Brian Hunt


Brian Hunt from Cronulla beach Sydney NSW. Grown up around fishing & started lure fishing for bream 13 years ago & been a Hobie kayak angler for 11years now. I’ve been doing the Hobie Kayak Bream Series for 5 years. I love targeting all fish in the Estuary but my all time favourite is the […]

Adriano Tosolini

angler_Adriano Tosolini

39 years old, Sydney born, resides in Collaroy in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Representing The Life Aquatic Hobie dealership in Mona Vale. First introduction to fishing was chasing rock blackfish as a kid with my dad on the rock platforms of Port Jackson. Worked as a chef in my late teenage years in some of Sydney’s […]

Gary Hanson

angler_Gary Hanson

I have been fishing for over 50 years. But only fishing the Hobie comps for 5 years. Can only urge anyone that is apprehensive about entering these comps don’t be just have a go. You will meet a great bunch of like minded guys and girls. In doing so you will also have the opportunity […]

James Kilpatrick

angler_James Kilpatrick

James lives at Lake Macquarie in New South Wales. He has always enjoyed fishing but didn’t fish all that often until he caught his first bream on lure in 2012 after purchasing his first Hobie kayak. He fished his first Hobie tournament and fell in love with the travel and mateship that the tournaments provided. […]

Zachary Morozoff


Growing up around the Penrith region Nepean river is where it all started with Australian Bass on wooden divers and topwater lures. As the years went by lure fishing became more fascinating and costly of course. A couple years ago I was privileged enough to get a spot at the best tackle shop in Sydney, […]

Grant Hocking

angler_Grant Hocking

I am a 55 year old Electrician from Warrnambool Victoria. I began fishing when I was about 11yo with my Dad for bream and Mulloway in the Hopkins and Glenelg Rivers. I have been fishing the Hobie Kayak Bream Series for approx 7yrs. My best result so far was the Marlo round in December 2019 […]

Francis Di Mattina

angler_Francis Di Mattina

After just two years fishing on the Hobie circuit, Francis, a member of the Hunter Water Sports team, is thrilled to have received an invitation to the Australian Championship. The support from James Kilpatrick, and the camaraderie within the Hunter Water Sports team, have been a highlight over the last two years. His passion for […]

Peter DeGroot

angler_Peter DeGroot

I have been fishing for over 30 years now, what started out as something I did with my dad at the age of about 7 I then went on to joining fishing clubs and trialing lure fishing for flathead which then went onto bream and mulloway. Approximately 12 years I entered the tournament scene with […]

Chris Miller

angler_Chris Miller

Chenny stole my intro so I really don’t know how to start ill keep it as short and sweet as possible. Crafty here this was my first season competing in the Hobie series I ended up attending 9 events in 5 states travelling as far as w.a and was very humbled to receive an invite […]

Stuart Walker

angler_Stuart Walker

Am only very new to the kayak scene but have been fishing the ABT as a non boater for the last 6 years and have picked up a few pointers. Will be taking this peddle powered fishing one step at a time. Was very happy to find out that I had gained entry to the […]

Ian Abercromby

angler_Ian Abercromby

I started fishing competitions in Wester nAustralia a number of years ago with the support of the crew from Getaway Outdoors Kelmscott. I have had a fantastic time however I have often struggled to catch initially any fish then sifting through for the big one. There have been many days with the dreaded doughnut. This […]

Jarred Fancett

angler_Jarred Fancett

Hi I am jarred Fancett 23 years old I’ve been fishing since I was 10 but started off chasing big game fish where I was doing comps up and down the coast from Sydney to Coffs Harbour after my family having to sell the boat I looked at getting my a hobie kayak started off […]

Rhett Gill

angler_Rhett Gill

I’m 40 and from Adelaide, South Australia. I started fishing for bream on lures in the mid 90’s when Starlo and Bushy were on tv doing their shows. I took a big interest in the artificial side of breaming and got addicted. I fished my first Hobie comp in 2011 at West Lakes in South […]

Darren Weda

angler_Darren Weda

A self confessed fishing addict, happily targeting any species that will eat a lure in the salt or fresh, not just bream. Bream are definitely one of my favourite lure fishing targets though. They present plenty of challenges throughout the year, and will test any angler out on certain days, having this uncanny ability to […]

Dale Baxter

angler_Dale Baxter

Dale is a Melbourne based angler who loves chasing bream on lures. He is a 45yr old Family man and a regular competitor on the Hobie bream circuit since his first event in 2012 at Marlo in Victoria. Dale loves the challenge that bream and the Hobie tournament series offer, the fantastic destinations that the […]

Kobi Rothall

angler_Kobi Rothall

my name is kobi rothall, I’m from mount gambier south east south Australia I’m 18 years of age. I started lure fishing from bream 4 years ago and on the banks of the glenelg river south west Victoria one year after that I entered my first tournament series the Victorian bream classic with a mate […]

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