Tournament Procedural Changes and Strategies Devised To Reduce COVID-19 Risk

When taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic state and federal government, recommendations and imposed restrictions, the following draft measures should be scrutinised. After review, the policy should be stringently adopted with any appropriate and agreed upon changes, when running future Hobie Fishing Series 13 tournaments.

All competitors in Hobie Fishing Series 13 shall abide by the following procedures. The Hobie Fishing Series team has designed the procedures to best protect the safety of all participating anglers, Hobie staff and yourself.

At times any of us may unwittingly overlook some of the measures listed below. We ask that you respectfully remind others that they are failing to follow these guidelines that are not only instigated for everyone's safety (as previously mentioned) but also so that we fit within government guidelines and are able to continue to run Hobie Fishing Series 13.

If these guidelines are not rigorously, followed, then Hobie Asia pacific may be forced to make the decision to stop all future events. An even greater threat, that would place the running of the series out of the control of Hobie, would be that Hobie Fishing Series 13 is shut down by a government agency, due to participants not following the outlined safety measures.

Please work with the Hobie Fishing team and your other like-minded competitors so that together we can to get those reels screaming in what is left of our fantastic kayak fishing series.


  1. The number of people permitted by government to gather in one location shall not be exceeded.
    1. Event sites will be surrounded by barriers with clearly marked entrance and exit points.
    2. Event participants and event staff will exclusively be allowed within the event site perimeter.
    3. Family, friends, and onlookers shall remain outside the outlined event site perimeter.
    4. Entry points will have Conditions of Entry posted along with a sanitation station.
  2. All other government limitations and advice shall be strictly adhered to.
  3. No one with a temperature, cough or other cold and flu symptoms shall be permitted to participate in a tournament for 14 days after those symptoms recede.
    1. One of the Conditions of Entry are that each person may be required to pass a temperature check.
  4. Hobie strongly recommends all event participants download, install, and activate the COVIDSafe app.
  5. All competitors and staff shall maintain a 1.5m distance between each other. (Please request others to move further away if they inadvertently breach this distancing rule)
  6. At the weigh-in no dealer will be on stage to present prizes or to be in photos with winners.
  7. Prize winners shall pick up their own prizes, trophies etc from tables where the prizes shall have been grouped, labelled, and appropriately separated from each other, prior to the presentation, by a Hobie Fishing Team member.
  8. All weigh bag handles WILL be wiped down by an event staff between competitors and the bag handover procedure MUST be adhered to. (Hobie supplied sanitiser)
  9. Hand sanitiser shall be placed approximately 1.5m back from the steps to the event trailer. All competitors and staff shall be required to sanitise their hands (each time) prior to climbing the trailer stairs. (Hobie supplied sanitiser)
  10. On-water snack packs, water, drinks, etc. shall be BYO only. After event lunches shall not be supplied for the balance of Series 13.
  11. No angler shall be given a microphone for onstage interviews during the weigh-in.
  12. After the presentation, the winners shall be interviewed on stage (seated and separated 1.5m minimum). This interview shall be broadcast live and recorded using only the microphone on the recording device.
  13. No Handshaking or High-5s shall be permitted at the event site or during the tournament in general.
  14. Registration Procedure: (allow for much lengthier process)
    1. Line up 1.5m apart. (marked standing points)
    2. Next in line is to stay back 1.5m from steps in line with the sanitiser bottle. Wait to be called on stage.
    3. Sanitise hands while waiting.
    4. Only one angler shall be permitted on the stage at any one time.
    5. Present your PFD.
      1. There is no need to show registrar your fishing licence, ensuring it is current is now the responsibility of the competitor until further notice.
    6. Anglers shall remove the assigned key tag from the board. The registrar shall visually check that the correct tag is taken.
    7. The Registrar shall call the next person up on stage only when the way is clear.
  15. At the water's edge anglers, where possible, anglers shall stay on opposite sides of kayaks when preparing equipment before launch and on returning to shore.
  16. When gathering at the starting line anglers shall not join boats, side by side, in a raft formation. Keep kayaks well apart from each other. Reminders shall be broadcast over the PA from the official Hobie start boat.
  17. Weigh-in procedure:
    1. Anglers who have fish to weigh-in shall line up 1.5m apart on marked standing points.
    2. Only six weigh-bags shall be issued - 1 on stage, 1 at fish release area and 2 at each bump tub . In the very first group, the 6th angler must wait at their kayak until the first weigh-in has been completed before moving to the bump tub.
    3. Once an angler's fish are released the angler shall take their weigh bag back to the Bag Pick-Up Area, place it on the ground, and move away.
    4. No angler shall leave the line until they collect their bag from the Bag Pick Up Area.
    5. Once the previous angler has returned their bag to Bag Pick-Up Area and moved away, the next angler in line goes to the Bag Pick-Up Area and:
      1. Sanitises their hands
      2. Puts on disposable gloves
      3. Collect sanitised weigh-in bag from Event Staff
      4. Collects their fish from their Livewell
      5. Moves to position 4 at the bump tub.
    6. As an angler goes up on stage, the other three anglers at the bump tubs shall rotate positions: 4 to goes to 3; 3 to 2; and 2 to 1. Positions will be marked by numbers on the ground.
    7. Stands on the designated spot while on stage.
    8. No angler shall be handed a microphone on stage. (Due to the small number of bags photographing of fish will be completed quickly. Photographer to encourage anglers to take weigh bag back to the designated Bag Pick Up Area)
    9. Event Staff attending the Bump Tub shall wear disposable gloves.
  18. Away from the event site anglers shall not congregate in groups in the parking areas and shall remain at least 1.5m apart. (Please remember that members of the public may be watching, and we do not want to deal with reports of the tournament having been a safety risk or that tournament participants were defying government COVID-19 gathering requirements)
  19. Anglers shall follow all, of the above COVID-19 safety rules and procedures listed so that we are able to continue to hold future Hobie Fishing Series 13 tournaments.
  20. Penalties shall apply to those not following these rules and procedures. At the discretion of the Tournament Director these may vary from weight penalties through to a ban for the rest of the series and removal from the event site.
  21. All event participants and staff shall adhere to designated Entry and Exit points.
  22. The event site will be surrounded by removable bunting to ensure that the event does not surpass government limits for outdoor gatherings.
  23. A roster will be placed outside the event site perimeter asking visitors and spectators to provide their name and contact details to be used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections and will be stored confidentially and securely for 28 days. After which the records will be destroyed in a confidential manner via shredding.