Series 14 Hobie Fishing Camden Haven Nsw

Atomic Round 2. Camden Haven, New South Wales 2023

March 4 - 5, 2023 Camden Haven, NSW

Atomic Round 2 the second round of Hobie Kayak Fishing Series 14, will see everyone converge on the Brigadoon Holiday Park, at 7 Eames Ave, Camden Haven in New South Wales.

Series 14 Rules

Round Info








1Corey LeanNSWOpen31.84 kg31.22 kg63.06 kg-0.05 kg3.06 kg$2,780.00
2Joel CrosbieVICOpen31.55 kg31.49 kg63.04 kg3.04 kg$1,445.00
3Luke KayNSWOpen31.62 kg31.38 kg63.00 kg3.00 kg$940.00
4Russell BabekuhlNSWOpen31.72 kg31.27 kg62.99 kg2.99 kg$435.00
5Peter CookNswOpen31.11 kg31.80 kg62.91 kg2.91 kg$360.00
6Simon MorleyNSWOpen31.50 kg31.37 kg62.87 kg2.87 kg$325.00
7Kris HicksonNSWOpen31.51 kg31.26 kg62.77 kg2.77 kg$290.00
8Zachary MorozoffNSWOpen31.27 kg31.47 kg62.74 kg2.74 kg$255.00
9Jason MarshallNSWOpen31.33 kg31.41 kg62.74 kg2.74 kg$215.00
10Peter BreukelVicOpen31.42 kg31.28 kg62.70 kg2.70 kg$180.00
11Tyson HayesQLDOpen31.74 kg30.95 kg62.69 kg2.69 kg
12Carl DuboisNSWMasters (60 and above)31.33 kg31.22 kg62.55 kg2.55 kg
13Guy StruthersQLDOpen31.62 kg30.90 kg62.52 kg2.52 kg
14Tristan LockNSWOpen30.91 kg31.59 kg62.50 kg2.50 kg
15Jason MeechNSWOpen31.48 kg31.00 kg62.48 kg2.48 kg
16Brendan PieschelNSWOpen31.16 kg31.30 kg62.46 kg2.46 kg
17Steven PrykeVICOpen31.04 kg31.40 kg62.44 kg2.44 kg
18Glenn MorganNSWOpen31.26 kg31.16 kg62.42 kg2.42 kg
19Daniel RappoltNSWOpen31.36 kg31.03 kg62.39 kg2.39 kg
20Johnathon LawrenceNSWOpen30.96 kg31.41 kg62.37 kg2.37 kg
21Alex JurgeleitNSWOpen31.49 kg30.87 kg62.36 kg2.36 kg
22Alan ListerACTMasters (60 and above)31.24 kg31.08 kg62.32 kg2.32 kg
23Ben HarrisonSAOpen31.10 kg31.22 kg62.32 kg2.32 kg
24Glenn AllenNSWOpen31.24 kg31.07 kg62.31 kg2.31 kg
25Josh CarpenterNSWOpen30.89 kg31.41 kg62.30 kg2.30 kg
26Jarred FancettNSWOpen31.37 kg30.92 kg62.29 kg2.29 kg
27Brett CroweNSWMasters (60 and above)31.11 kg31.17 kg62.28 kg2.28 kg
28Jesse ThompsonNSWOpen30.84 kg31.42 kg62.26 kg2.26 kg
29Luke RoganQLDOpen20.64 kg31.60 kg52.24 kg2.24 kg
30James KilpatrickNSWOpen31.65 kg10.53 kg42.18 kg2.18 kg
31Jamie BowdenNSWOpen30.94 kg31.24 kg62.18 kg2.18 kg
32Ryland SainsburyNSWOpen30.86 kg31.27 kg62.13 kg2.13 kg
33Ryan HoneybrookNSWOpen31.21 kg30.92 kg62.13 kg2.13 kg
34Jack GammieNSWOpen31.07 kg31.04 kg62.11 kg2.11 kg
35Andrew DeathNSWOpen31.01 kg31.09 kg62.10 kg2.10 kg
36Dennis MageropoulosNSWOpen31.27 kg30.72 kg61.99 kg1.99 kg
37Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen30.96 kg31.03 kg61.99 kg1.99 kg
38Lex CourtNSWMasters (60 and above)30.89 kg31.09 kg61.98 kg1.98 kg
39Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen10.49 kg31.48 kg41.97 kg1.97 kg
