September 16-17, 2017. Forster, New South Wales.

Rhino-Rack, Round 12, the final round of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9, finishes on a high at the beautiful seaside town of Forster, a favourite Bream fishery on the Hobie tour.


On the September 16-17, 72 anglers from Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, and China headed to Foster, NSW to compete in the two-day Rhino-Rack Round 12 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9.

Pre-Fish Day on the Friday, saw anglers return to the event arena with a reasonable number of them reporting having pulled in solid bags, while a few found the conditions quite testing.

At the start of competition on Saturday and Sunday in a slight run-in tide, the Power-Pole Starting Line was set in front of the Secura Lifestyle Lakeside Forster Resort in idyllic conditions, the wind forecast was spot on, with light west-southwest winds each morning.


Russell Babekuhl from Wingham, NSW, took out the round, the last one of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9 before the Australian Championship in November. Babekuhl was sitting in second position after day one just 200g behind the leader. He briefly outlined his weekend fishing in and around the oyster racks of pristine Wallis Lake.

“During the weekend, I moved around regularly fishing fast from Breckinridge Channel all the way around Regatta Island and down the Tuncurry Channel”.

“My plan was to crack a feeding pattern, then get away from the field as much as I could. Some of my go-to spots had anglers on them, however, with the size of the waterway, I was able, to find some untouched water. I covered over 26 km each day and this decision paid off”.

“Do the miles get the smiles”.

Rod: Abu Salty Stage KR-X 3-6kg
Reel: Abu ALX 3000
Line: 6lb Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 with 4 and 6lb vanish leader
Lure: 2″ Berkley Camo Gulp Crabbies on 1/32 Nitro jighead & OSP Bent Minnow
Kayak: 2017 Hobie Pro Anger 14


Jack Gammie from Sydney, NSW and the tournament leader at the close of day one, had a great weekend and almost pulled off the round win.

“Day one I made the 1 1/2-hour journey to the Big 4 caravan park, fishing oyster racks with light olive Cranka Crabs. I picked up 3 fish early and moved around the corner to land my Atomic Big Bream which finished my bag of 4 bream by 10am. The location slowed down so I moved to another area at the top of Cockatoo island where I upgraded two of my fish”.

“Day 2 consisted of the same strategy, it worked, except I had to down sized my leaders and I began using Berkley Gulp Crabbies. The fish weren’t as big (as day one), but having said that I also lost 2 good fish in the last hour”.

“It was great weekend and one that will be remembered for some time”.

Rod: Daiwa Black Label V2 2-4kg
Reel: Daiwa Caldia B 2500
Line: Sunline Castaway PE braid 10lb and FC Rock 6lb and 8lb leader
Lures: Light weight Cranka Crabs in Olive and Brackish Fiddler & Berkley Camo Gulp Crabbies
Kayak: Hobie Outback


Jack Gammie from NSW, took out the Atomic Big Bream $100 cash prize.


Russell Babekuhl NSW $2040.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack

Jack Gammie NSW $1060.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack

Michael Halliday QLD $690.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack

Youth Division

Jack Gammie, NSW. Sponsor Prize Pack

Women’s Division

Tameika Purnell, NSW. Sponsor Prize Pack

Masters Division

Gary Hanson, VIC. Sponsor Prize Pack

PA17T Tandem Division

Cullen & Francis Di Mattina, NSW. Sponsor Prize Pack

First Time Competitors

Matthew Hagarty, NSW. Sponsor Prize Pack

Event Stats over the two-day period

Total Fish Caught – 326

Total Weight – 145.45kg

Average Weight – 0.446kg


Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9 Australian Championship in Mandurah, Western Australia from November 16 – 19.


Thank you to Barclay Marine in Forster for their dealer support and for tthe bbq and drinks after the angler’s day on the water over the two days of competition.

Thanks also to our fantastic sponsors Daiwa, Berkley, Atomic, Lowrance, Rhino-Rack, Strike Pro, TT Lures, Pro Lure, JML Anglers Alliance, Mortgage Corp, Power-Pole, Hobie Polarized for their much, appreciated support.

