Australian Championship Anglers 2018

hobie bream angler adam costa

Adam Costa

angler alex greisdorf

Alex Greisdorf

Just another yakka looking for the GF tittle. Runner up on my home turf in 2017 honing to go one better away in 2019.

hobie bream angler andrew death

Andrew Death

Andrew has been fishing in kayak tournaments for several years.

hobie bream angler andrew shorty hancox

Andrew Hancox

Just love fishing been fishing for 35 years. My Dad took me fishing at a young age chasing snapper and i was hooked, i fished anywhere from creeks to rivers and ocean. Didn’t matter if it was in a drain looking for eels to mullet i just loved fishing. I have owned my PA 14 of 7 year and love it . I love fishing tournaments and all the different water systems up and down the coast, the weekends away and the friendship that i have made. Fishing for ever

hobie bream angler ben harrison

Ben Harrison

I’m a 43 year old angler from Adelaide , South Australia. This is my 9th season in the Hobie kayak series. 9 years of travelling to some of the best fisheries in Australia competing against some of the best anglers in Australia is what keeps driving me to continue with this passion.

I’ve been fishing my whole life and love every minute that I spend on the water.

hobie bream angler ban oakes

Ben Oakes

West Australian. Electrician. Father of three. Enjoys fishing for breams.

hobie bream angler bogdan zisu

Bogdan Zisu

If there’s water, I will fish it. Privileged to have fished for bream on the flats, the deepest oceans, the streams of the Amazon and most things in between.

hobie bream angler brendan pieschel

Brendan Pieschel

hobie bream angler brett crowe

Brett Crowe

Enjoy fishing from a Hobie Pro Angler 14 for 6 Bream over two days, how hard can that be?

hobie bream angler byron hill

Byron Hill

Byron has been fishing in the Hobie Kayak Series since 2014 and enjoys the social and competitive sides of the series. He is a member of the Hunter Water Sports Fishing Pro Staff team and is always available to assists anglers with queries and issues.

Byron has a graduated approach to the sport and has taken his time learning the waterways and patterns. This has seen him steadily improve in AOY standings to finish 15th this year. Byron currently resides in Newcastle.

hobie bream angler carl dubois

Carl Dubois

Based on the south side of Sydney, I’m spoilt for locations to chase bream. Oyster Racks, Mangroves, bridges, flats, weed beds, boats – you name it, it’s close by.

I’ve been entering the Hobie tournaments since they started and it’s enabled me to fish in some wonderful places, meet some amazing people and learn a heap about fishing while having an absolute ball.

Highlights over these last 10 years have been taking out the AOY in 2016 and representing and captaining my country in the China Open tournaments with a bunch of super-talented anglers.

hobie bream angler chris purnell

Chris Purnell

Hobie Kayak, SUP, Eclipse & Sailboat dealer based on the South Coast of NSW.
In truth the passion for fishing came about 15 years ago when I met my wife. From there we now live & breath fishing and in particular HOBIE kayak fishing.


Corey Gallagher

Corey hails from the western districts of Victoria and is actively out on the water every week. He loves targeting Snapper on plastics, Bream and Trevally in the estuaries and Trout in the freshwater lakes of western Victoria.

He has been a regular competitor on the Hobie Kayak Bream Series events since 2014

Corey rose to fame with a stunning win representing Australia and the 2017 China Open. His 2018 season has been quiet, qualifying for the Australian Championships with a 3rd place at the final round of the year at Mallacoota.

hobie bream angler cullen di mattina

Cullen Di Mattina

Cullen is an avid Sydney-based angler who is only just making his way into the Hobie tournament scene after turning 16. Having been bream fishing for the past four years he has entered the tournament scene with some excellent early results. Cullen aims to continue to develop his angling skills over the coming years with his goal to ultimately become a future Angler Of The Year.

hobie bream angler danny jobson

Danny Jobson

My name is Danny Jobson, I’ve been competing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series for 2 seasons now.

I love the format, the comradeship and the competitiveness but most of all I love to learn. These comps are a great way to learn and enhance your skill set.

