Atomic Round 4: South Sydney, New South Wales

Congratulations to Brad Chin from New South Wales on taking out the Atomic Sydney round of the Hobie Kayak Bream Series presented by Daiwa. Brad took the top prize with 4 bream weighing a total of 3.28kg. Simon Morley from NSW took second with 3 for 2.93kg and Carl Dubois also from NSW took third with 4 for 2.86kg

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PlaceAngler NameStateDiv# FishTotal BagPayout
1Brad ChinNSWO43.28$1100.00
2Simon MorleyNSWO42.93$570.00
3Carl DuboisNSWO42.86$370.00
4Jim BarrieNSWO42.73$170.00
5Luke KayNSWO42.69$140.00
6Chris SeetoNSWO42.69$130.00
7Terry GrimaNSWO42.65$110.00
8Mark MuggletonNSWO42.47$100.00
9Jason MeechNSWO42.28$90.00
10James RoganNSWO42.23$70.00
11James KilpatrickNSWO42.21
12Matt PetrieVicO42.20
13Scott SlatteryNSWO42.20
14Dean PatemanNSWO42.15
15Adam CostaNSWO42.09
16Kane TerryNSWO42.09
17Brian HuntNSWO32.07
18Geoff AlfordACTO42.04
19Patrick WilsonACTO41.96
20Jason LambertNSWO41.95
21Brian RutledgeNSWGM41.84
22Mark YoungNSWO21.78
23David HedgeNSWO41.76
24Dave MannNSWO41.75
25Dan WalterNSWO41.70
26Peter ChristensenNSWO41.64
27Andrew DeathNSWO41.58
28Allen DelaneyNSWFTC41.49
29Will DavisNSWO31.40
30Tracey WrightNSWW21.37
31Andre DukinoNSWO41.34
32Brian MaissinNSWO31.19
33Paul HardimanACTO20.96
34Shane TaylorNSWO10.95
35Glenn AllenNSWO20.93
36Stewart DunnNSWO20.92
37Warren AllenNSWO30.90
38Tameika PurnellNSWW10.88
39James MorganNSWY30.87
40Christopher PurnellNSWO20.85
41Byron HillNSWO20.84
42Craig WallaceNSWO20.78
43Steve McdonaldNSWM10.66
44Amy BarrieNSWW10.54
45Ralph ErikssonNSWO10.50
46Kevin VartyNSWO10.49
47Bill WoodsNSWO10.42
48Scott CarmodyNSWO10.39
49Chesney FungVicO10.35
50Mark ThompsonNSWFTC10.35
51Scott MarcinkowskiNSWO0.00
52Eric WoodNSWO0.00
53Arthur NeuweilerUSAGM0.00
54Andrew HancoxNSWO0.00
55Josh CarpenterNSWO0.00
56Madeline HillNSWW0.00
57Doug BakerNSWO0.00
58Tom McbrideACTO0.00
59Justine BelobraydichNSWW0.00
60David ChristensenNSWFTC0.00
61Warren ForbesNSWFTC0.00
62Stephen LuptonNSWFTC0.00
63Scott TillmanNSWFTC0.00
64Daniel WijayaNSWFTC0.00
65Paul DunlopNSWO0.00
66Shane FerrisNSWO0.00
Hogs Breath Cafe Boss Hog Big Bream
1.43Brad Chin$100.00


1Tracey WrightNSW21.37
2Tameika PurnellNSW10.88
3Amy BarrieNSW10.54
4Madeline HillNSW0.00
5Justine BelobraydichNSW0.00
Grand Master's (65 and over)
1Brian RutledgeNSW41.84
2Arthur NeuweilerNSW00.00
Youth (16 - under 21)
1James MorganNSW30.87
Fist Timers
1Allen DelaneyNSWFTC41.49
2Mark ThompsonNSWFTC10.35
Mortgage Corp Door Prize
WinnerJustine Belobraydich

