Round 9: Georges River NSW

Jason Reid takes out round 9 of the Hobie® Fishing Bream Series presented by Daiwa. Jason Reid and Simon Morley qualify for the two Hobie Fishing World Championship spots that were up for grabs.

Round Info

Information Sheet

No Fishing
From Monday 2nd June 2014 up to and including 13th June 2014
No Go Zone
Seaward of the line between La Perouse & Kurnell
Reduced seaward boundary in case of weather is the line between Pelican Point & the first point east of the Sailing Club at Sandringham
Waters between Sydney Airport runways
Alexandra Canal
Towra Point Aquatic Reserve Sanctuary Zone
No-go zones can be found via this link
Tournament Entry
$100, ($140 on the day) Pre-entry via or on Sat 14th June, 6:00am-6:45am,
Session Times
7:00am – 2:00pm, key tags issued from 6:00am and kayak check-out at 6:45am
Briefing Location
In the park next to the Sailing Club
Launch Location
In the park next to the Sailing Club
Weigh In Site
In the park next to the Sailing Club
Official Accommodation
More Information
Ph:(07) 3387 0888
Event Entry Form
Fishing Rules
Kayakers will have to use the parking area at the back of the car park as not to affect patrons through the day. (We have had some anglers leave their cars in front of the club doors as well as in handicapped parks.








PosAngler NameF1W1 D1Boss Hog D1F2W2 D2Boss Hog D2TotalPayout
1Jason Reid31.2132.443.65Lowrance
Daiwa and
Prize Pack
2Simon Morley32.2631.143.4Unitika,
and TT Lures
Prize Pack
3Jason Meech31.8931.433.32Strike Pro,
Austackle and Eco Grear
Prize Pack
4Mick Skinner32.2520.943.19Eco Gear,
TT Lures,
Atomic and
Prize Pack
5Chris Seeto31.5531.593.14Berkley,
TT Lures
Prize Pack
6Shane Taylor31.8931.213.1
7Matthew Hooper31.8131.293.1
8Glenn Allen31.2831.662.94
9David Hedge21.2631.582.84
10Stewart Dunn31.3131.472.78
11Thai Chau31.3131.372.68
12Mark Crompton (Pro)31.5831.092.67
13Jason Lambert31.5431.072.61
14Derek Hamer31.1731.42.57
15Paul Davidson31.1431.392.53
16Adam Costa31.7520.742.49
17Nathan Annen31.2331.122.35
18Chris Burbidge (Pro)31.5320.782.31
19Ronnie Sonter31.8310.452.28
20Patrick McQuarrie32.261.382.26Hog's Breath CafŽe
Big Bream Award
21Andrew Death (Pro)31.5210.622.14
22Scott Baker20.7331.42.13
23Jason Childs31.1520.872.02
24Scott Marcinkowski31.1920.691.88
25Kane Terry31.4210.451.87
26Dave Mann31.2810.441.72
27Peter Gardiakos20.9220.81.72
28Tim Golby31.210.51.7
29James Rogan20.7820.731.51
30Scott Carmody31.0710.421.49
31Neil Carstairs30.9610.491.45
32Eric Wood31.441.44
33Josh Carpenter31.341.34
34Mark Muggleton10.3620.871.23
35Matt Petrie10.420.721.12
36Dan Walter10.3820.681.06
37Brodie Quaas20.990.99
38Glenn Ross20.930.93
39Paul Hardiman20.910.91
40Ben Phayer20.740.74
41Carl Dubois10.410.330.73
42Michelle Carmody10.620.62
43Robert Chambers10.440.44
44Keith Gosnell0
45Chris Williams0
46Jared Besant0
TOTAL D148.18TOTAL D239.21Total weight over competition87.39

Jason Reid claims victory in the Georges River round of the 2014 Hobie® Fishing BREAM Series – Presented by Daiwa.

Jason Reid took first place on Sunday with 6 bream for 3.65 kg and a 250 gram lead over the nearest competitor Simon Morley. Morely who was equal first on day one managed to hold on to second place with 6 bream for 3.4 kgs but ultimately it was Reid who jumped 21 places to take the title on Georges River. Jason fished the back of Woolooware Bay, working the mangroves to get his day one bag of 3/ on day one. Deciding not to leave fish to find fish, Reid hit the same area again on day two, this time slow rolling cranks over the flats to get his bag by 8:00am. He went on to upgrade twice by 9:00 and then as he was slowly making his way back before the wind got up, landed his 1.28kg “big one” to finish the day in first with three bream for 2.44kgs.

Simon Morely takes second and qualifies for the Hobie Fishing World Championships

Second place getter, Simon Morely also fished in the back of Woolooware Bay behind the racks. Using Daiwa Black Labels and Caldia 2000s on lighter 4lb line to encourage the bite and then taking the challenge to get them out without getting broken off. Morley also fished the same area on both days. Day one started slowly until the advice of fellow angler Kane Terry on what lure the bream were hitting picked him up three solid fish for 2.26 kg and ended up placing him in equal first for day one. Taking the same approach on day two didn’t deliver as hoped and after going looking, Morley managed to pick up a few of smaller bream to hold on to second and qualify for the Hobie Fishing Worlds later in the year.

The Hog’s Breath Cafe, Boss Hog Big Bream Award

The Hog’s Breath Cafe, Boss Hog Big Bream Award goes to winner of Round 6 at Forster and already Worlds Qualified, Patrick McQuarrie for his day one monster weighing 1.38 kgs which he picked up on a Strike Pro, Cyber Vibe in black along two metre edge near Kogarah Bay. As expected, Georges river turned on some great fishing with conditions providing good cover and no shortage of options for kayak anglers with boat hulls, bridges, jetty’s, oyster racks and flats all producing good bream within easy reach from the launch location. Both Jason and Simon have now earned spots in the Hobie Fishing Bream Series Grand Final presented by Daiwa as well as their much saught after positions in the Hobie Fishing World Championships and would like to thank Hobie and the ponsors, Daiwa, Berkley, Atomic. Lowrance, Rhino-Rack, Strike Pro, Austackle, TT Lures, Yamatoyo, Ecogear, Power-Pole and ABT for making these events possible. Thanks also go to Australian Bass Angler for running an exceptional sausage sizzle.

Day One Report

Patrick McQuarrie and Simon Morley are tied in first place on day one of Round 9 in the Hobie® Fishing Bream Series presented by Daiwa, each weighing in 3 bream for 2.26 kg. Patrick also holds the lead in the Hog’s Breath Cafe Boss Hog Big Bream with his day one monster weighing in at 1.38kg With only 10 grams separating the top three, their nearest competitors are Mick Skinner with 3/2.25, Jason Meech 3/1.89 and Shane Taylor 3/1.89.

Georges river turned on some great fishing today with light drizzle and overcast conditions providing good cover and there were no shortage of options for kayak anglers on the hunt for bream as they headed out to hit, boat hulls, bridges, jetty’s, oyster racks and flats up and down the fishery.

The weather looks set to bring more wind and more rain tomorrow with winds expected to reach 20 kts around 1:00pm. Let’s hope it turns on the bite for day two of this Worlds qualifier.



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