hobie fishing series 13 round 02 st georges basin 2021

Daiwa Round 2. St Georges Basin, New South Wales 2021

March 20 - 21, 2021 St Georges Basin, NSW

St Georges Basin is usually on our spring calendar, so this year being in March it’s a whole new ball game. The water will be warmer, larger more prolific weedbeds and maybe even a topwater bite!

Series 13 Rules

Round Info








1Sean HillNSWOpen32.11 kg32.07 kg64.18 kg4.18 kg$2,320.00
2Pine RossNSWOpen32.05 kg32.02 kg64.07 kg4.07 kg$1,200.00
3Bradley HartNSWOpen31.80 kg32.23 kg64.03 kg4.03 kg$780.00
4Simon MorleyNSWOpen31.92 kg32.11 kg64.03 kg4.03 kg$360.00
5Gary HansonVICMasters (60 and above)31.99 kg32.03 kg64.02 kg4.02 kg$300.00
6Jason MeechNSWOpen32.08 kg31.73 kg63.81 kg3.81 kg$270.00
7Andrew DeathNSWOpen31.64 kg31.99 kg63.63 kg3.63 kg$240.00
8Steven PrykeVICOpen31.61 kg31.96 kg63.57 kg3.57 kg$210.00
9Richard SomertonVICOpen32.20 kg21.27 kg53.47 kg3.47 kg$180.00
10Jeremy ThomasNSWOpen31.66 kg31.67 kg63.33 kg3.33 kg$150.00
11Richard PattersonVICOpen31.49 kg31.82 kg63.31 kg3.31 kg
12Danny JobsonNSWOpen31.43 kg31.77 kg63.20 kg-0.20 kg3.20 kg
13Glenn AllenNSWOpen10.77 kg32.23 kg43.00 kg3.00 kg
14Jason ReidNSWOpen31.64 kg21.20 kg52.84 kg2.84 kg
15David HedgeNSWOpen31.41 kg31.30 kg62.71 kg2.71 kg
16Byron HillVICOpen21.10 kg31.50 kg52.60 kg2.60 kg
17Jack GammieNSWOpen31.24 kg31.31 kg62.55 kg2.55 kg
18Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen31.40 kg31.12 kg62.52 kg2.52 kg
19Lex CourtNSWMasters (60 and above)31.63 kg10.84 kg42.47 kg2.47 kg
20Tom McLeanNSWMasters (60 and above)20.97 kg31.49 kg52.46 kg2.46 kg
21Alan ListerACTMasters (60 and above)31.64 kg10.79 kg42.43 kg2.43 kg
22Blake PartingtonNSWOpen10.38 kg31.96 kg42.34 kg-0.15 kg2.34 kg
23Scott MarcinkowskiNSWOpen31.61 kg10.72 kg42.33 kg2.33 kg
24Beau HicksNSWOpen10.61 kg31.71 kg42.32 kg2.32 kg
25Kevin VartyNSWOpen31.72 kg10.55 kg42.27 kg2.27 kg
26Richard KingNSWOpen10.53 kg31.71 kg42.24 kg2.24 kg
27Kane TerryNSWOpen20.94 kg31.30 kg52.24 kg2.24 kg
27Daniel OgdenNSWOpen31.30 kg20.94 kg52.24 kg2.24 kg
29Mark ThompsonNSWOpen31.35 kg10.87 kg42.22 kg2.22 kg
30Aussie AmiesNSWOpen21.12 kg21.09 kg42.21 kg2.21 kg
31Jamie BowdenNSWOpen21.14 kg21.03 kg42.17 kg2.17 kg
32Chris ByrneNSWOpen10.63 kg31.51 kg42.14 kg2.14 kg
33Josh CarpenterNSWOpen32.13 kg32.13 kg2.13 kg
34Zachary MorozoffNSWOpen31.64 kg10.49 kg42.13 kg2.13 kg
35Tony PettieVICOpen20.87 kg31.25 kg52.12 kg2.12 kg
36Andrew HancoxNSWOpen32.02 kg32.02 kg2.02 kg
37Jesse ThompsonNSWOpen10.47 kg31.48 kg41.95 kg1.95 kg
38Doug BakerNSWOpen21.12 kg20.79 kg41.91 kg1.91 kg
39Justine TomineyNSWWomen's31.85 kg31.85 kg1.85 kg
40Terry GrimaNSWOpen10.38 kg31.31 kg41.69 kg1.69 kg
41Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen31.63 kg31.63 kg1.63 kg
42Liam McneillyNSWOpen21.60 kg21.60 kg1.60 kg
43Paul DunlopNSWOpen-0.05 kg31.53 kg31.48 kg-0.05 kg1.48 kg
44Brett CroweNSWOpen21.44 kg21.44 kg1.44 kg
45Cullen Di MattinaNSWOpen31.42 kg31.42 kg-0.10 kg1.42 kg
46Brendan PieschelNSWOpen10.77 kg10.55 kg21.32 kg1.32 kg
47Jon ChenACTOpen10.78 kg10.45 kg21.23 kg1.23 kg
48Dan WalterNSWOpen31.21 kg31.21 kg1.21 kg
49James KilpatrickNSWOpen21.06 kg21.06 kg1.06 kg
50Darren MurphyACTOpen10.52 kg10.53 kg21.05 kg1.05 kg
51Blaire VallinNSWWomen's10.46 kg10.52 kg20.98 kg0.98 kg
52Jason DeenenVICOpen20.89 kg20.89 kg0.89 kg
53Cedric LopezNSWOpen10.57 kg10.57 kg0.57 kg
54Lyndsay PrykeVICOpen10.55 kg10.55 kg0.55 kg
55Ben JohnstonACTOpen10.48 kg10.48 kg0.48 kg
56Darryl SillisNSWOpen10.47 kg10.47 kg0.47 kg
57Mark KnightNSWMasters (60 and above)
57Stewart RichmondNSWOpen
57Carl DuboisNSWOpen
57Carl CordenNSWOpen
57Jarrad HickmanNSWOpen
57Trent RogersNSWOpen
57Jarred FancettNSWOpen
57Patrick ByrneNSWMasters (60 and above)
57Bradley BurnettNSWOpen
DQJim HosieACTOpen-0.75 kg-0.75 kg-0.75 kg-0.75 kg
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
11765.49 kg10761.14 kg224126.63 kg0.57 kg

