Australian Championship Series 11 Day 3 Weigh-In results


Australian Championship Series 11 Day 3 Weigh-In results.

1Kris HicksonNSWOpen32.08 kg32.37 kg32.64 kg97.09 kg7.09 kg
2Glenn AllenNSWOpen32.06 kg31.71 kg32.96 kg96.73 kg6.73 kg
3Carl DuboisNSWOpen21.09 kg32.95 kg31.96 kg86.00 kg6.00 kg
4Richard SomertonVICOpen31.49 kg32.20 kg31.88 kg95.57 kg5.57 kg
5Jack GammieNSWOpen31.71 kg31.71 kg32.04 kg95.46 kg5.46 kg
6Tom McLeanNSWOpen31.75 kg31.65 kg31.92 kg95.32 kg5.32 kg
7Chris MillerSAOpen32.06 kg31.48 kg31.73 kg95.27 kg5.27 kg
8Paul DavidsonVICOpen31.58 kg32.06 kg31.59 kg95.23 kg5.23 kg
9James KilpatrickNSWOpen32.51 kg31.19 kg21.38 kg85.08 kg5.08 kg
10Cullen Di MattinaNSWOpen10.85 kg31.81 kg32.37 kg75.03 kg5.03 kg
11Corey GallagherVICOpen31.86 kg31.56 kg31.52 kg94.94 kg4.94 kg
12Simon MorleyNSWOpen21.36 kg31.57 kg31.93 kg84.86 kg4.86 kg
13Jon ChenACTOpen10.45 kg32.33 kg32.06 kg74.84 kg4.84 kg
14Tony PettieVICOpen31.66 kg21.19 kg31.98 kg84.83 kg4.83 kg
15Kane TerryNSWOpen31.88 kg32.23 kg10.53 kg74.64 kg4.64 kg
16Gary HansonVICOpen31.95 kg31.53 kg21.02 kg84.50 kg4.50 kg
17Dale BaxterVICOpen31.53 kg31.86 kg31.09 kg94.48 kg4.48 kg
18Greg CooperWAOpen31.42 kg31.53 kg31.50 kg94.45 kg4.45 kg
19Malcolm HallidayNSWOpen21.14 kg31.81 kg31.45 kg84.40 kg4.40 kg
20Steven PrykeVICOpen31.48 kg31.33 kg31.51 kg94.32 kg4.32 kg
21Stuart WalkerNSWOpen31.40 kg21.58 kg31.31 kg84.29 kg4.29 kg
22Adriano TosoliniNSWOpen31.51 kg31.47 kg31.23 kg94.21 kg4.21 kg
23Fred FraserWAOpen21.26 kg31.53 kg31.36 kg84.15 kg4.15 kg
24Jon ClisbyVICOpen31.04 kg31.80 kg31.24 kg94.08 kg4.08 kg
25Mitchell MaddisonNSWOpen31.75 kg21.19 kg31.12 kg84.06 kg4.06 kg
26Aaron WilliamsNSWOpen31.89 kg31.51 kg10.61 kg74.01 kg4.01 kg
27Paul BurtonWAOpen20.81 kg31.17 kg32.02 kg84.00 kg4.00 kg
28Joseph GardnerWAOpen31.89 kg32.09 kg63.98 kg3.98 kg
29Darren WedaVICOpen32.21 kg31.76 kg63.97 kg3.97 kg
30Mark YoungNSWOpen31.32 kg20.61 kg32.01 kg83.94 kg3.94 kg
31Jason DeenenVICOpen31.34 kg10.35 kg32.18 kg73.87 kg3.87 kg
32Grant HockingVICOpen31.92 kg31.91 kg63.83 kg3.83 kg
33Zachary MorozoffNSWOpen10.80 kg31.73 kg31.26 kg73.79 kg3.79 kg
34Brendan PieschelNSWOpen31.75 kg10.45 kg31.49 kg73.69 kg3.69 kg
35Kevin VartyNSWOpen31.84 kg20.82 kg20.89 kg73.55 kg3.55 kg
36Brian HuntNSWOpen10.35 kg21.25 kg31.93 kg63.53 kg3.53 kg
37Kobi RothallSAOpen10.58 kg31.70 kg21.07 kg63.35 kg3.35 kg
38Byron HillNSWOpen31.64 kg31.61 kg63.25 kg3.25 kg
39Nathan WrightVICOpen21.08 kg32.02 kg53.10 kg3.10 kg
40Andrew HancoxNSWOpen31.56 kg31.29 kg62.85 kg2.85 kg
41Travis NewlandWAOpen31.09 kg31.47 kg62.56 kg2.56 kg
42Luke RoganQLDOpen21.07 kg31.48 kg52.55 kg2.55 kg
43Francis Di MattinaNSWOpen20.84 kg31.64 kg52.48 kg2.48 kg
44Brett CroweNSWOpen10.43 kg31.88 kg42.31 kg2.31 kg
45Sean HillNSWOpen10.63 kg10.39 kg31.21 kg52.23 kg2.23 kg
46David ShanahanVICOpen31.65 kg31.65 kg1.65 kg
47Jarred FancettNSWOpen31.56 kg31.56 kg1.56 kg
48Ian AbercrombyWAOpen10.64 kg10.41 kg21.05 kg1.05 kg
49Tyson HayesQLDOpen10.68 kg10.68 kg0.68 kg
Total Fish D1Total Weight D1Total Fish D2Total Weight D2Total Fish D3Total Weight D3Total FishTotal WeightAverage Weight
11163.00 kg11565.76 kg11666.85 kg342195.61 kg0.57 kg

Big Bream Winner

Day 1Grant HockingVIC1.04 kg
Day 2Stuart WalkerNSW1.08 kg
Day 3Carl DuboisNSW1.30 kg


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