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Information Sheet

Event Date
Sunday 20th March
No Fishing
Monday 7th March up to and including Friday 18th March.
Pre-fish Day
Pre-fishing will be allowed on Saturday 19th March.
Session Times
7:00am – 2:30pm*
*Session times are dependant on the size of the field and are subject to change at the Tournament Directors discretion.
Registration Times
6:00am till 6:30am
Registration Location
In the park next to the Sailing Club, 2 Riverside Drive, Sans Souci NSW
Briefing Time
Briefing Location
In the park next to the Sailing Club, 2 Riverside Drive, Sans Souci NSW
Launch Location
In the park next to the Sailing Club, 2 Riverside Drive, Sans Souci NSW
Weigh In Site
In the park next to the Sailing Club, 2 Riverside Drive, Sans Souci NSW
Public Rest Rooms
400m North East of Event Site
No Go Zone
Seaward of the line between La Perouse & Kurnell
Reduced seaward boundary in case of weather is the line between Pelican Point & the first point east of the Sailing Club at Sandringham
Waters between Sydney Airport runways
No Fishing Zone near Foreshore Rd, Banksmeadow
Alexandra Canal
Towra Point Aquatic Reserve Sanctuary Zone
Official Accommodation
Dealer Support
The Sailing Scene
More Information
Purchase your New South Wales recreational fishing licence online
Contact Us
Fishing Rules

No Go Zones

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Competitor Parking

Kayakers will have to use the parking area at the back of the car park as not to affect patrons through the day. (We have had some anglers leave their cars in front of the club doors as well as in handicapped parks).


Georges River Sailing Club Hobie Fishing Event Site

To create even more interest and excitement in the 2016 Hobie Kayak Bream Series, as well as, the usual open scoring system with its amazing prize payouts, Hobie Fishing has introduced new divisions in all tournaments for the coming season.

Youth (16 – under 21yrs)
Masters (60 – 64yrs)
Grand Masters (65 and over)

There must be a minimum of three anglers entered in a division for a winner to be declared and a sponsor prize pack to be awarded. An angler must have caught and weighed-in a minimum of one legal fish to be declared the divisional winner. All divisional entrants are still eligible to win prize payouts and prize packs in the main field of anglers.

New in 2016 we have created a ‘First Timer’ entry category as a way to open the series up to new anglers. First timers have the opportunity of participating in the competition with free entry.

As a First Timer you can still register and pay the associated fees to be eligible for prizes and series rankings points and Angler of the Year points. Either way is a great option to come down and get involved in the series.

Your entry form and payment shall be completed by Friday the week before the event (7 days) to avoid the late payment penalty.

If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email media@hobiecat.com.au directly.

First NameLast NameStateDivision
1MarkYoungNew South WalesOpen
2DaveMannNew South WalesOpen
3AdamCostaNew South WalesOpen
4GeoffAlfordNew South WalesOpen
5ScottCarmodyNew South WalesOpen
6StewartDunnNew South WalesOpen
7RalphEriksssonNew South WalesOpen
8JustineBelobraydichNew South WalesOpen
9LukeKayNew South WalesOpen
10ByronHillNew South WalesOpen
11MadelineHillNew South WalesOpen
12AndreDukinoNew South WalesOpen
13DougBakerNew South WalesOpen
14BillWoodsNew South WalesOpen
15WarrenForbesNew South Wales
16BrianRutledgeNew South WalesOpen
17DavidHedgeNew South WalesOpen
18GlennAllenNew South WalesOpen
19EricWoodNew South WalesOpen
20PeterChristensenNew South WalesOpen
21DavidChristensenNew South WalesOpen
22TraceyWrightNew South WalesOpen
23MarkMuggletonNew South WalesOpen
24ShaneTaylorNew South WalesOpen
25AndrewHancoxNew South WalesOpen
26AmyBarrieNew South WalesOpen
27JamesRoganNew South WalesOpen
28ScottSlatteryNew South WalesOpen
29ScottMarcinkowskiNew South WalesOpen
30SteveMcdonaldNew South WalesOpen
31CarlDuboisNew South WalesOpen
32SimonMorleyNew South WalesOpen
33WarrenAllenNew South WalesOpen
34DanWalterNew South WalesOpen
36BradChinNew South WalesOpen
37BobNeuweilerNJ, USAOpen
38AndrewDeathNew South WalesOpen
41BrianHuntNew South WalesOpen
42KaneTerryNew South WalesOpen
43CraigWallaceNew South WalesOpen
44JasonMeechNew South WalesOpen
45TameikaPurnellNew South Wales
46ChristopherPurnellNew South WalesOpen
47JasonLambertNew South WalesOpen
49KevinVartyNew South WalesOpen
51ScottTillmanNew South Wales
52JamesKilpatrickNew South WalesOpen
53JoshCarpenterNew South WalesOpen
54StephenLuptonNew South Wales
55DanielWijayaNew South Wales
56AllenDelaneyNew South Wales

