• The rules from the Fishing Series in which the Australian Championship is held apply in addition to following.
    • The Australian Championship location will have a total pre-fish ban of 30 days from published pre-fish date.
    • The Australian Championship commences with the Registration, Allocation, and Briefing on the 13th of July at 5:30 pm.
    • Failure to attend the Registration and entire Briefing will result in an automatic disqualification from the championship.
    • Registration and key tag collection and a briefing will occur prior to each session, including the pre-fish.
  4. START
    • For the Australian Championship, the first day start sequence shall be announced at the briefing.
    • All anglers in the Australian Championship shall fish from factory supplied, Hobie kayaks.
    • Anglers shall provide their own tackle and safety gear for the Australian Championship.
    • Modifications and/or additional accessories (ex: additional rod holders, camera mounts, etc.) not supplied by the Hobie factory are not allowed and may result in disqualification. Excludes tackle and safety gear.
    • Competitors are allowed to take assigned batteries, chargers, and front hatch liner back to their accommodation after the registration kayak allocation on the 13th of July.
      • The storage and maintenance of these items remain the responsibility of the angler until the kayak is returned to Hobie at the completion of the event.
      • All Hobie Factory Fitted Accessories must remain on the kayak. Accessories cannot be detached, removed, or stored; it is the responsibility of the angler to keep the kayak and accessories in factory condition. The Power Pole Spike can be removed from the Power Pole Micro unit, but it must always remain in the kayak.
    • In the event of a full cancellation, a rescheduled date shall be announced within 1 month.
    • Only official tournament apparel may be worn during Pre-Fish and Competition Days.
    • At the Registration briefing the Pre fish times are as follows:
      • Key tag collection/PFD inspection: 7:00am – 7:30am
      • Pre-fish on the water start: 8:00am
      • Pre-fish finish: 1:00pm
      • Unless advised otherwise.

    • Anglers who do not return their key tag, (ie: return late) on the official Australian Championship Pre-Fish Day shall penalised:
      • 30 minutes: for being late, up to, 1 minute through 5 minutes
      • 1 hour: for all late times after 5 minutes.
    • This penalty shall apply to the first day of the championship only. Anglers who are more than 1 hour late on the Pre-Fish Day shall be disqualified (DQ’d) from the first day of competition, only.
    • Chargers must be left onshore before your kayak enters the water on Pre-Fish Day, and Competition Days.
    • Any damage or losses deemed to be excessive by the Hobie Factory Team will incur a repair or replacement fee.
    • Make sure you have taken all your personal belongings and rubbish with you before returning the kayak.
    • If any damage was caused to the kayak, let the Hobie Factory Team know. The Hobie Factory Team will check the kayak for additional damage. Minor scratches may be considered wear and tear, which you will not be responsible to pay for. You may be charged an estimated amount for the repairs of any damage, but you will be reimbursed if the actual cost of damage repairs turns out to be less than this.
    • If you wish to dispute any damage that had been found, you will need to contact the Hobie Fishing Team directly. You will be provided with photos of the damage to the kayak from Hobie Fishing Team.
    • On the final Tournament Day chargers must be returned during registration in exchange your competitor’s key tag. No charger’s no key tag. No fishing.
    • The Tournament Director/Organiser has the ability to change, amend or delete a rule as necessary. Changes will take place prior to the start of a session and will be announced at the session briefing or prior to the start time of any round or championship. Any changes to the rules made during an event will be written and posted on the official notice board and website.
    • It is the angler’s responsibility to check the notice board for changes.


Amendments will appear here.