My home waterway is Lake Macquarie in NSW but I love the challenge of travelling up and down the coast challenging myself by fishing different systems and scenarios. I’m looking forward to the 2018 Championship and the 2019 series ahead.

hobie bream angler david hedge

David Hedge

Dave Hedge from Lake Macquaire NSW. I have been fishing the Hobie kayak series since the beginning and fishing all my life.
I found my passion fishing out of a Hobie kayak in the lakes, rivers and harbours i grew up on.

hobie bream angler david shanahan

David Shanahan

Born in Orbost, up the Snowy river from Marlo. I have been an avid fisherman since my father first introduced me to catching fish for tea to feed my eight siblings.
I have a passion for following fishing around the world and now am excited about chasing Bream around Australia.

hobie bream angler glenn allen

Glenn Allen

From Central Coast NSW. Looking forward to another year following the Hobie rounds. Looking forward to getting out on the water with a great group of people and trying to catch some fish ?

What year did you start fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series?


Tell us about your favourite fishing spot/location and what makes it so special.

So many to choose from! But if it was a Hobie round it would have to be Mallacoota or Port Macquarie because these areas have so many different features to fish from: such as rock walls, snags, and other fish holding structure that I love to fish.

What is your favourite species?

Black Bream and Bass.

hobie bream angler jack gammie

Jack Gammie

I am 21 years of age and have been fishing since I could walk. The lure fishing has only come to me over the past 3 years, learning the techniques, and waterways along the way. I believe that this coming championship will be the best one yet and very much looking forward to it.

hobie bream angler jason reid

Jason Reid

I’ve lived in the Sutherland shire all my life, with the George’s river and the port Hacking river been my local water ways I’ve grownup chasing bream and flathead around the oyster rack in woolaware bay and around the pontoons and sand flats around the port hacking

hobie bream angler jon clisby

Jon Clisby

Jon Clisby has been fishing for as long as he can remember. His early fishing adventures were mostly on family holidays where time was spent fishing from jetties. A move from the coast for work saw him spend countless hours fishing the Murray river. Another work shift back to the coast and a chance meeting with Scott Baker saw an interest in lure fishing develop and an obsession with Bream. His fishing skills have been rewarded with a few highlights the most notable being his inclusion in the Australian team to China in 2017.

hobie bream angler jon chen

Jonathan Chen

I started fishing at a very young age with my parents and grandparents almost every weekend. I have fond memories of being placed in the middle of the wharf holding a rod. Most of my childhood was spent bait fishing at wharfs and rock walls. I first started land base lure fishing on the local lakes and rivers for Golden Perch, Murray Cod and Redfin in the ACT.

In 2008 I entered my first ABT bream kayak fishing comp. Since then I have learnt a great deal of how to catch Bream consistently and I am still learning today. I have been bitten by the fishing comp bug and enjoy being able to share techniques, learn new tricks, talk about general fishing and compete against some of the top Bream and bass anglers. I enjoy the challenge of catching Bream and bass on lures and also just being out on the water and being outdoors.

hobie bream angler josh phillips

Joshua Phillips

I’m a rookie bream angler, having caught my first ever black bream on a lure in April 2017. Through 2017 I spent hundreds of hours on the Swan River to hone my bream angling skills in preparation for a debut tournament angling season in 2018. To my astonishment, I won two events (including the Hobie Kayak Bream Series 10 Swan River), placed second in another, and took out two big bream prizes in my debut 2018 season! I have grown to love bream angling and am thrilled to compete in the Series 10 Australian Championship.

hobie bream angler kevin varty

Kevin Varty

Currently fishing for Compleat Angler Nowra. Started Kayak Bream tournaments in 2012.

My greatest achievements have been a 3rd place at Hobie Fishing World 4 in Amsterdam and also Hobie Fishing World 6 in USA.

angler luke rogan

Luke Rogan


What year did you start fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series?


Tell us about your favourite fishing spot/location and what makes it so special.
My favorite fishing location would have to be Morton Bay. Fishing the flats around all the islands.

What is your favourite species?


hobie bream angler michael walker

Michael Walker

I’m from Moruya on the south coast of nsw. I’m lucky to have some of the best black bream fishing available in the country right at my door step. Fishing in the hobie bream series has been the best thing I’ve done in years I’ve meet a lot of great fisherman and made many friends over the last two years. Life’s better with a hobie 🙂

hobie bream angler mitchell maddison

Mitchell Maddison

Hi everyone. New to the hobie series and can say its a blast to fish all the great events around aus. Now to lose some gear in the racks!

angler paul burton

Paul Burton

What year did you start fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series?


Tell us about your favourite fishing spot/location and what makes it so special.

It’s a little hard for me to get to rivers in Western Australia’s deep south. Come summer time the fish will freely take surface lures all day long. It’s a long drive for me, and some rough tracks, but I guess that’s why the fishing is so good.