40Jarrad HickmanNSWOpen30.98 kg30.98 kg61.96 kg1.96 kg
41Russell MorganNSWOpen20.56 kg31.33 kg51.89 kg1.89 kg
42Wade WalkerQLDOpen31.04 kg30.80 kg61.84 kg1.84 kg
43Joanne Ritzau-gallagherNSWWomen's20.68 kg21.09 kg41.77 kg1.77 kg
44Richard BensonNSWOpen30.93 kg30.83 kg61.76 kg1.76 kg
45Heath HardcastleNSWOpen20.51 kg31.23 kg51.74 kg1.74 kg
46Danny JobsonNSWOpen31.06 kg20.61 kg51.67 kg1.67 kg
47Peter NordVICMasters (60 and above)10.73 kg30.89 kg41.62 kg1.62 kg
48Troy ParsonsNSWOpen20.60 kg20.96 kg41.56 kg1.56 kg
49Blake PartingtonNSWOpen10.64 kg20.81 kg31.45 kg1.45 kg
50Sam DewingNSWOpen30.88 kg10.55 kg41.43 kg1.43 kg
51Warren AllenNSWOpen30.79 kg10.59 kg41.38 kg1.38 kg
52David HedgeNSWOpen10.30 kg31.07 kg41.37 kg1.37 kg
53Lex IrwinQLDMasters (60 and above)10.25 kg31.06 kg41.31 kg1.31 kg
54Richard SmithNSWOpen20.69 kg10.60 kg31.29 kg1.29 kg
55Brian LeanNSWMasters (60 and above)30.98 kg10.29 kg41.27 kg1.27 kg
56Chris MillerSAOpen30.95 kg10.32 kg41.27 kg1.27 kg
57Darryl SillisNSWOpen31.25 kg31.25 kg1.25 kg
58Blaire VallinNSWWomen's30.91 kg10.25 kg41.16 kg1.16 kg
59Terry GrimaNSWOpen10.28 kg30.87 kg41.15 kg1.15 kg
60Raymon CooperVICMasters (60 and above)21.06 kg21.06 kg1.06 kg
61Cedric LopezNSWOpen30.79 kg10.26 kg41.05 kg1.05 kg
62John CouriNSWOpen10.28 kg20.76 kg31.04 kg1.04 kg
63Allen ParishQLDOpen30.99 kg30.99 kg0.99 kg
64Gareth GoodhewQLDOpen20.60 kg10.29 kg30.89 kg0.89 kg
65Neil HutchinsSAOpen20.50 kg10.27 kg30.77 kg0.77 kg
66David ShanahanVICMasters (60 and above)20.76 kg20.76 kg0.76 kg
67Stewart RichmondNSWOpen10.44 kg10.31 kg20.75 kg0.75 kg
68Richard KingNSWOpen20.73 kg20.73 kg0.73 kg
69Darrin HaywoodNSWOpen20.69 kg20.69 kg0.69 kg
70Aaron EnrightNSWOpen10.60 kg10.60 kg0.60 kg
70Tony PettieVICOpen20.60 kg20.60 kg0.60 kg
72David CrebertNSWOpen10.59 kg10.59 kg0.59 kg
73Jon SharpNSWOpen10.55 kg10.55 kg0.55 kg
74Carl CordenNSWOpen20.47 kg20.47 kg0.47 kg
75Greg CrebertNSWOpen10.42 kg10.42 kg0.42 kg
76Jared BesantNSWOpen10.39 kg10.39 kg0.39 kg
77Jayke MoyiesNSWOpen10.38 kg10.38 kg0.38 kg
78Justin JobsonNSWOpen10.37 kg10.37 kg0.37 kg
79Ted RichmondVICOpen10.34 kg10.34 kg0.34 kg
80Paul GannNSWMasters (60 and above)30.33 kg30.33 kg0.33 kg
81Mark KnightNSWMasters (60 and above)
81Darren MurphyACTOpen
81Heather GallagherNSWWomen's
81Gordon GammieNSWOpen
81Jason PlattNSWOpen
81Chris SemmensNSWOpen
81Michael CogginsNSWOpen
81Joshua RichardsNSWOpen
81Nick JacksonNSWOpen
81Rixon LindsayNSWOpen
81Jason ReidNSWOpen
81Paul BonhamNSWOpen
81Stuart KennedyNSWOpen
94Bradley HartNSWOpen-0.75 kg30.25 kg3-0.50 kg-1.35 kg-0.50 kg
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
18772.28 kg17267.61 kg359139.89 kg0.390 kg

