Series 11 Angler of the Year

Check out a few of the vital statistics that the final round of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 11, Power-Pole Round 11 at Marlo in Victoria will have a major affect on. The round will have a massive effect in regards to the Angler of the Year point score, the final Australian Championship Qualification places, if boats are still available, and the team to represent Australia at the 9th Hobie Fishing World Championship in 2020.

Firstly congratulations to the following anglers for putting up exceptional performances, but not competing in enough rounds to make the top of the leader board, which is calculated on an angler’s best five (5) rounds:
Tyson Hayes -Currently 45th – 272 points – 3 rounds – 81, 91 and 100 – averaged 90.6 …amazing
Dale Baxter -Currently 42nd – 279 points – 3 rounds – 93, 98 and 88 – averaged 93 .. incredible
Russell Babekuhl – Currently 39th – 287 points – 3 rounds – 96, 96 and 95 – averaged 95.6 …unbelievable
Kris Hickson – Currently 69th -198 points – 2 rounds – 98 and 100 – average 99 (Hickson won AOY in 2018 with 494 points)
…a true champion

THE CURRENT TOP TEN – Going Into the Final Round – this is how things are at the moment. The first figure is the angler’s current score. The second is their lowest score, which they will drop and replace with a higher figure, if they perform better in this round. The final figure is the highest AOY score that they can achieve with a win at Marlo.

1. Simon Morley 465 – lowest 78 – above 22nd place to earn points – Max potential = 487
2. Tony Pettie 461 – lowest 82 – above 18th place to earn points – Max potential = 479
3. Mitch King 460 – lowest 84 – above 16th place to earn points – Max potential = 476
4. Steven Pryke 454 – lowest 82 – above 18th place to earn points – Max potential = 472
5. Glenn Allen 453 – lowest 82 – above 18th place to earn points – Max potential = 471
6. Jon Chen 445 – lowest 75 – above 25th place to earn points – Max potential = 470
7. Cullen Di Mattina 437 – lowest 60 – above 40th place to earn points – Max potential = 477
8. Aaron Williams 432 – lowest 80 – above 20th place to earn points – Max potential = 452
9. Francis Di Mattina 432 – lowest 77 – above 23rd place to earn points – Max potential = 455
10. Rhett Gill 430 – lowest 79 – above 21st place to earn points – Max potential = 451

THE MOST POTENTIAL – Other than Cullen Di Mattina who is already in the top ten and can move up 40 points, the four anglers listed below have the greatest room to move up the leader board at the completion of this round. Luke Rogan and Corey Gallagher could possibly win AOY, however Chris Miller and Carl Dubois do not have enough potential to surpass the current leader’s present score and therefore can’t win AOY for series 11. They do however have a chance to make the team to compete at the world championship depending on the size of the team. (yet to be announced)

Luke Rogan 426 in 12th place – 5 rounds lowest 48 – above 52nd to earn points – Max potential = 478
Corey Gallagher 376 in 23rd place – 4 rounds – 95, 94, 89, 98 – averaged 94 – Max potential = 476
Chris Miller (Crafty) 422 in 13th place – 5 rounds – lowest 68 – above 32nd to earn points – Max potential = 454
Carl Dubois 348 in 29th place – 4 rounds – 88, 96, 65, 99 – averaged 87 – Max potential = 448

THESE ANGLERS ARE IN A POSITION TO WIN AOY – (Current lead is held by Simon Morley on 465) The following scores are calculated on a win by the listed angler in this round. It is the maximum they can achieve. However, it is possible for them to score a lower place than a win in this round and still win AOY. A lot depends on how many points that others on the list accumulate (if any) in this round. Those outside of these nine cannot gain more points than Morley’s current 465 points and therefore can’t win the $1000 cash prize from Mortgage Corp.

1. Simon Morley 487
2. Tony Pettie 479
3. Luke Rogan 478
4. Cullen Di Mattina 477
5. Mitch King 476
6. Corey Gallagher 476
7. Steven Pryke 472
8. Glenn Allen 471
9. Jonathan Chen 470

AUSTRALIA TEAM FOR THE 9TH HOBIE WORLD FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS – While we DON’T know the location of, or how many will be in the AUS Team for Hobie Worlds 9, we do know that Andrew Death, as the current World Champion, has already qualified. Mark Young has also qualified by winning the Angler’s Choice Award at Hobie Worlds 8 (two in a row) picked be the anglers at Hobie Worlds 8.
The remainder of the Australia Team is chosen from the AOY points score. While the final scores are yet to be determined it appears from our calculations that the team will come from the following anglers, in no particular order, and depending on their performance at Marlo this weekend. Please note that the team will not be announced until we know the final team numbers that have been allocated to Australia:

1. Simon Morley
2. Tony Pettie
3. Luke Rogan
4. Cullen Di Mattina
5. Mitch King
6. Corey Gallagher
7. Steven Pryke
8. Glenn Allen
9. Jonathan Chen
10. Aaron Williams
11. Francis Di Mattina
12. Chris Miller
13. Carl Dubois

For those registered, have a great tournament at Marloand the best of luck. For those not competing tune in for the LIVE coverage on Facebook and

See you and your friends competing in SERIES 12 next year.

Finally, while these figures have been calculated to the best of our ability, in the limited time available, we apologise for any inaccuracies that may have occurred.



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