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Daiwa Round 1: Bemm River, Victoria.January 11, 2016

Qualifying Round For The 6th Hobie Fishing World Championship.

Final Results

1Chris LyonsVicO32.8532.6365.48$2990.00
2Kevin VartyNSWO32.9032.3565.25$1560.00
3Paul MalovVicO32.7432.4265.16$1010.00
4Mark CribbesVicO32.8032.3565.15$470.00
5Nick MaceVicO32.4432.6865.12$390.00
6James RoganNSWO32.5432.5665.10$350.00
7Stewart DunnNSWO32.7232.2664.98$310.00
8Jason MeechNSWO32.2332.7264.95$270.00
9Dylan HennessVicO32.1932.6764.86$230.00
10Joel CrosbieVicO32.4932.3764.86$190.00
11Glenn AllenNSWO32.3632.4964.85
12Aaron WilliamsVicO31.9032.9464.84
13Tony PettieVicO32.7032.0864.78
14Jonathan ChenACTO32.3032.4564.75
15Mitch KingVicO32.5032.2364.73
16Bogdan ZisuVicO32.4732.2664.73
17Derek HamerNSWO32.0632.5964.65
18Bruce RollinsVicO32.1932.4464.63
18Clark WilsonVicO32.4432.1964.63
20Jason DeenenVicO32.0932.5264.61
21Mark YoungNSWO32.3932.2264.61
22Chris BurbidgeVicO32.1932.3464.53
23Nathan PreziosoVicY32.2232.3064.52
24Corey GallagherVicO32.4432.0564.49
25Paul DavidsonVicO32.4931.9864.47
26Scott CarmodyNSWO32.4232.0264.44
27Warren AllenNSWO32.5331.9064.43
28Ronnie SonterNSWO32.1532.2564.40
29Tony CurwenVicM32.8131.5464.35
30Steven PrykeVicY32.4031.9564.35
31Gary HansonVicM32.2132.1364.34
32Michelle CarmodyNSWW31.9232.3864.30
33Richard SomertonVicO32.0132.2664.27
34Neil CarstairsVicO32.2132.0664.27
35Rich DaviesVicO33.1221.1054.22
36Simon MorleyNSWO32.5231.6964.21
37David AytonVicO31.9432.2564.19
38Dean GambleVicO32.0632.1164.17
39Dale BaxterVicO32.2731.8764.14
40Andrew HancoxNSWO32.3431.7864.12
41Carl DuboisNSWO32.3831.7264.10
42Tracey WrightNSWW32.4431.6364.07
43Ben HarrisonSAO32.1731.8864.05
44Andrew DeathNSWO32.3431.6964.03
45Michelle GambleVicW31.4432.5864.02
46Jim BarrieNSWO32.3331.6964.02
47Darren WedaVicFTC31.9132.0964.00
48David ShanahanVicO32.3831.6163.99
49Ka Ching ChungVICO32.1331.8563.98
50Dan WalterNSWO32.0831.8663.94
51Josh CarpenterNSWO32.1831.7263.90
52David HedgeNSWO31.8032.0963.89
53Jayden DihoodVicY31.8132.0663.87
54David MorrisVicM31.9731.8863.85
55Patrick WilsonACTO32.4331.4063.83
56Chesney FungVicO31.6732.1063.77
57Byron HillNSWO31.6032.1663.76
58Alan OsborneVicGM20.8332.9253.75
59Jason LambertNSWO31.7132.0263.73
60Jon ClisbyVicO31.6632.0663.72
61Vicki LearNSWW31.7431.9463.68
62Jordan TrustyVicO31.9531.7163.66
63Michael ShawNSWO31.8731.7763.64
64Tim GolbyVicO32.2121.3353.54
65Will DavisNSWO32.4121.0353.44
66Darryl HeadNSWO31.4431.9763.41
67Jeremy ThomasNSWO31.7031.6163.31
68John WhelanNSWGM31.9821.3153.29
69Rhett GillSAO31.8531.4363.28
70Jason ChildsNSWO31.4231.8263.24
71Brian RutledgeNSWGM31.7231.4963.21
72Chris SeetoNSWO31.6131.6063.21
73Andre DukinoNSWO31.5631.5863.14
74Brian HuntNSWO32.1220.9953.11
75Jack MorrisVicO32.4710.6043.07
76Peter GardiakosVicO31.5031.5363.03
77Marcus MccormickVicO21.0431.9552.99
78Ralph ErikssonNSWO31.4231.4862.90
79Alex WhiteheadSAO31.4321.4052.83
80Douglas EvansVicO32.2010.6042.80
81Tom McbrideACTFTC31.8320.9752.80
82Geoff AlfordACTO10.9231.8342.75
83Scott BrownleesVicO10.8631.8242.68
84Shane TaylorNSWO31.9010.7142.61
85Chriss AposVicO21.1831.3752.55
86Scott MarcinkowskiNSWO21.3521.0042.35
87Cristie BensonNSWFTC20.8831.4252.30
88Amy BarrieNSWW31.6010.6042.20
89Peter WhelanVicO20.9121.2342.14
90Tameika PurnellNSWW10.4631.5642.02
91Jason ReidNSWO31.5510.4742.02
92Peter WoodsNSWO00.0032.0132.01
93Eric WoodNSWO32.000032.00
94Shannon HushNSWO31.970031.97
95Bruce WatersonVicO31.890031.89
96Riley HoodVicY31.880031.88
97Craig WallaceNSWO10.4631.3841.84
98Matt PetrieVicO00.0031.7531.75
99Paul HardimanACTO31.740031.74
100Ben PhayerVicO21.170021.17
101Andrew FennellyVicO21.100021.10
102Christopher PurnellNSWO21.030021.03
103Steve ThomasVicO21.010021.01
104Scott LovigVicO00.000000
104Lex ForbesVicM00.000000
Hogs Breath Cafe Boss Hog Big Bream
1.24kgPaul Malov & Aaron Williams & Michelle Gamble33.33
Mortgage Corp Monster Mover
2.09kgAlan Osborne
  • Total Fish: 548
  • Day One: 285
  • Day Two: 263
  • Total Weight: 372.55
  • Day One: 198.14
  • Day Two: 174.41

