On-Time entry discounts end 7 days before the event begins, as per "Entry Fees and Divisions" section in the Rules.

Round 03 2019. Cranka Lures Sydney, NSW


This is a Capped Event

Due to council permit limitations, this round will be limited to 65 entrants. Also, we will not be taking ON THE DAY entrants.



Due to council permit limitations and community concerns, we kindly ask that your consider your impact upon the wider community when participating in this round. Please keep noise/music to a minimum and use parking lights (not full headlights) in the mornings.

Our council permit requires all vehicles entering and departing from P1 and P2 parks must be escorted, not exceed walking pace (10km/h), and have hazard lights on.

For your convenience council has approved two on-site parking areas. P1 and P2 (limited parking). We ask that you car-top your kayak to and from the event. If you are using a car-trailer, we kindly ask that you car-pool to and from the event.

Your cooperation with the above requests will see Hobie Kayak competitions welcomed again into the Sydney CBD well into the future.

Online Entries Closed