Lurefans Round 9. Hopkins, VIC 2018

Oct 13-14, 2018. Hopkins, VIC.

Lurefans Round 9 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 10 sees the Hobie Road Show at the scenic Hopkins River near Warrnambool, possibly a new favourite Bream fishery on the Hobie tour.

Important Rule Changes for 2018

There are several change to the Rules – they are marked in bold 2018 Hobie Bream Series Rules.

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Series 10 Rules

Round Info

Information Sheet


Early Entries Close at midnight AEST on 7 October 2018.

  • Early Entry: $100.00
  • Late Entry: $140.00
  • On the Day Entry: $140.00


This is a 2 day event. October 13 – 14, 2018.


Warrnambool Ski Club 34 Simpson St Warrnambool, VIC 3280

No Fishing

Monday 1st October up to and including Thursday 11th October.

No Go Zones

The ocean side of the Hopkins River Bar is out of bounds.

Registration Times

Day 1 6:00am. Day 2 Registration time will be announced on Day 1.

Briefing Times

Day 1 6:30am. Day 2 Briefing time will be announced on Day 1.

Session Times

Day 1 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2018 Rules, item 16). Day 2 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2018 Rules, item 16).

Briefing, Launch, And Weigh-in Location

Warrnambool Ski Club 34 Simpson St Warrnambool VIC 3280

More Information

Location Map

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If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email media@hobiecat.com.au directly.
1Dale BaxterVICOpen
2Gerard HoseVICOpen
3Gary HansonVICOpenMaster's (60-64)
4Ralph ErikssonNSWOpen
5Dylan PaceVICOpen
6David AytonVICOpen
7Grant HockingVICOpen
8Scott BoydVICOpen
9Brian PelleVICOpen
10David ShanahanVICOpen
11Neil HutchinsSAOpen
12Michael HuntVICOpen
13Lex ForbesVICOpenMaster's (60-64)
14Peter BalzanVICOpen
15Chris MillerSAOpen
16Rhett GillSAOpen
17Andrew VideonSAOpen
18Paul WhiteheadSAOpenMaster's (60-64)
19Toby SawfordSAOpen
20Ruth BeebyVICOpenWomen's
21Tom LockwoodVICOpen
22Kurt WarmingtonSAOpen
23Carl EvertonVICOpen
24Simon MorleyNSWOpen
25Aaron BickeryVICOpen
26Dennis VillamorVICOpen
27Ashley PumpSAOpen
28Paul HardimanACTOpen
29Richard SomertonVICOpen
30Corey GallagherVICOpen
31Ben ThompsonVICOpen
32Ben HarrisonSAOpen
33Paul DavidsonVICOpen
34Tameika PurnellNSWOpenWomen's
35Christopher PurnellNSWOpen
36Paul MalovVICOpen
37Joshua DaveySAOpenYouth (16 - under 21)
38Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen
39Sean HillNSWOpen
40Jack GammieNSWOpen
41Gordon GammieNSWOpen
42Alex WhiteheadSAOpen
43Kevin VartyNSWOpen
44Tony PettieNSWOpen
45Lindsay PrykeVICOpen
46Steven PrykeVICOpen
47Jason DeenenVICOpen
48Rick MassieVICOpen
49Bogdan ZisuVICOpen
50Brett CroweNSWOpen
51Carl DuboisNSWOpen
52Cullen Di MattinaNSWOpenYouth (16 - under 21)
53David HedgeNSWOpen
54Richard PattersonVICOpen
55Matt PetrieVICOpen
56Alex FranchukVICOpenMaster's (60-64)
57Jayden DihoodVICOpen
58Glenn SheldonVICOpen
59Stephen MajeraVICOpen
60Jon ClisbyVICOpen
61Michael WalkerVICOpen
62Declan BettsVICOpen
63Nick MaceVICOpen
64Kyle PettieVICOpen
65Ben BattistelloVICFirst Timer
66Morgan FlookVICOpen
67Byron HillVICOpen
Open Youth (16 - under 18yrs) Women Master (60 - 64yrs) Grand Master (65 and over) PA17T Tandem First Timers
66 2 2 4 0 0 1