Afternoon & Weigh-In

Power-Pole Start Line

class=”text_exposed_show”>Youth category with 3 for 0.87kg and Allen Delaney took out the first timers category with 4 for 1.49kg.


Sunday 20th March saw the numbers of the Sydney round doubled from the 2015 season, with 66 kayak anglers from New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. Anglers blasted through the Power-Pole starting gates and out onto the head waters of the Georges River and the south western reaches of Botany Bay in the first “One Day Wonder” of the 2016 season.

27 anglers in Atomic round 4 hauled aboard full bags, which was four bream on the day. A total of 149 fish with a combined weight of 78.32kg were brought to the scales after a day of fishing, Tough conditions tested anglers kayak handling skills with strong winds and driving rain coming in around midday, adding an extra unpleasant condition which lasted until the end of the day.

Anglers were chasing the round win, a place in the Australian Championship, Angler of the Year and Rankings points as they headed to their preferred starting locations at 7am. The vast majority headed to Woolooware Bay with its oyster racks, mangrove, flats and derelict boat hulls. Others split in small numbers heading under the Captain Cook Bridge to fish boat hulls around a number of mooring sites and a small group headed into the edge of Botany Bay itself.

At the end of one of the toughest days on the water this season the Lowrance Leaderboard was headed by Brad Chin from Heathcote in New South Wales with an impressive 4 bream bag weighing 3.28kg, taking home $1100. Chin also picked up a bonus $100, taking out the Hogs Breath Cafe Boss Hog Big Bream (the biggest fish of the tournament), the Atomic monster weighed in at 1.43kg the heaviest bream caught at any round so far in 2016.

At the end of the day Chin held a 350g weight advantage over second place finisher Simon Morley, from Bulli in New South Wales, who bagged 4 bream for 2.93kg and round 3 winner Carl Dubois from Sydney continued a successful run of performances, netting a 4 bream bag at 2.86kg and third place, his second podium finish in the last two rounds of the series.


Decked out in Atomic gear from head his Atomic fingertips it was a touch of irony that Chin blasted his way to win the Atomic round, his first time ever to compete in the bream series.


Chin said that he went into the one day tournament with a well thought out game plan in mind.

“I was always going to fish Kogarah Bay, blading around the boat hulls and hitting their anchor blocks and using deep cranks along the edges.”

“I stuck to my plan and for most of the day and I was basically there by myself, I only ever saw a couple of other competitors. The plan worked well, but the wind today was a bit of a factor because I was using the Hobie MirageDrive the whole time when I was facing into the wind, casting into the bow of the boats and bringing the blades back. I couldn’t have done it without the MirageDrive.”

“When I moved from the boats, the edges I found today were pretty (bouldery) so I was throwing the hard body at them and slow rolling over the boulders waiting for the hit to come on.”

“I had a few mishaps during the day, my home made live well broke while I was out there. I overcame the problem by emptying out my drinking water bottle and continually topping up the water with it. It was a homemade live well and so now I’ve won, I’ve got myself a bit of money to buy myself a new Hobie Livewell XL…a proper one (laughs). Despite the draw backs I ended up getting some good fish so overall I had a cracker of a day.”

“I got back early because there were a couple of fish I was a bit worried about so I ended up standing out in the water for an hour and a half swimming a couple of fish in a net to keep them healthy. I was happy to see them swim away strongly after the weigh-in.”

“What a great event this was despite the weather, Hobie has the reputation of putting on great kayak events, and I mainly do boating events, but I reckon this would have to be one of the best events going around, a great production. I’ll definitely be having a go at a few more”

“If I get permission from my wife I might have a go at the Hobie Fishing Worlds rounds next year.”