Results Day 2

1Russell BabekuhlNSWO42.7642.9485.7$2040.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
2Jack GammieNSWY42.9641.8384.79$1060.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
3Michael HallidayQLDO42.3842.1584.53$690.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
4Nathan CliffNSWO41.9142.3884.29$320.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
5Mitch KingVICO42.4541.884.25$270.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
6Carl DuboisNSWO31.3242.7474.06$240.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
7Richard SomertonVICO42.5521.4864.03$210.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
8Geoff AlfordACTO42.341.7384.03$190.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
9Warren CossellQLDO41.3242.483.72$160.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
10Gary HansonVICM41.6142.1183.72$130.00 plus Sponsor Prize Pack
11Simon MorleyNSWO31.4842.1773.65
12Luke KayNSWO41.641.983.5
13Byron HillNSWO41.8941.5483.43
14Steve CrawleyQLDO41.3641.9483.3
15Lex CourtNSWM41.8941.483.29
16Richard BensonNSWO41.4441.6883.12
17Stephen MaasQLDO41.5841.4983.07
18Steven PrykeVICY42.1920.8363.02
19Glenn AllenNSWO41.7741.2583.02
20Lynden BriggsNSWO41.8231.1472.96
21David ShanahanVICO41.5441.482.94
22Scott HollowayTASO31.341.672.9
23Kevin BoeseNSWO20.874262.87
24Warren AllenNSWO41.8630.9272.78
25Scott MarcinkowskiNSWO42.0920.6762.76
26Andrew TaylorNSWO41.5141.2482.75
27Danny JobsonNSWO31.2841.3672.64
28Justin PughNSWO41.7720.8262.59
29Andrew DeathNSWO41.5920.7962.38
30Anthony SteersQLDO42.3742.37
31Mark YoungNSWO41.4220.9162.33
32Marco GrubbQLDO20.641.6362.23
33Jason ReidNSWO41.7710.4252.19
34Jason DeenenVICO41.8110.3452.15
35Chesney FungVICO42.0642.06
36Scott SandilandsQLDO20.6841.3662.04
37Tameika PurnellNSWW10.5831.4141.99
38Paul DavidsonVICO10.4441.551.94
39Matt PetrieVICO41.5810.3351.91
40Brendan PieschelNSWO20.8731.0351.9
41Michelle CarmodyNSWW31.2210.3341.55
42Tim OlsenACTO10.5230.9941.51
43Kane TerryNSWO41.3141.31
43Gordon GammieNSWO31.3131.31
45Brian HuntNSWO31.2931.29
46David HedgeNSWO20.810.4731.27
47Eric WoodNSWO10.520.7331.23
48Doug BakerNSWO41.2241.22
49James KilpatrickNSWO10.3520.731.05
50Arthur AmiesNSWO1111
51Lex ForbesVICM30.9730.97
52Michael WalkerNSWO20.9220.92
53Trent RogersNSWO10.5210.3620.88
54Scott BryantQLDO20.7520.75
55David AytonVICO20.7220.72
56Corey GallagherVICO10.3610.2920.65
57Cedric LopezNSWO10.4910.49
58Paul HardimanACTO10.3910.39
59Christopher PurnellNSWO10.3810.38
60Ralph ErikssonNSWO0
60Peter BalzanVICO0
60Ryan PrzeklasaQLDO0
60Brett BellVICO0
60Bogdan ZisuVICO0
60Lindsay PrykeVICO0
60John EllisNSWGM0
67Paul DunlopNSWO-0.15-0.15
68Wang LeiCHIO-0.2-0.2

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Jack GammieNSW1.21$100.00

Mortgage Corp Monster Mover

Carl DuboisNSW1.322.74Sponsor Prize Pack
Pro Angler 17T (Tandem Event) Division
1Cullen & Francis Di MattinaNSW17T30.9610.4941.45Sponsor Prize Pack
2Jamie & Tammy Bowden & ArnoldNSW17T20.6920.69
First Time Competitors
1Matthew HagartyNSWFTC31.5731.57Sponsor Prize Pack
2Sam BlundellNSWFTC0
Total Fish D2Total WeightAverage Weight

Division Winners

Youth (16 - under 21) Division
Jack GammieNSW42.9641.8384.79Sponsor Prize Pack
Women's Division
Tameika PurnellNSW10.5831.4141.99Sponsor Prize Pack
Master's (60-64) Division
Gary HansonVIC41.6142.1183.72Sponsor Prize Pack
Pro Angler 17T (Tandem Event) Division
Cullen & Francis Di MattinaNSW30.9610.4941.45Sponsor Prize Pack
First Time Competitors
Matthew HagartyNSW31.5731.57Sponsor Prize Pack