1Cullen Di MattinaNSWYouth (16 - under 21)32.26 kg21.42 kg53.68 kg3.68 kg$1930.00
2Richard PattersonVICOpen21.56 kg31.69 kg53.25 kg3.25 kg$1000.00
3Nick MaceVICOpen32.25 kg10.77 kg43.02 kg3.02 kg$650.00
4Jon ClisbyVICOpen21.57 kg21.40 kg42.97 kg2.97 kg$300.00
5Declan BettsVICOpen21.45 kg21.46 kg42.91 kg2.91 kg$250.00
6Morgan FlookVICOpen32.72 kg32.72 kg2.72 kg$230.00
7Simon MorleyNSWOpen31.70 kg10.61 kg42.31 kg2.31 kg$200.00
8Steven PrykeVICOpen11.39 kg20.92 kg32.31 kg2.31 kg$180.00
9Paul DavidsonVICOpen22.00 kg22.00 kg2.00 kg$150.00
10Aaron BickeryVICOpen11.09 kg10.89 kg21.98 kg1.98 kg$130.00
11Brett CroweNSWOpen21.02 kg10.92 kg31.94 kg1.94 kg
12Joshua DaveySAYouth (16 - under 21)21.18 kg10.71 kg31.89 kg1.89 kg
13Dylan PaceVICOpen20.89 kg20.96 kg41.85 kg1.85 kg
14Sean HillNSWOpen31.56 kg31.56 kg1.56 kg
15Dale BaxterVICOpen10.86 kg10.64 kg21.50 kg1.50 kg
16Toby SawfordSAOpen21.01 kg10.40 kg31.41 kg1.41 kg
17Brian PelleVICOpen10.61 kg10.79 kg21.40 kg1.40 kg
18Scott BoydVICOpen21.38 kg21.38 kg1.38 kg
19Matt PetrieVICOpen21.36 kg21.36 kg1.36 kg
20Bogdan ZisuVICOpen10.66 kg10.65 kg21.31 kg1.31 kg
21Michael HuntVICOpen21.19 kg21.19 kg1.19 kg
22Lindsay PrykeVICOpen10.48 kg10.66 kg21.14 kg1.14 kg
23Andrew VideonSAOpen21.10 kg21.10 kg1.10 kg
24Paul HardimanACTOpen11.06 kg11.06 kg1.06 kg
25Ben HarrisonSAOpen10.63 kg10.43 kg21.06 kg1.06 kg
26Tony PettieVICOpen21.05 kg21.05 kg1.05 kg
27David HedgeNSWOpen20.95 kg20.95 kg0.95 kg
28Richard SomertonVICOpen20.92 kg20.92 kg0.92 kg
29Jason DeenenVICOpen10.89 kg10.89 kg0.89 kg
30Paul MalovVICOpen10.48 kg10.40 kg20.88 kg0.88 kg
31Jayden DihoodVICOpen10.83 kg10.83 kg0.83 kg
32Ashley PumpSAOpen10.82 kg10.82 kg0.82 kg
33Dennis VillamorVICOpen10.77 kg10.77 kg0.77 kg
34Alex WhiteheadSAOpen20.75 kg20.75 kg0.75 kg
35Corey GallagherVICOpen10.74 kg10.74 kg0.74 kg
36Kevin VartyNSWOpen10.73 kg10.73 kg0.73 kg
37Alex FranchukVICMasters (60-64)10.64 kg10.64 kg0.64 kg
37Byron HillNSWOpen10.64 kg10.64 kg0.64 kg
39Gerard HoseVICOpen10.60 kg10.60 kg0.60 kg
40Ben ThompsonVICOpen10.57 kg10.57 kg0.57 kg
41Neil HutchinsSAOpen10.55 kg10.55 kg0.55 kg
42Gary HansonVICMasters (60-64)10.48 kg10.48 kg0.48 kg
42Carl DuboisNSWOpen10.48 kg10.48 kg0.48 kg
44Rhett GillSAOpen10.46 kg10.46 kg0.46 kg
45Michael WalkerNSWOpen10.45 kg10.45 kg0.45 kg
46Ralph ErikssonNSWOpen
46David AytonVICOpen
46Grant HockingVICOpen
46David ShanahanVICOpen
46Lex ForbesVICMasters (60-64)
46Peter BalzanVICOpen
46Chris MillerSAOpen
46Paul WhiteheadSAMasters (60-64)
46Ruth BeebyVICWomen's
46Tom LockwoodVICOpen
46Kurt WarmingtonSAOpen
46Tameika PurnellNSWWomen's
46Christopher PurnellNSWOpen
46Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen
46Jack GammieNSWOpen
46Gordon GammieNSWOpen
46Rick MassieVICOpen
46Glenn SheldonVICOpen
46Stephen MajeraVICOpen
46Kyle PettieVICOpen
46Martyn GittensVICOpen
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
4732.06 kg4930.44 kg9662.50 kg0.65 kg

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Steven PrykeVIC1.39 kg

Mortgage Corp Monster Mover

Morgan FlookVIC02.72

Division Winners

Youth (16 - under 21 yrs)
Cullen Di MattinaNSW32.26 kg21.42 kg53.68 kg
Master's (60 - 64 yrs)
Alex FranchukVIC10.64 kg10.64 kg
Grand Master's (65 and over)
Pro Angler 17 Tandem (Teams Event)
First Time Competitors
Ben BattistelloVIC10.47 kg10.47 kg

Day 2 Weigh-In

Lurefans Round 9 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 10, was contested on the Hopkins River over the October 13-14 weekend in Warrnambool, Victoria. 68 anglers from, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory competed in the largest round to be held in south western Victoria since the series started in 2009.
The number of caught fish, in the round was down on expectations, due to the fact, that spawning was still in full swing. However, on day one 47 legal fish weighing 32.06kg, and on day two 49 fish for 30.44kg, a total of 96 Black Bream for 62.50kg were brought to the scales. As we have seen in this year’s series, the consistent growth in the average size of fish brought to the weigh-in continued, the mean size, of the legal bream reached an impressive 650g.

