Nov 24-25, 2018. Mallacoota, VIC.

Mortgage Corp Round 11 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 10 will take place in Mallacoota the Black Bream capital of East Gippsland, Victoria.


Strictly no camping on Mallacoota foreshore! Please help us support the Mallacoota community by camping in official camping spots only.








1Richard SomertonVICOpen32.71 kg32.04 kg64.75 kg4.75 kg$2470.00
2Cullen Di MattinaNSWYouth (16 - under 21)32.33 kg32.34 kg64.67 kg4.67 kg$1290.00
3Corey GallagherVICOpen32.12 kg32.36 kg64.48 kg4.48 kg$840.00
4Kris HicksonNSWOpen31.91 kg32.41 kg64.32 kg4.32 kg$390.00
5Steven PrykeVICOpen32.48 kg31.83 kg64.31 kg4.31 kg$320.00
6Jack GammieNSWOpen31.78 kg32.36 kg64.14 kg4.14 kg$290.00
7Simon MorleyNSWOpen31.87 kg32.14 kg64.01 kg4.01 kg$260.00
8Michael WalkerNSWOpen31.73 kg32.24 kg63.97 kg3.97 kg$220.00
9Neville EnrightNSWOpen32.24 kg31.70 kg63.94 kg3.94 kg$190.00
10Bruno (Brian) PelleVICOpen31.68 kg32.14 kg63.82 kg3.82 kg$160.00
11Dennis VillamorVICOpen31.74 kg32.05 kg63.79 kg3.79 kg
12Glenn AllenNSWOpen31.76 kg31.97 kg63.73 kg3.73 kg
13Paul HardimanACTOpen31.74 kg31.93 kg63.67 kg3.67 kg
14Tyson HayesQLDOpen31.63 kg31.98 kg63.61 kg3.61 kg
15Malcolm HallidayNSWOpen31.90 kg31.57 kg63.47 kg3.47 kg
16Lindsay PrykeVICOpen31.81 kg31.60 kg63.41 kg3.41 kg
17Brendan PieschelNSWOpen32.37 kg11.03 kg43.40 kg3.40 kg
18Alex FranchukVICOpen31.51 kg31.88 kg63.39 kg3.39 kg
19David ShanahanVICOpen31.61 kg31.73 kg63.34 kg3.34 kg
20Richard PattersonVICOpen31.40 kg31.92 kg63.32 kg3.32 kg
21Andew DeathNSWOpen31.86 kg31.43 kg63.29 kg3.29 kg
22Brett CroweNSWOpen31.70 kg21.58 kg53.28 kg3.28 kg
23Simon McguireACTOpen32.46 kg10.78 kg43.24 kg3.24 kg
24Tony PettieVICOpen31.40 kg31.79 kg63.19 kg3.19 kg
25Danny JobsonNSWOpen31.42 kg31.74 kg63.16 kg3.16 kg
26Scott MarcinkowskiNSWOpen32.13 kg21.00 kg53.13 kg3.13 kg
27Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen20.98 kg32.05 kg53.03 kg3.03 kg
28Ruth BeebyVICWomen's31.46 kg31.55 kg63.01 kg3.01 kg
29Brian HuntNSWOpen32.98 kg32.98 kg2.98 kg
30Matt JorgensenNSWOpen31.64 kg21.21 kg52.85 kg2.85 kg
31Paul DavidsonVICOpen31.65 kg11.16 kg42.81 kg2.81 kg
32Paul DunlopNSWOpen10.74 kg32.03 kg42.77 kg2.77 kg
33Andrew HancoxNSWOpen21.08 kg31.63 kg52.71 kg2.71 kg
34Ben HarrisonSAOpen31.28 kg21.41 kg52.69 kg2.69 kg
35Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen10.44 kg32.16 kg42.60 kg2.60 kg