What is your favourite species?

Black bream

bream fishing is life….

hobie bream angler paul dunlop

Paul Dunlop

51 yr old plumber from Newcastle nsw competes in bass and bream tournaments.
3rd year competing in hobie series.

hobie bream angler richard benson

Richard Benson

My name is Richard Benson, I love fishing. I qualified to fish on the Australian kayak fishing team to compete in Hobie Fishing Worlds 7 in Sweden. I’m excited to get invited to the 2018 Australian Championship as well.

hobie bream angler richard patterson

Richard Patterson

Have been tournament Bream fishing for around 6 years now In the boat events but have recently made the move to kayak events. Love all styles of break fishing but mainly like fishing plastics around structure. Part of the Pro Lure Australia team and love designing and testing new products.

hobie bream angler richard somerton

Richard Somerton

I am 46 years old and have been fishing in one way or another ever since I could walk!

I grew up in inland Australia chasing some of Australia’s iconic species. Unlike most traditional introductions to fishing I credit my Mum for getting me into fishing and even these days she loves to wet a line with me.

I have lived and worked in most States of Australia and of course a fishing rod has never been far from my hand. In the last 12 years or so l have been fortunate to travel the world and ticking off a number of my fishing ‘Bucket list’ and hope to continue to do so.

Over the last 8 years I have competed in both the Bream and bass kayak series and enjoy the camaraderie, sharing of knowledge and of course the fishing. I’m looking forward to again taking on the Bream that lurk in the racks and haunt the flats of Forster!

hobie bream angler sean hill

Sean Hill

I come from Wollongong on the south coast of NSW and have always been a keen fisho, a couple of years ago I entered my first bream tournament in the kayak and I was hooked. It’s great being able to travel around the country fishing new places, meeting new people and fishing with my mates.

hobie bream angler shane owens

Shane Owens

I’m from Perth, Western Australia and have been competing in bream tournaments for over 10 years. In that time I’ve fished in tournaments across Australia thanks to Hobie’s kayak series and enjoyed a level of success that im satisfied with.

This will be my eighth Hobie championship and after a few top ten finishes in years gone by I hope I can do so again and even better, go all the way in this event.

Prior to my days of tournament fishing I grew up living a lifestyle dominated by outdoor activities from fishing and camping to cricket and football. My dad was a major influence in my early days and I have him to thank for exposing me to this wonderful side of life. Therefore it was little wonder why tournament fishing has me hooked and I certainly can’t wait for this upcoming championship event at Forster.

hobie bream angler steven pryke

Steven Pryke

Fishing is more than just a huge part of his life, it’s his passion and living in Lakes Entrance makes it easy to fulfil that passion. Since his earliest memories his family has been into fishing and from that background Steven’s obsession developed to the point where he started competing in the elite Australian fishing tournaments, the Hobie Kayak Bream Series, ABT bream and Vic Bream in 2014 when he was just 16 years old.

He has been lucky enough to compete at the highest level in Australia and was chosen to represent Australia in the China Open in 2017 and 2018 and hobie world Sweden . He appreciates the great support he has received from Hobie Polarized and Frogleys Offshore, along with his mother and father who supported and encouraged him and given him the drive to reach the levels he has achieved today

hobie bream angler tony pettie

Tony Pettie

I have been fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series since 2010. I have been lucky enough to have several round wins and top 10 finishes. I have been to the Australian Championships 7 times before.

hobie bream angler tyson hayes

Tyson Hayes

As a child I grew up watching AFC and American fishing tournaments on TV. AFC has always been a set goal for myself and unfortunately there’s no easy way getting there.

Making it to the Hobie Australian Championship Bream Grand Final 2 years in a row has put me in a great position to get me up there with those guys.

Unfortunately last year wasn’t my year being new to the state and the black bream put me in a tough position. Hopefully this year the tables will turn being familiar with then species of bream and a small part of the state.

As a boilermaker Monday to Fridays and the weekend at times its defiantly getting harder and harder to find the time to get out. Working at TT lures during my mid to late high school years was a great learning curve and a good structure for starting tournaments as many big names either worked or were sponsored by the company. Much of the knowledge iv gained to this day has been from those guys.

As a Queenslander I’m lucky to live within an hours drive of the Hobie arenas held in the state which has helped see some success. I’d like to see my self fishing interstate Hobie arenas in the near future as there’s always new skill and technique to learn.

hobie bream angler warren cossell

Warren Cossell

I like kayak fishing.

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