“I think the Blade gave me the edge today. The Atomic blades are my go to lures and seem to work really well, especially in that Hay U colour, it’s definitely one of my favourites.”


  • Line: Unitika Bream Super PE Jr 8lb
  • Leader: Unitika Silver Thread FC 4lb
  • Rod: Samurai Reaction RE181-70 7ft 3-6lb
  • Reel: Shimano Stradic CI4 1000F
  • Lure/s: Atomic Hardz Metalz 35 1/8oz – Hay U and Hardz Bream Crank 38 Double Deep – Ghost Brown Shad.


2015 Australian kayak Angler of the Year Simon Morley worked the magic that won him many podium finishes last year, landing him into the top three for the first time in the current series.

“I was pretty happy really with how I went today, I got a fair few fish. I caught 2 legal fish early and a lot of small fish and I jagged my big one about a quarter to nine, which was really good. It took a bit longer to get my fourth legal to fill my bag. From then on I slowly upgraded all day and overall I probably caught 10 legals and maybe 15 smaller fish”.

“From the start I headed straight over (from the event site) to the Woolooware oyster racks and I stayed there the whole day. I fished using a Daiwa Steez 2560 reel on 13 Fish Envy Black rods and I caught most of my fish on Atomic Hardz. That combination really worked for me today, just slow rolling the Atomic hardbodies”.

“The weather was fantastic (laughing) everybody loves a bit of rain, right? There was plenty of wind too, but I actually like the wind because it makes the fish feel safe and lets them come out and play a bit better. It can be a bit painful in heavy wind and because of it I had to keep pedaling non-stop all day. But I used the wind to my advantage and I think the fish were more interested when I threw low trajectory casts into the wind and worked it back slowly with the wind and waves. I reckon without that technique I wouldn’t have caught nearly as many fish”.


hayURound winner, Brad Chin pigged out this round and weighed in the tournament’s biggest fish, a 1.43kg bream, taking another $100.00 home for his efforts with the Hog’s Breath Cafe Boss Hog Big Bream cheque. He caught the Boss Hog using an Atomic Hardz Metalz 35 1/8oz – Hay U.


The divisions that are encouraging new anglers, women, youth and old hands to try their skills in tournament kayak fishing were once again on offer this round. Division winners to take home impressive sponsor prize packs loaded with goodies including a Hobie Yoke PFD.

Congratulations go to the winners for the Atomic round:

  • Youth (16-21) – James Morgan (NSW)
  • Women’s – Tracey Wright (NSW)
  • Grand Masters (65+) – Brian Rutledge (NSW)


This year Hobie Fishing have been encouraging “First Timer” competitors to enter tournament kayak fishing with free entry into the Hobie Kayak Bream Series events. The Atomic round over the weekend saw the largest number of new entries this season with 7 new anglers joining the old hands. Well done on a really hard day on the water to the whole group and Hobie Fishing hopes to see you all back in future rounds.

The top “First Timer’ at the end of the tournament taking home a Hobie Fishing Jersey and a Hobie Cap was:

First Timer – Allen Delaney (NSW)


The “One Dayer”, Mortgage Corp Door Prize for round 4, went to Justine Belobraydich who was able to finish her first Hobie tournament, a day that was a real struggle, on a high note taking away the Mortgage Corp Picnic Pack.


As with all of the events in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series, this round could not have gone ahead without the generous support of our sponsors Daiwa, Berkley, Atomic, Lowrance, Rhino-Rack, Strike Pro, TT Lures, Power-Pole, Mortgage Corp, Hog’s Breath Cafe and ABT.

Thanks also to the team from Sailing Scene in Mona Vale who sat through a day of wind and rain to provide Hobie dealer support.


It’s Time to head to Tasmania

  • April 22-23 Lowrance Round 5 Scamander Tasmania (Hobie Worlds Qualifier 4)
  • April 27-28 Strike-Pro Round 6 Swann River Tasmania


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Like seat belts in cars, PFDs save lives. If you are on the water – please wear your personal floatation device.



Hobie stocks a huge range of PFD’s for all types of watersports. With a wide range suitable for adults, kids, and even the family dog, Hobie PFD's will have you safe on the water.

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