Day 3 Australian Championship Results


View the results for Day 3 of the Australian Championship 2017

1Paul BurtonWA32.17 kg31.73 kg31.91 kg95.81 kg
2Alex GreisdorfWA32.15 kg31.79 kg31.6 kg95.54 kg
3Sean HigginsWA32.11 kg31.19 kg31.59 kg94.89 kg
4Simon MorleyNSW31.72 kg31.83 kg31.15 kg94.7 kg
5Massimo SalomoneWA31.89 kg10.53 kg21.05 kg63.47 kg
6Joseph GardnerWA31.72 kg10.42 kg31.13 kg73.27 kg
7David ShanahanVIC20.67 kg31.09 kg31.21 kg82.97 kg
8Danny JobsonNSW31.65 kg10.81 kg10.48 kg52.94 kg
9Shane OwensWA20.92 kg31.79 kg52.71 kg
10Glenn AllenNSW10.31 kg20.65 kg31.64 kg62.6 kg
11Steven PrykeVIC21.14 kg31.38 kg52.52 kg
12Kane TerryNSW31.05 kg30.89 kg10.37 kg72.31 kg
13Brendan PieschelNSW21.4 kg20.87 kg42.27 kg
14Tyson HayesQLD10.4 kg10.42 kg31.39 kg52.21 kg
15Luke RoganQLD32.15 kg32.15 kg
16Scott MarcinkowskiNSW21.35 kg10.59 kg31.94 kg
17Josh KlimasNSW31.12 kg20.71 kg51.83 kg
18Alex WhiteheadSA31.26 kg10.56 kg41.82 kg
19Tim OlsenACT20.85 kg20.96 kg41.81 kg
20Mark YoungNSW31.58 kg31.58 kg
21Dylan HennessVIC-0.25 kg21.22 kg10.6 kg31.57 kg
22Mitch KingVIC10.78 kg10.55 kg21.33 kg
23Michael HallidayQLD21.24 kg21.24 kg
24Chesney FungVIC21.17 kg21.17 kg
25Lex CourtNSW10.52 kg10.41 kg20.93 kg
26Bogdan ZisuVIC20.81 kg20.81 kg
27Andy MitchellWA10.33 kg10.43 kg20.76 kg
28Stephen MajeraVIC10.38 kg10.37 kg20.75 kg
29Jack GammieNSW10.69 kg10.69 kg
30Jason ReidNSW20.64 kg20.64 kg
31Michael WalkerNSW20.58 kg20.58 kg
32Kevin BoeseNSW10.56 kg10.56 kg
33Paul HardimanACT10.4 kg10.4 kg
34Jason DeenenVIC10.35 kg10.35 kg
35Nathan CliffNSW10.33 kg10.33 kg
36Geoff AlfordACT
36Richard BensonNSW
36Carl DuboisNSW
36David AytonVIC
36Christopher PurnellNSW
36Doug BakerNSW
36Arthur AmiesNSW
36Greg CooperWA
36Tameika PurnellNSW
36Paul DavidsonVIC
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total Fish D3Total Weight D3Total FishTotal Weight
5829.94 kg4321.86 kg4119.65 kg14271.45 kg

Atomic Big Bream Winner

Day OneSean HigginsWA1.29 kg
Day TwoLuke RoganQLD0.96 kg
Day ThreePaul BurtonWA0.82 kg


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