From Central Coast NSW. Looking forward to another year following the Hobie rounds. Looking forward to getting out on the water with a great group of people and trying to catch some fish ?

What year did you start fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series?


Tell us about your favourite fishing spot/location and what makes it so special.

So many to choose from! But if it was a Hobie round it would have to be Mallacoota or Port Macquarie because these areas have so many different features to fish from: such as rock walls, snags, and other fish holding structure that I love to fish.

What is your favourite species?

Black Bream and Bass.

Hobie H-Crates

The Hobie H-Crate allows anglers to easily orgainse their fishing gear, within easy reach, while expanding the available H-Rail space on their Hobie kayak. Heavy duty adjustable straps allow for quick installation and removal.