Final Division Results

Grand Masters
1Alan OsborneVicGM20.8332.9253.75
2John WhelanNSWGM31.9821.3153.29
3Brian RutledgeNSWGM31.7231.4963.21
1Tony CurwenVicM32.8131.5464.35
2Gary HansonVicM32.2132.1364.34
3David MorrisVicM31.9731.8863.85
4Lex ForbesVicM000000
1Michelle CarmodyNSWW31.9232.3864.30
2Tracey WrightNSWW32.4431.6364.07
3Michelle GambleVicW31.4432.5864.02
4Vicki LearNSWW31.7431.9463.68
5Cristie BensonNSWW20.8831.4252.30
6Amy BarrieNSWW31.6010.6042.20
7Tameika PurnellNSWW10.4631.5642.02
1Nathan PreziosoVicY32.2232.3064.52
2Steven PrykeVicY32.4031.9564.35
3Jayden DihoodVicY31.8132.0663.87
4Riley HoodVicY31.880031.88

Results Day 1

1Rich DaviesVICO33.12
2Kevin VartyNSWO32.9
3Chris LyonsVICO32.85
4Tony CurwenVICM32.81
5Mark CribbesVICO32.8
6Paul MalovVICO32.74
7Stewart DunnNSWO32.72
8Tony PettieVICO32.7
9James RoganNSWO32.54
10Warren AllenNSWO32.53
11Simon MorleyNSWO32.52
12Mitch KingVICO32.5
13Joel CrosbieVICO32.49
13Paul DavidsonVICO32.49
15Bogdan ZisuVICO32.47
15Jack MorrisVICO32.47
17Corey GallagherVICO32.44
17Nick MaceVICO32.44
17Clark WilsonVICO32.44
17Tracey WrightNSWW32.44
21Patrick WilsonACTO32.43
22Scott CarmodyNSWO32.42
23Will DavisNSWO32.41
24Steven PrykeVICY32.4
25Mark YoungNSWO32.39
26Carl DuboisNSWO32.38
26David ShanahanVICO32.38
28Glenn AllenNSWO32.36
29Andrew HancoxNSWO32.34
29Andrew DeathNSWO32.34
31Jim BarrieNSWO32.33
32Jonathan ChenACTO32.3
33Dale BaxterVICO32.27
34Jason MeechNSWO32.23
35Nathan PreziosoVICY32.22
36Gary HansonVICM32.21
36Tim GolbyVICO32.21
36Neil CarstairsVICO32.21
39Douglas EvansVICO32.2
40Bruce RollinsVICO32.19
40Chris BurbidgeVICO32.19
40Dylan HennessVICO32.19
43Josh CarpenterNSWO32.18
44Ben HarrisonSAO32.17
45Ronnie SonterNSWO32.15
46Ka Ching ChungVICO32.13
47Brian HuntNSWO32.12
48Jason DeenenVICO32.09
49Dan WalterNSWO32.08
50Derek HamerNSWO32.06
50Dean GambleVICO32.06
52Richard SomertonVICO32.01
53Eric WoodNSWO32
54John WhelanNSWGM31.98
55David MorrisVICM31.97
55Shannon HushNSWO31.97
57Jordan TrustyVICO31.95
58David AytonVICO31.94
59Michelle CarmodyNSWW31.92
60Darren WedaVICFTC31.91
61Shane TaylorNSWO31.9
61Aaron WilliamsVICO31.9
63Bruce WatersonVICO31.89
64Riley HoodVICY31.88
65Michael ShawNSWO31.87
66Rhett GillSAO31.85
67Tom McbrideACTFTC31.83
68Jayden DihoodVICY31.81
69David HedgeNSWO31.8
70Paul HardimanACTO31.74
70Vicki LearNSWW31.74
72Brian RutledgeNSWGM31.72
73Jason LambertNSWO31.71
74Jeremy ThomasNSWO31.7
75Chesney FungVICO31.67
76Jon ClisbyVICO31.66
77Chris SeetoNSWO31.61
78Amy BarrieNSWW31.6
78Byron HillNSWO31.6
80Andre DukinoNSWO31.56
81Jason ReidNSWO31.55
82Peter GardiakosVICO31.5
83Darryl HeadNSWO31.44
83Michelle GambleVICW31.44
85Alex WhiteheadSAO31.43
86Jason ChildsNSWO31.42
86Ralph ErikssonNSWO31.42
88Scott MarcinkowskiNSWO21.35
89Chriss AposVICO21.18
90Ben PhayerVICO21.17
91Andrew FennellyVICO21.1
92Marcus MccormickVICO21.04
93Christopher PurnellNSWO21.03
94Steve ThomasVICO21.01
95Geoff AlfordACTO10.92
96Peter WhelanVICO20.91
97Cristie BensonNSWFTC20.88
98Scott BrownleesVICO10.86
99Alan OsborneVICGM20.83
100Craig WallaceNSWO10.46
100Tameika PurnellNSWW10.46
102Scott LovigVICO
102Matt PetrieVICO
102Peter WoodsNSWO
102Lex ForbesVICM
Total Fish285
Total Weight198.14

