided to keep working the jetties and pontoons as much as I could”.

“Day two was thrown into a little bit of chaos, with my sliced thumb and stitches from the day one pack up, but apart from the inconvenience and bit of pain, I was right to go. I was the only one to head down river and headed straight back to the pontoons and jetties that served me so well on day one, I was throwing unweighted Ecogear bream prawns deep and as tight to cover as I could. I would let them sink a little and if I didn’t get a bite in the first metre I would crank it back and go again”.

“Yesterday I didn’t lose any fish but today I lost three good ones, including one on the first cast that would’ve taken my big bream from yesterday, but the next three casts resulted in my bag and I slowly upgraded throughout the day but to still weigh in a full bag, I am pretty happy especially considering the thumb”.
A lot of ears pricked up when Joseph was asked what his technique and favourite colours were, and he replied “I like to fish unweighted as the bream prawn carries enough weight to fish them however you want. I like to cast very tight to structure, allow a bit of slack line and wait for a take, if I see the line move I try and set the hook. I f I don’t get a bite in the 1st metre then I crank it back and go again. The colours that I like to use are the Salt and Pepper, and also the Mustard, with the inclusion of a lathering of the Ecogear UV liquid”.

Joseph also took out BIG BREAM with a nice .900 gram fish that played the game nice and clean. Taking the bream prawn on the drop, charging straight out into the middle of the river and pretty much straight into the net.

Joseph presented his bream prawns on his Daiwa Air Edge Rods, matched with Daiwa Luvias 2500 Reels, these were loaded with Yamatoyo PE 0.6 8X Jigging braid. At the business end was Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 4lb.
Joseph also thanked all of the tournament sponsors as well as personal his sponsor JML Anglers Alliance for the support over the last two seasons, they provide him with some quality lures that obviously work a treat in our local waters.

In second place and also earning a berth in the 2016 Australian Hobie Kayak Grand final was Jesse Choy weighing in five bream for 3.145kg. When asked how his weekend had gone, Jesse replied “I fish a lot with Massimo so we decided to head upstream and try and use different lures to each other and share what’s working or what pattern we can see forming, it was a good idea as we both picked a couple up early before venturing further up. When Massimo pinned his anchor fish I pushed on and filled my bag with what was nice bunch of mid 30s”.

“On day two we just ventured straight back to where we left off, fished the same ground except we pushed further upriver than day one. I picked up two keepers early but going 32 and 36 I was pretty happy with the start but after that it was a real grind and I found the bite very timid. I dropped a few nice fish and just couldn’t get the hooks to stick. We also took a bit of time out to help retrieve some gear for one of the guys who went overboard while fighting a fish, it was freezing in the wind so to see him get back ok was a relief”.

“A big congrats to Joseph as well, he has been going from strength to strength for a couple of years now and is a very deserved winner. I’m definitely looking forward to hooking up with Joseph, Greg Cooper, Barry Brownrigg and Robert Sgambelluri for the trek to the Grand Final. Also a big thanks to the WAFM guys for putting on the event as well as all the sponsors of the series, and then last but certainly not least Rob from Searing Tackle for all the support throughout the season”

“All of my fish came on the 2.25” Pontoon 21 Pillo Grub or the 4.5” Flash J Grub by Fish Arrow in the Yuriage Chartreuse/Silver colour and I was casting deep and tight and just doing a slow retrieve with a few hops thrown in, and I was using a 1/40th jig head”.

Jesse used Shimano Zodias and NS Blackhole Avenger rods, both matched to Shimano Sustain 1000 reels, each reel was loaded with Famell PE 0.6, whilst at the business end was Nitlon 4lb and 5lb leaders”.

In third place was Massimo Salomone weighing in six bream for 2.725kg. Jesse and Massimo’s plan obviously worked picking up second and third for the weekend, and when asked how the weekend had gone Massimo replied “yeah it was good fun, day one was a bit better than today though and we caught some good fish with a few upgrades. I did have the drama of my anchor fish looking a bit unhealthy, so I stopped and swam him for a while on the side of the river and seriously considered releasing him. All of my fish came on the same plastics as Jesse except my anchor fish, he took a Duo Spearhead Ryuki 65 on the first of about 4 casts and swallowed it down deep, but in the end he looked pretty healthy and swam away nicely after a few hours in the livewell. So I was glad I didn’t have to try and find a replacement for him or that could have spelt disaster”.

“Day two was a fair bit harder like Jesse mentioned, I picked up my three keepers and that was it for the day, no upgrades or anything. So to move up one spot yesterday and take third was a pretty good result in the end”.

Massimo fished Daiwa Black label Gen 1 rods, matched to Shimano Stradic FK reels. One reel was was loaded with Sunline Super PE, whilst the other was 4lb FC Sniper Hard Flourocarbon fished straight through. His leader of choice was Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 4lb.

Massimo also thanked the organisers for putting on a fantastic event, the chef for the Bacon and Egg Sandwiches for breakfast and all the sponsors that make the series what it is.

In fourth place was Tim Stylianou weighing in five bream for 2.520kg, when asked how the weekend went Tim replied “Day one was certainly better than day two, on the first day I would have caught 10 legals, but day two I struggled. My first stop had two bait fishers who said they had caught about 8 bream over 30, so I pushed on and picked up one first cast, I got another not long after but that was it for the day. One half take but nothing else. I was using 2.5” Zman grubs in various colours but found Bloodworm to work the best. Thanks to all the sponsors for supporting the series, and of course all the other anglers for making the effort. Also a shout out to Nordy from Hurricane lures for all his support”.

In fifth place and in his first ever tournament was Dayne ferry, catching four bream for 2.400kg. Not only was Dayne fishing his first ever bream competition, but he also only took possession of his yak at 5pm the night before the comp. So being up until midnight fitting the new yak out before has to rise and face his first bream comp with 4 hrs sleep was a pretty spectacular effort. When asked how the weekend had gone, Dayne replied “day one was a lot of fun, I tried to find an early pattern and bagged out fishing pretty deep with Zman 2.5” grubs in Motor Oil rigged on Razoredge 1/24th jig heads. Day two was a lot harder, I got dusted a couple of times which was disappointing, but then I picked up one nice fish on a random bank in the last hour. His 850 grams certainly helped my cause”.



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