36Suzie SiranovicVICWomen's31.84 kg10.69 kg42.53 kg2.53 kg
37Kevin VartyNSWOpen10.48 kg31.94 kg42.42 kg2.42 kg
38Chris MillerSAOpen10.52 kg31.76 kg42.28 kg2.28 kg
39Liam McneillyNSWOpen10.83 kg31.44 kg42.27 kg2.27 kg
40Gary HansonVICMasters (60-64)31.53 kg10.65 kg42.18 kg2.18 kg
41Sean HillNSWOpen10.67 kg31.49 kg42.16 kg2.16 kg
42Byron HillNSWOpen32.11 kg32.11 kg2.11 kg
43Craig WallaceNSWOpen31.57 kg10.51 kg42.08 kg2.08 kg
44Justine TomineyNSWWomen's10.60 kg31.44 kg42.04 kg2.04 kg
45Tony CurwenVICMasters (60-64)10.51 kg31.51 kg42.02 kg2.02 kg
46Lex ForbesVICMasters (60-64)31.48 kg10.52 kg42.00 kg2.00 kg
47Carl DuboisNSWOpen10.53 kg31.47 kg42.00 kg2.00 kg
48Chris PurnellNSWOpen10.49 kg31.45 kg41.94 kg1.94 kg
49Jon ClisbyVICOpen31.86 kg31.86 kg1.86 kg
50Dean GambleVICOpen21.17 kg10.69 kg31.86 kg1.86 kg
51Bill WoodsNSWMasters (60-64)31.84 kg31.84 kg1.84 kg
52David AytonVICOpen10.76 kg21.07 kg31.83 kg1.83 kg
53David HedgeNSWOpen21.22 kg10.56 kg31.78 kg1.78 kg
54Jamie JorgensenNSWOpen31.77 kg31.77 kg1.77 kg
55Adriano TosoliniNSWOpen31.75 kg31.75 kg1.75 kg
56Jason DeenenVICOpen31.74 kg31.74 kg1.74 kg
57Joshua RichardsNSWOpen10.63 kg21.08 kg31.71 kg1.71 kg
58Kevin BoeseNSWOpen10.49 kg21.18 kg31.67 kg1.67 kg
59Josh KlimasNSWOpen31.66 kg31.66 kg1.66 kg
60Ben ThompsonVICOpen31.58 kg31.58 kg1.58 kg
61Richard BensonNSWOpen10.54 kg20.97 kg31.51 kg1.51 kg
62Tameika PurnellNSWWomen's10.46 kg21.03 kg31.49 kg1.49 kg
63Matt PetrieVICOpen31.46 kg31.46 kg1.46 kg
64Jonathan ChenACTOpen10.63 kg10.73 kg21.36 kg1.36 kg
65Neil HutchinsSAOpen31.34 kg31.34 kg1.34 kg
66Jason ReidNSWOpen21.30 kg21.30 kg1.30 kg
67Geoff AlfordACTOpen10.57 kg10.58 kg21.15 kg1.15 kg
68Michelle GambleVICWomen's10.48 kg10.65 kg21.13 kg1.13 kg
69John EllisNSWGrand Master's (65 and over)20.93 kg20.93 kg0.93 kg
70Dale BaxterVICOpen10.67 kg10.67 kg0.67 kg
71Trent RogersNSWOpen10.62 kg10.62 kg0.62 kg
72Rob ChambersNSWMasters (60-64)10.59 kg10.59 kg0.59 kg
73Shane HahesyNSWOpen10.55 kg10.55 kg0.55 kg
74James KilpatrickNSWOpen10.49 kg10.49 kg0.49 kg
75Ralph ErikssonNSWOpen
75Peter BalzanVICOpen
75Grant HockingVICOpen
75Carl EvertonVICOpen
75Stuart BuckinghamVICOpen
75Jason BesleyNSWOpen
75Alan CoulterNSWOpen
75Jason ChildsNSWOpen
75Brian MaissinNSWOpen
75Gordon GammieNSWOpen
75Jamie McKeownQLDOpen
75Doug BakerNTOpen
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
13178.22 kg174107.73 kg305185.95 kg0.61 kg