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Russell BabekuhlVIC0.95 kg

Atomic Monster Mover

Francis Di MattinaNSW0.49 kg1.48 kg

Division Winners

Joanne Ritzau-gallagherNSW20.68 kg21.09 kg41.77 kg
Master's (60 and above)
Carl DuboisNSW31.33 kg31.22 kg62.55 kg
First Time Competitors
Chelsea DaubneyNSW10.29 kg10.58 kg20.87 kg

Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 2 Photo Gallery

Day 2 Photo Gallery

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Information Sheet

Early Entries close Friday, 11:59:59 pm on 24 February 2023 AEDT.

  • On-Time (ie: Early Bird) Entry: $120.00
  • Entry Fee: $170.00
  • Saturday Entry: $170.00


This is a 2 day event.
Saturday, 4th March 6:00 am - Sunday, 5th March 4:00 pm


Brigadoon Holiday Park
7 Eames Ave, North Haven NSW 2443

No Fishing

Monday, 20th February up to and including Thursday, 2nd March.

No Go Zones

No crossing of the bar at North Haven Break wall

Registration Times

  • Day 1: 6:00am.
  • Day 2: 6:00am.

Briefing Times

  • Day 1: 6:40am.
  • Day 2: 6:40am.

Session Times

  • Day 1: 7:00am till 2:00pm.
  • Day 2: 7:00am till 2:00pm.

Briefing, Launch And Weigh-in Location

Brigadoon Holiday Park
7 Eames Ave, North Haven NSW 2443

Community Matters

Due to local community concerns, we kindly ask that you remain mindful of your impact upon the wider community when participating in this round. Please keep noise/music to a minimum and use parking lights (not full headlights) in the mornings.

Site Acess & Parking

Camden Haven Event Site Car And Trailer Parking

More Information

Camden Haven Hobie Fishing Event Site

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If you do not see your name in the Entry List, below, after 24 business hours please email directly.