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Steven PrykeVIC1.12 kg

Mortgage Corp Monster Mover

Justine TomineyNSW0 kg1.85 kg

Division Winners

Justine TomineyNSW31.85 kg31.85 kg
Master's (60 and above)
Gary HansonVIC31.99 kg32.03 kg64.02 kg
First Time Competitors
Jayke MoyiesACT31.34 kg20.92 kg52.26 kg

Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 2 Photo Gallery

Day 2 Photo Galleryn

Day 1 Live Weigh-In

Day 1 Live Weigh-In

Day 2 Live Weigh-In

Day 2 Live Weigh-In

Information Sheet

  • Entry: $120.00
  • Saturday Entry: $120.00 (cashless transaction)


This is a 2 day event.
Saturday, 20th March 6:00 am - Sunday, 21st March 4:30 pm


Palm Beach Reserve, Sanctuary Point
Palm Beach Reserve, off Greville Avenue,
Sanctuary Point, NSW

No Fishing

Monday, 8th March up to and including Thursday, 18th March.

No Go Zones

  • No crossing of the bar at Sussex Inlet

Registration Times

Day 1 6:00am.

Day 2 Registration time will be announced at briefing.

Briefing Times

Day 1 6:30am.

Day 2 Briefing time will be announced on Day 1.

Session Times

Day 1 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2021 Rules, item 16).

Day 2 Session time will be announced at briefing (see 2021 Rules, item 16).

Briefing, Launch And Weigh-in Location

Palm Beach Reserve, Sanctuary Point
Palm Beach Reserve, off Greville Avenue,
Sanctuary Point, NSW

Overflow Parking

John Williams Reserve, Sanctuary Point Boat Ramp


Due to local community concerns, we kindly ask that your consider your impact upon the wider community when participating in this round. Please keep noise/music to a minimum and use parking lights (not full headlights) in the mornings.

More Information

st georges basin hobie fishing event site

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Closest Hobie Dealer

Totally Immersed Watersports

If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email media@hobiecat.com.au directly.

1 James Kilpatrick NSW Open
2 Darren Murphy ACT Open
3 Mark Knight NSW Open Master's (60 and over)
4 Alan Lister ACT Open Master's (60 and over)
5 Jesse Thompson NSW Open
6 Gary Hanson VIC Open Master's (60 and over)
7 Jon Chen ACT Open
8 Stewart Richmond NSW Open
9 Jayke Moyies Nsw First Timer
10 Sean Hill NSW Open
11 Terry Grima NSW Open
12 Beau Hicks NSW Open
13 Carl Dubois NSW Open
14 Andrew Death NSW Open
15 Carl Corden NSW First Timer
16 Mark Thompson NSW Open
17 Mitchell Maddison NSW Open
18 Jarrad Hickman NSW Open
19 Danny Jobson NSW Open
20 Brendan Pieschel NSW Open
21 Scott Baker NSW First Timer
22 Richard King NSW Open
23 Darryl Sillis NSW Open
24 Bradley Hart NSW Open
25 Glenn Allen NSW Open
26 Lex Court NSW Open Master's (60 and over)
27 Chris Byrne nsw Open
28 Josh C NSW Open
29 Jason Reid NSW Open
30 Simon Morley NSW Open
31 Trent Rogers NSW Open
32 Ben Johnston ACT Open
33 Epineha Cribb NSW Open
34 Jarred Fancett NSW Open
35 Jim Hosie ACT Open
36 Blaire Vallin NSW Open Women's
37 Jamie Bowden NSW Open
38 Patrick Byrne NSW Open Master's (60 and over)
39 Jack Gammie NSW Open
40 Byron Hill VIC Open
41 Jason Deenen VIC Open
42 Kevin Varty NSW Open
43 Dan Walter NSW Open
44 Francis Di Mattina NSW Open
45 Cullen Di Mattina NSW Open
46 Lyndsay Pryke VIC Open
47 Steven Pryke VIC Open
48 Scott Marcinkowski NSW Open
49 Kane Terry NSW Open
50 Paul Dunlop NSW Open
51 Brett Crowe NSW Open
52 Doug Baker NSW Open
53 Justine Tominey NSW Open Women's
54 Liam Mcneilly NSW Open
55 David Hedge NSW Open
56 Tom Mclean NSW Open Master's (60 and over)
57 Tony Pettie VIC Open
58 Cedric Lopez NSW Open
59 Zachary Morozoff NSW Open
60 Andrew Hancox NSW Open
61 Richard Somerton VIC Open
62 Blake Partington NSW Open
63 Jeremy Thomas NSW Open
64 Richard Patterson VIC Open
65 Bradley Burnett NSW Open
Open 62
Youth (16 – under 21yrs) 0
Women's 2
Master's (60 and over) 6
First Time Entries 3


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