A New Dawn Breaks on Di Mattina

Cullen Di Mattina the youngest competitor ever to compete in the 10-year history of the Hobie Kayak Bream Series displayed skills beyond his age and impressively out-fished a field of 68 seasoned anglers including, the 2013 world champion, other world championship competitors and anglers who have represented Australia on the international stage. Wade Mobbs from the New South Wales, mid north coast, had previously held the record as the youngest competitor to compete in the Hobie series, ironically, like Di Mattina, he had won his first open event back in 2013.
Mobbs went on to win another event in that series, and also became the youngest angler to represented Australia in a world championship. Di Mattina will not have the opportunity to repeat that feat this year, as the qualifying criteria for the worlds has changed in past years. One would expect that this new young gun is well on his way to representing his country in the future. In the meantime, he has qualified to compete in the Series 10 Australian Championship to be held early next year.
Di Mattina had been waiting months for his 16th birthday, and for his first chance to take on the best kayak anglers in the country. On both days of the tournament he powered off from the Power-Pole Starting Line in his Hobie Outback, leaving the field in his wake and showing that there was a new kid on the block and he meant business.
“It was my first-time fishing Victoria and I was really, excited to finally fish for Black Bream. However, the pre-fish showed that the conditions would be challenging, so I threw every technique to work out what the fish were biting on. The technique that worked was slow hopping Gulp Nemesis on 1/8th jig heads down wind amongst the masses of schooled up fish. Real finesse stuff.
The area I found was a narrow part of the river, with a deep channel, and what appeared to be hundreds of schooling bream in spawn mode. The probability was that in those numbers one or two would eventually decide to eat. My job was to get them to eat what I was offering. Much different fishing compared to what I’m used to.
You had to be patient, the fish only bit for a few minutes of every hour and it was a grind to get them. The school I was targeting was key, they were banked up in one of the only areas with a good amount of both water flow and wind. The fresh water coming from upstream created something in a challenging situation and it was fun to take advantage of.”
On day one Di Mattina finished with 3 fish for 2.26kg giving him the lead and surprising everyone who witnessed the weigh-in. Then he followed that up with 2 for 1.42kg on day two giving him a tournament winning total of 5 fish for 3.68kg and bagging $1930 for his first tournament win.

Rod: Daiwa Zero 3-5kg 701MLXS
Reel: Daiwa Caldia Z 2000
Line: Daiwa J-braid Grand 6lb in island blue
Leader: Sunline FC Rock 4lb fluorocarbon
Lure: 3inch Gulp Nemesis in camo on a 1/8th TT Headlockz jig head

Patterson Pulls Aboard Second Place.

Richard Patterson from Victoria was the runner up in the tournament, with 2 fish on day one for 1.56kg and 3 fish on day 2 weighing in at 1.69kg. Patterson’s two-day total bag of 3.25kg was good enough to take home an excellent $1000 prize purse.
“I pretty much just threw 2inch black grubs all day on both days.  I just couldn’t get my third fish on day one. I went up to Wheelers on both days and I was also casting into the reefs, pretty much just casting right up into the rocks and just dragging it through”.

Rods: Daiwa Hyper 1-3kg
Reels: Daiwa
Line: Sunline PE
Lure: Pro Lure Grubtail UV Black with 1/12 jighead

In his second tournament of the series, Melbourne angler, Nick Mace was the final competitor to make the podium, taking home $650 for his third place finish.
Steven Pryke from East Gippsland in Victoria caught the largest fish of the tournament, the Atomic Big Bream, which weighed in at 1.39kg.
The Mortgage Corp Monster Mover prize went to Victorian Morgan Flook, who caught no fish on day one and sitting at the bottom of the field. Then in a major turnaround he caught 3 fish for 2.72kg on day two, to finish among the prize money in 6th place and pocketing the Monster Mover power pack.
Prize packs also went to the top finishers in the Youth Division, Cullen Di Mattina; the Master’s Division, Alex Franchuk and; First Timer, Ben Battistello.
With two rounds to go in the series, competition for places in the Australia team to compete in the 2019 Hobie Fishing World Championship has become a real battle, and only two chances remain to gain a qualifying spot in the Series 10 Australian Championship.

A special thanks to Steve and Lisa Moore from the official accommodation for the round, the exceptional, Warrnambool Holiday Park & Motel.



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