What year did you start fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series?


Tell us about your favourite fishing spot/location and what makes it so special.

I love fishing Yamba; as a kid would have family holidays there. So when fishing there it brings back good memories of family holidays witch consisted of fishing day and night, one of my best memories was from fishing around the trawlers at night an getting snapper sized bream.

What is your favourite species?

Bream, because it’s provided a lot of fishos a tournament scene we can all compete in.

Mark is a great fella, he has luscious red hair, responds well to the nick names of, youngy, big red blood nut etc. His a great guy to have around the tournament with his happy go lucky attitude & charm. If you see him about make sure you say g’day.

Hobie H-Crates

The Hobie H-Crate allows anglers to easily orgainse their fishing gear, within easy reach, while expanding the available H-Rail space on their Hobie kayak. Heavy duty adjustable straps allow for quick installation and removal.