# First Last State Division Opt Division
1 Gareth Goodhew QLD Open
2 Glenn Morgan NSW Open
3 Joel Crosbie VIC Open
4 Raymon Cooper VIC Open Master (60 and over)
5 Carl Corden NSW Open
6 David Shanahan VIC Open Master (60 and over)
7 Paul Gann NSW Open Master (60 and over)
8 Brett Crowe NSW Open Master (60 and over)
9 Greg Crebert NSW Open
10 Lex Irwin QLD Open Master (60 and over)
11 Allen Parish QLD Open
12 Jesse Thompson NSW Open
13 Johnathon Lawrence NSW Open
14 Mark Knight NSW Open Master (60 and over)
15 Blaire Vallin NSW Open Women
16 Stewart Richmond NSW Open
17 Ted Richmond VIC Open
18 Jared Besant NSW Open
19 Sam Dewing NSW Open
20 Darrin Haywood NSW Open
21 Chris Miller SA Open
22 Jayke Moyies NSW Open
23 Russell Morgan NSW Open
24 Darren Murphy ACT Open
25 Dennis Mageropoulos NSW Open
26 Wade Walker QLD Open
27 Josh Carpenter NSW Open
28 Simon Morley NSW Open
29 Mitchell Maddison NSW Open
30 Glenn Allen NSW Open
31 Jose Lopes NSW First Timer
32 Alex Jurgeleit NSW Open
33 Carl Dubois NSW Open Master (60 and over)
34 Terry Grima NSW Open
35 David Crebert NSW Open
36 Joanne Ritzau-gallagher NSW Open Women
37 Heather Gallagher NSW Open Women
38 Danny Jobson NSW Open
39 Blake Partington NSW Open
40 Jamie Bowden NSW Open
41 Peter Nord VIC Open Master (60 and over)
42 David Hedge NSW Open
43 Guy Struthers QLD Open
44 Jason Marshall NSW Open
45 Gordon Gammie NSW Open
46 Warren Allen NSW Open
47 Corey Lean NSW Open
48 Jarrad Hickman NSW Open
49 Lex Court NSW Open Master (60 and over)
50 Jason Platt NSW Open
51 Brendan Pieschel NSW Open
52 Andrew Death NSW Open
53 Cedric Lopez NSW Open
54 Chris Semmens NSW Open
55 Ben Harrison SA Open
56 Chelsea Daubney NSW First Timer
57 Ryan Honeybrook NSW Open
58 Daniel Rappolt NSW Open
59 Luke Rogan QLD Open
60 Peter Cook NSW Open
61 Michael Coggins NSW Open
62 Jon Sharp NSW Open
63 Aaron Enright NSW Open
64 Kris Hickson NSW Open
65 Richard Smith NSW Open
66 Luke Kay NSW Open
67 Tony Pettie VIC Open
68 Darryl Sillis NSW Open
69 Tyson Hayes QLD Open
70 Richard King NSW Open
71 Peter Breukel VIC Open
72 Joshua Richards NSW Open
73 Alan Lister ACT Open Master (60 and over)
74 Nick Jackson NSW Open
75 Rixon Lindsay NSW Open
76 Jack Gammie NSW Open
77 Zachary Morozoff NSW Open
78 Neil Hutchins SA Open
79 Brian Lean NSW Open Master (60 and over)
80 Bradley Hart NSW Open
81 Tristan Lock NSW Open
82 Jarred Fancett NSW Open
83 Heath Hardcastle NSW Open
84 Troy Parsons NSW Open
85 John Couri NSW Open
86 Francis Di Mattina NSW Open
87 Justin Jobson NSW Open
88 Jason Meech NSW Open
89 Jason Reid NSW Open
90 Paul Bonham NSW Open
91 Richard Benson NSW Open
92 Russell Babekuhl NSW Open
93 James Kilpatrick NSW Open
94 Stuart Kennedy NSW Open
95 Steven Pryke VIC Open
96 Ryland Sainsbury NSW Open
TOTAL ENTRANTS Open Youth (16 - under 18yrs) Women Master (60 and over) First Timers
96 94 0 3 11 2

Friday, 3rd Mar 4.00PM – Hobie MirageDrive Seminar @Hobie Fishing Event Site at Camden Haven, NSW

Put this one in your diary!
Pre-Fish Friday @ 4.00PM at the Hobie Fishing Event site we will be holding a How to maintain, tune and fix your MirageDrive Seminar.
On-site we will have:

  1. Chris and Jim, from Hobie;
  2. James Kilpatrick, form Hunter Water Sports;
  3. Mick Coggins, from Totally Immersed Watersports;
  4. PLUS the new owner, Rixon, from Maclean Outdoors!

This is a great opportunity for all competitors to learn the basics of your MirageDrives from the experts.

Day 1 Live Weigh-In

Day 2 Live Weigh-In



Regular servicing and maintenance help ensure that your MirageDrives, Livewells, rudders and all other accessories perform to your expectations. Hobie Dealers provide helpful advice and support on keeping your gear clean, maintained and tuned up.



Like seat belts in cars, PFDs save lives. If you are on the water – please wear your personal floatation device.



Hobie stocks a huge range of PFD’s for all types of watersports. With a wide range suitable for adults, kids, and even the family dog, Hobie PFD's will have you safe on the water.

Hobie MirageDrives

The ungainly paddle is replaced by the sheer efficiency of the MirageDrive pedal. With the largest human muscle group now in play, kayaking becomes easier than ever.

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