Results Day 1

PlaceAnglerStateDivisionLate MinutesF1W1TFTW 
1Jack GammieNSWY42.9642.96
2Russell BabekuhlNSWO42.7642.76
3Richard SomertonVICO42.5542.55
4Mitch KingVICO42.4542.45
5Michael HallidayQLDO42.3842.38
6Anthony SteersQLDO42.3742.37
7Geoff AlfordACTO42.342.3
8Steven PrykeVICY42.1942.19
9Scott MarcinkowskiNSWO42.0942.09
10Chesney FungVICO42.0642.06
11Nathan CliffNSWO41.9141.91
12Lex CourtNSWM41.8941.89
12Byron HillNSWO41.8941.89
14Warren AllenNSWO41.8641.86
15Lynden BriggsNSWO41.8241.82
16Jason DeenenVICO41.8141.81
17Jason ReidNSWO41.7741.77
17Glenn AllenNSWO41.7741.77
17Justin PughNSWO41.7741.77
20Gary HansonVICM41.6141.61
21Luke KayNSWO41.641.6
22Andrew DeathNSWO341.5941.59
23Matt PetrieVICO41.5841.58
23Stephen MaasQLDO41.5841.58
25David ShanahanVICO41.5441.54
26Andrew TaylorNSWO41.5141.51
27Simon MorleyNSWO31.4831.48
28Richard BensonNSWO41.4441.44
29Mark YoungNSWO41.4241.42
30Steve CrawleyQLDO41.3641.36
31Warren CossellQLDO41.3241.32
31Carl DuboisNSWO31.3231.32
33Kane TerryNSWO41.3141.31
34Scott HollowayTASO31.331.3
35Brian HuntNSWO31.2931.29
36Danny JobsonNSWO31.2831.28
37Michelle CarmodyNSWW31.2231.22
38Arthur AmiesNSWO1111
39Lex ForbesVICM30.9730.97
40Michael WalkerNSWO20.9220.92
41Brendan PieschelNSWO20.8720.87
41Kevin BoeseNSWO20.8720.87
43David HedgeNSWO20.820.8
44David AytonVICO20.7220.72
45Scott SandilandsQLDO20.6820.68
46Marco GrubbQLDO920.620.6
47Tameika PurnellNSWW10.5810.58
48Trent RogersNSWO10.5210.52
48Tim OlsenACTO10.5210.52
50Eric WoodNSWO10.510.5
51Cedric LopezNSWO10.4910.49
52Paul DavidsonVICO10.4410.44
53Christopher PurnellNSWO10.3810.38
54Corey GallagherVICO10.3610.36
55James KilpatrickNSWO10.3510.35
56Ralph ErikssonNSWO0
56Peter BalzanVICO0
56Doug BakerNSWO0
56Scott BryantQLDO0
56Ryan PrzeklasaQLDO0
56Brett BellVICO0
56Paul HardimanACTO0
56Bogdan ZisuVICO0
56Lindsay PrykeVICO0
56John EllisNSWGM0
56Gordon GammieNSWO0
56Wang LeiCHIO0
68Paul DunlopNSWO3-0.15-0.15

Atomic Big Bream Leader

Jack GammieNSW1.21
Pro Angler 17T (Tandem Event) Division
1Cullen & Francis Di MattinaNSW17T30.9630.96
2Jamie & Tammy Bowden & ArnoldNSW17T0
First Time Competitors
Matthew HagartyNSWFTC0
Sam BlundellNSWFTC0
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Average Weight D1

Division Leaders

Youth (16 - under 21) Division
Jack GammieNSW42.9642.96
Women's Division
Michelle CarmodyNSW31.2231.22
Master's (60-64) Division
Lex CourtNSW41.8941.89
Pro Angler 17T (Tandem Event) Division
Cullen & Francis Di MattinaNSW30.9630.96

Day Two Morning

Day One Afternoon

Day One Morning Gallery

If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email directly.