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Cullen Di MattinaNSW1.21 kg

Mortgage Corp Monster Mover

Brian HuntNSW02.98

Division Winners

Youth (16 - under 21 yrs)
Cullen Di MattinaNSW32.33 kg32.34 kg64.67 kg
Ruth BeebyVIC31.46 kg31.55 kg63.01 kg
Master's (60 - 64 yrs)
Gary HansonVIC31.53 kg10.65 kg42.18 kg
Grand Master's (65 and over)
John EllisNSW20.93 kg20.93 kg
Pro Angler 17 Tandem (Teams Event)
First Time Competitors

Day 1 Gallery

Important Rule Changes for 2018

There are several change to the Rules – they are marked in bold 2018 Hobie Bream Series Rules.

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Information Sheet


Early Entries Close at midnight AEST on 16 November 2018.

  • Early Entry: $100.00
  • Late Entry: $140.00
  • On the Day Entry: $140.00

This is a 2 day event. November 24 – 25, 2018.


Mallacoota Coastal Reserve Lakeside Dr (150m past the Karbeethong Boat Ramp) Mallacoota, Victoria

No Fishing

Monday 12th November up to and including Thursday 22nd November.

No Go Zones

The ocean side of the Mallacoota Inlet Bar is out of bounds.

Registration Times

Day 1 6:00am. Day 2 Registration time will be announced on Day 1.

Briefing Times

Day 1 6:30am. Day 2 Briefing time will be announced on Day 1.

Session Times

Day 1 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2018 Rules, item 16). Day 2 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2018 Rules, item 16).

Briefing, Launch, And Weigh-in Location

Mallacoota Coastal Reserve Lakeside Dr (150m past the Karbeethong Boat Ramp) Mallacoota, Victoria

More Information

Location Map

Closest Hobie Dealer

Compleat Angler & Camping World, Merimbula

1Geoff AlfordACTOpen
2Ralph ErikssonNSWOpen
3Gary HansonVICOpenMaster's (60-64)
4Danny JobsonNSWOpen
5Neil HutchinsSAOpen
6Peter BalzanVICOpen
7Lex ForbesVICOpenMaster's (60-64)
8Alex FranchukVICOpenMaster's (60-64)
9John EllisNSWOpenGrand Master's (65 and over)
10Ruth BeebyVICOpenWomen's
11Bruno (Brian) PelleVICOpen
12Ben HarrisonSAOpen
13Andew DeathNSWOpen
14Neville EnrightNSWOpen
15David AytonVICOpen
16Chris MillerSAOpen
17Grant HockingVICOpen
18Tony CurwenVICOpen
19Byron HillNSWOpen
20Dean GambleVICOpen
21Michelle GambleVICOpenWomen's
22Richard SomertonVICOpen
23Dennis VillamorVICOpen
24Carl EvertonVICOpen
25Dale BaxterVICOpen
26Liam McNeillyNSWOpen
27Justine TomineyNSWOpenWomen's
28Paul DavidsonVICOpen
29Stuart BuckinghamVICOpen
30Adriano TosoliniNSWOpen
31Glenn AllenNSWOpen
32Simon McguireACTOpen
33Corey GallagherVICOpen
34Jonathan ChenACTOpen
35Matt JorgensenNSWOpen
36Andrew HancoxNSWOpen
37Paul HardimanACTOpen
38Bill WoodsNSWOpenMaster's (60-64)
39Tony PettieVICOpen
40Brett CroweNSWOpen
41Brian HuntNSWOpen
42Jamie Bowden
Tammy Arnold
NSWOpenPro Angler 17T (Tandem Event)
43Malcolm HallidayNSWOpen
44David ShanahanVICOpen
45Jason DeenenVICOpen
46Brendan PieschelNSWOpen
47Tyson HayesQLDOpen
48Cullen Di MattinaNSWOpenYouth (16 - under 21)
49Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen
50Jason BesleyNSWOpen
51Matt PetrieVICOpen
52Steven PrykeVICOpen
53Lindsay PrykeVICOpen
54Jamie JorgensenNSWOpen
55Kris HicksonNSWOpen
56Carl DuboisNSWOpen
57Suzie SiranovicVICOpenWomen's
58Alan CoulterNSWOpen
59Jason ChildsNSWOpen
60Tameika PurnellNSWOpenWomen's
61Chris PurnellNSWOpen
62Josh KlimasNSWOpen
63Kevin BoeseNSWOpen
64Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen
65Richard BensonNSWOpen
66Richard PattersonVICOpen
67Kevin VartyNSWOpen
68Joshua RichardsNSWOpen
69Rob ChambersNSWOpen
70Brian MaissinNSWOpen
71Simon MorleyNSWOpen
72Paul DunlopNSWOpen
73Gordon GammieNSWOpen
74Jon ClisbyNSWOpen
75Jamie MckeownQLDOpen
76Sean HillNSWOpen
77Craig WallaceNSWOpen
78Michael WalkerNSWOpen
79Scott MarcinkowskiNSWOpen
80Doug BakerNSWOpen
81David HedgeNSWOpen
82James KilpatrickNSWOpen
83Jason ReidNSWOpen
84Jack GammieNSWOpen
85Shane HahesyNSWOpen
86Trent RogersNSWOpen
Open 86
Youth (16 – under 21yrs) 1
Women's 5
Master's (60 – 64yrs) 4
Grand Master's (65 and over) 1
PA17T Tandem 1
First Time Entries 0
Table Updated November 20, 2018 7:39 am

Day 2 Weigh-In

Day 1 Weigh-In

Hobie Carts and Beach Dollys

Hobie wheelcarts and dolly allow you to simply wheel your Hobie down to the water eliminating trips back and forth to the vehicle! At the end of the day, Hobie carts get you to the water faster.