Australian Championship Day 1 Results


Australian Championship Day 1 Results

1Richard SomertonVIC4.
2Kris HicksonNSW4.
3Glenn AllenNSW4.
4Jason GarnerQLD4.001.984.001.98
5Michael HallidayQLD4.001.824.001.82
6Joseph GardnerWA4.001.804.001.80
7Mark CromptonNSW4.001.774.001.77
8Kendall SooQLD4.001.744.001.74
9Warren CossellQLD4.001.734.001.73
10David AytonVIC4.001.614.001.61
11Matt PetrieVIC4.001.514.001.51
12Guy StruthersQLD4.001.434.001.43
13Jason MeechNSW4.001.414.001.41
14Stewart DunnNSW4.001.354.001.35
15Stephen MaasQLD4.001.344.001.34
15Lex IrwinQLD3.001.343.001.34
17Ben PhayerVIC3.
18Dylan HennessTAS3.
19Kevin VartyNSW4.
20Steve CrawleyQLD3.
21Nathan CliffNSW3.
22Dayne TaylorNSW3.
23Jason DeenenVIC3.000.963.000.96
24Carl DuboisNSW3.000.943.000.94
25Josh KlimasNSW3.000.893.000.89
26Andrew KrushkaTAS2.000.882.000.88
27Scott CarmodyACT2.000.812.000.81
28Jim BarrieNSW2.000.802.000.80
29Barry BrownriggWA2.000.752.000.75
30Aaron WilliamsVIC2.000.722.000.72
30Jesse ChoyWA2.000.722.000.72
32Corey GallagherVIC1.000.681.000.68
33Jeremy ThomasNSW2.000.642.000.64
34Tony PettieVIC1.000.601.000.60
35Mark YoungNSW1.000.571.000.57
36Kane TerryNSW1.000.531.000.53
37Robert SgambelluriWA1.000.521.000.52
37Chris LyonsVIC1.000.521.000.52
39James RoganNSW1.000.511.000.51
40Peter WhelanVIC1.000.491.000.49
41Tyson HayesQLD1.000.471.000.47
42Greg CooperWA1.000.451.000.45
43Byron HillNSW1.000.421.000.42
44Jason ReidNSW1.000.411.000.41
45Mitch KingVIC1.000.321.000.32
46Chris BurbidgeVIC0.00
46Jonathan ChenACT0.00
46Simon MorleyNSW0.00
46Steven PrykeVIC0.00
46Brad ChinNSW0.00
46Neil CarstairsVIC0.00
46Lei WangCHN0.00
46Li HaiyangCHN0.00


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