1Steve CrawleyQLDOpenView Profile
2Stephen MaasQLDOpenView Profile
3Geoff AlfordACTOpenView Profile
4Gary HansonVICOpenMastersView Profile
5Lex CourtNSWOpenMasters View Profile
6Peter BalzanVICOpenView Profile
7David AytonVICOpenView Profile
8Scott HollowayTASOpen
9Matt PetrieVICOpenView Profile
10Ralph ErikssonNSWOpen
11Paul DavidsonVICOpenView Profile
12Lex ForbesVICOpenMasters
13Scott BryantQLDOpenView Profile
14Ryan PrzeklasaQLDOpen
15Andrew TaylorNSWOpenView Profile
16Marco GrubbQLDOpenView Profile
17Arthur AmiesNSWOpenView Profile
18Andrew DeathNSWOpen
19Warren CossellQLDOpenView Profile
20Scott SandilandsQLDOpenView Profile
21David HedgeNSWOpenView Profile
22Corey GallagherVICOpenView Profile
23Kane TerryNSWOpenView Profile
24Trent RogersNSWOpen
25Doug BakerNSWOpenView Profile
26Anthony SteersQLDOpen
27Brett BellVICOpenView Profile
28James KilpatrickNSWOpenView Profile
29Tim OlsenACTOpen
30Brian HuntNSWOpenView Profile
31Michelle Carmody QLDOpenWomens
32Warren AllenNSWOpenView Profile
33Russell BabekuhlNSWOpen
34Glenn AllenNSWOpenView Profile
35David ShanahanVICOpen
36Danny JobsonNSWOpen
37Jason ReidNSWOpenView Profile
38Simon MorleyNSWOpenView Profile
39Brendan PieschelNSWOpenView Profile
40John EllisNSWOpenGrand Masters
41Richard SomertonVICOpenView Profile
42Steven PrykeVICOpenYouthView Profile
43Lindsay PrykeVICOpenView Profile
44Paul HardimanACTOpen
45Chesney FungVICOpenView Profile
46Luke KayNSWOpenView Profile
47Bogdan ZisuVICOpen
48Cullen Di Mattina
Francis Di Mattina
NSWPA17T Tandem
49Michael HallidayQLDOpenView Profile
50Carl DuboisNSWOpenView Profile
51Jack GammieNSWOpenYouth
52Justin PughNSWOpen
53Matthew HagartyNSWFirst Timer
54Kevin BoeseNSWOpen
55Gordon GammieNSWOpenView Profile
56Tameika PurnellNSWOpenWomens
57Christopher PurnellNSWOpen
58Richard BensonNSWOpen
59Eric WoodNSWOpenView Profile
60Lynden BriggsNSWOpen
61Nathan CliffNSWOpenView Profile
62Mark YoungNSWOpenView Profile
63Paul DunlopNSWOpen
64Cedric LopezNSWOpenView Profile
65Jamie Bowden
Tammy Arnold
NSWPA17T Tandem
66Mitch KingVICOpenView Profile
67Scott MarcinkowskiNSWOpenView Profile
68Jason DeenenVICOpenView Profile
69Sam BlundellNSWFirst Timer
70Wang LeiCHINAOpenView Profile
71Michael WalkerNSWOpen
Open 67
Youth (16 – under 21yrs) 2
Women's 2
Master's (60 – 64yrs) 0
Grand Master's (65 and over) 0
PA17T Tandem 2
First Time Entries 2
Table Updated September 14, 2017 11:50 am

Important Rule Changes for 2017

There are several change to the Rules – they are marked in bold 2017 Hobie Bream Series Rules.

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Information Sheet


Early Entries Close at midnight AEST on 08/09/2017.

  • Early Entry: $100.00
  • Late Entry: $140.00
  • On the Day Entry: $140.00

September 16-17, 2017.


The Foreshore at Secura Lifestyle Lakeside Forster Resort 13 Teatree Rd, Forster NSW 2428

No Fishing

Monday 4th September up to and including Thursday 14th September.

No Go Zones
  • Crossing of Forster Bar
Registration Times

Day 1 6:00am.

Day 2 Registration time will be announced on Day 1.

Briefing Times

Day 1 6:30am.

Day 2 Briefing time will be announced on Day 1.

Session Times

Day 1 7:00am – 2:30pm.

Day 2 Session time will be announced on Day 1.

Briefing, Launch And Weigh-in Location

The Foreshore at Secura Lifestyle Lakeside Forster Resort 13 Teatree Rd, Forster NSW 2428

Hobie Dealer Support

Graham Barclay Marine

More Information

Hobie Rock Fishing Series

The Hobie Rock Fishing Series of PFD’s come in a range of models and sizes to suit your budget. All have been rigorously tested and certified to the Australian AS4578 standard.