What year did you start fishing in the Hobie Kayak Bream Series?


Tell us about your favourite fishing spot/location and what makes it so special.

My favourite spot would be Bemm River. It has lots of fish and the venue is the right size for me. The gear in the Tackle Store is fantastic and Owner Mark is a nice guy.

What is your favourite species?


I have to confess. When I’m not fishing, I’m thinking about fishing. I started my love of fishing aged 8 in Hong Kong. Back then, I rode my bicycle 30 minutes each day to the nearest freshwater pond chasing Catfish, Tilipia and Carp. My mum would drive me sometimes, as she enjoyed fishing as well. However, she maintains that she went because I wanted to. In those formative years the weapon of choice was the humble old fibreglass rod ($20) and some earthworm I dug up from the garden. I did not catch much, but those formative years had established my life-long passion.

Moving to Melbourne in 1996, and my mindset about fishing took a huge turn, especially towards the use of artificial baits and lures.
Being an university student, money was tight. I worked part-time to save up for my first lure rod, a Daiwa Heartland IM6, 6″6 4-8lb from a local tackle. The store owner even threw in a couple of jig-heads and Berkley 2″ powerbait grubs to boot. My hunting grounds were Docklands and Maribyrnong River.

My mates would outfish me every time using bait and they always enjoyed teasing me about that. However I persisted with the couple of lures I bought. I love the thrill of the chase, the challenge, and I was compelled to crack the pattern.

Years passed. My passion for lure fishing is still growing strong. Along the way I manage to picked up experiences from different forms of fishing as well. From blue-water popping, reef jigging, flyfishing, and my first love bream/trout luring. The more specific a target I chase,the more I understand of the importance of having the right rod for individual situations.

This led me to building my own, I made my first fishing rod 3 years ago. To me, a fishing rod to the angler is synonymous to the sword of a samurai. A rod running a shallow bream minnow should have a different action to a rod running a heavy bream vibe for example. Having the right rod will not only enhance the fishing experience, it also translates to a well balanced rod that helps catching more fish. A balanced rod will help me to cast accurately, and give me the confidence to land the fish with the best power delivery. Selection for the blank, the guides, and seat position are the art of rod crafting. Currently I am active in the ABT Kayak Bass & Bream Tournaments. The right rod will definitely give me a competitive edge.

Hobie H-Crates

The Hobie H-Crate allows anglers to easily orgainse their fishing gear, within easy reach, while expanding the available H-Rail space on their Hobie kayak. Heavy duty adjustable straps allow for quick installation and removal.