Pre-Fish Wrap Up News


Lowrance Pre-Fish Day Wrap Up

Friday, November 17, 2017
Mandurah, Western Australia

The Lowrance Pre-Fish Day of the 2017 Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9 Australian Championship concluded yesterday afternoon in hot, dry conditions with a light breeze blowing across Peel Inlet.

Anglers ventured in various directions across the arena which offers the opportunities of attack with its shallow, weedy flats, canal systems, two channels that feed to the open ocean that mark the arena limits and two feeding rivers. The marinas though remained out of bounds zones where fishing will not be allowed during the championship.

On returning to shore mid-afternoon yesterday anglers offered some brief comments on their pre-fish experience.

“I went ok up at the canals and then went to the bridges, and fished them. There was a plaque of toad fish in there, for me it was easily one bream between fifty toads. If you had the patience, you got yourself some sort of reward, but that reward took a lot of crab claws”. Geoff Alford, Fyshwick, ACT.

“It’s going to be a tough comp, I went down south to the flats near the other inlet (Dawesville Channel) and got my first fish on the fifth or sixth cast. After that, I got no fish, so I put a surface lure on and got busted off in the weed, and that was pretty much my day”. Tyson Hayes, Brisbane, Queensland.

“I went down towards the Murray; I made it up past what I think is called the Murray Lake canals. I was moving about fishing the snags, the jetties and a few pontoons, the entrances and a few points. I got my main one today on a bait breath, its a remix, I won’t tell you the colour, I just let people have a guess at that”. Carl Dubois, Miranda, NSW.

“Awesome venue, awesome weather, it’s perfect, the fishings going to be good and the kayaks and everything Hobie has put on is great. I got good fish, but I wish I hadn’t. I fished up towards the canals, I think it will be a pretty popular spot up there, and it will shut down pretty quick”. Alex Whitehead, Moonta, SA.

“I went straight up to the canals, and I threw a couple of soft plastics around and a couple of Cranka Crabs. I only caught a couple of small ones, nothing dramatic today, but hopefully, it all happens tomorrow”. Lex Court, Davistown, NSW.

“I didn’t do too well today; I just mosied around in the canals it was just fishing. I have a run up the rivers tomorrow, so hopefully, that produces. I was mainly throwing soft plastics and Cranka Crabs today, and the soft plastic kept getting chewed up by blow fish, it was driving me up the wall”. Jack Gammie, Borowra Heights, NSW.

“I did good today, I only got one bream, and I got a lot of other bi-catch, but yeah I had a good day, and it was pretty interesting. I’ve never been to WA (Western Australia) before and I enjoyed it, I had a good pedal, and it’s great to be here”. Doug Baker, Murrumburrah, NSW.

“I tried to go up the Serpentine River first up, but the wind was too much, so I didn’t make it up there. I fished some flats on the way back, but I won’t go there because there was too much algae on them. Tomorrow I might give the Serpentine another go; I’ll just have to see how the wind is”. Paul Hardiman, Higgins, ACT.

“I didn’t go too good today, I fish down the front canals, There were lots of toad fish, and I didn’t really see any bream. I think I’ll have to go to plan B tomorrow. I’ll probably head up to one of the rivers tomorrow”. Scott Marcinkowski, Jamberoo, NSW.

“I didn’t really fish too much today; I just had a few casts in town. I caught a couple of fish, and I landed everything that I hooked, I really just cruised around and tested out the kayak, and the livewell would go, and they went pretty good. I don’t know where I’ll go tomorrow; I make my mind up tonight”. Sean Higgins, Mokine, WA.

“I had a bit of a fish to get used to the yak. I managed to pull a few fish and lose a few fish. It was a fun little day on the water, nice and warm, the yak went well so bring on a big three days. I won’t go the same direction tomorrow, I’ve got something up my sleeve. Today it was about trying out the kayak and pedalling for a few Ks and just kinda having a fun day. I’ve done well in a couple of WA comps, but unfortunately, those results didn’t come at Mandurah, where I’ve found it a bit tough of late. Maybe she’ll come good for me this weekend. You’ve got to be in it to win it; anyone’s in with a chance, so we’ll see how I go”. Alex Greisdorf, Halls Head, WA.



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