Division Results Day 1

Open PlDivision PlAnglerStateDivF1W1
601Darren WedaVICFTC31.91
672Tom McbrideACTFTC31.83
973Cristie BensonNSWFTC20.88
541John WhelanNSWGM31.98
722Brian RutledgeNSWGM31.72
993Alan OsborneVICGM20.83
41Tony CurwenVICM32.81
362Gary HansonVICM32.21
553David MorrisVICM31.97
1024Lex ForbesVICM
171Tracey WrightNSWW32.44
592Michelle CarmodyNSWW31.92
703Vicki LearNSWW31.74
784Amy BarrieNSWW31.6
835Michelle GambleVICW31.44
976Cristie BensonNSWW20.88
1007Tameika PurnellNSWW10.46
241Steven PrykeVICY32.4
352Nathan PreziosoVICY32.22
643Riley HoodVICY31.88
684Jayden DihoodVICY31.81
Total Fish53
Total Weight34.05

2016 Hobie® Kayak Bream Series. Daiwa Round 1: Bemm River, Victoria


In an epic start to the 2016 Hobie Fishing calendar, and the first of 5 qualifying tournaments for the 6th Hobie Fishing World Championships, 105 anglers descended on the tiny bream fishing mecca of Bemm River in East Gippsland, Victoria.

A favourite on the Hobie Fishing circuit, Bemm River always delivers the goods and once again did not disappoint. The tournament fell on the right moon with the mouth of the inlet which had been open for the past 7 months, finally closed just days prior to the competition. With the inlet mouth closed and water levels up, scattered cloud cover and reasonable wind conditions through most of the round, Bemm showed little sign of pressuring up under the weight of 105 Anglers.

Full bags were commonplace with 85% of the field returning to the weigh-in with three bream on both days of the tournament. Weights were impressive with the top 20 all weighing in 5kg and above over the two days.

A consistent performance from Chris Lyons from Rosanna in Victoria took him to the top of the leader board on the final day, moving up from third place and adding 2.6kg to his day one result for a total of 6 bream weighing in at 5.8kg.

Chris was followed Kevin Varty from Nowra in New South Wales, who held on to his day one 2nd position with 6 for 5.25kg. Paul Malov from Bentleigh Victoria rounded out the podium placings with 6 for 5.16kg.

Total Bream Caught: 548

Day One: 285

Day Two: 263

Total Weight: 372.55kg

Day One: 198.14kg

Day Two: 174.41kg


Chris Lyons from Rosanna in Victoria roared to the top of the leader board on day two to take out the first round of the series and grab the lion’s share of points in the chase for a place on the team to represent Australia in the 2016 Hobie Fishing World Championship.

Strategies Day One: “I pre-fished Bemm on Friday to find spots that were holding fish and ended up at Mahoganies.

Where did you fish? “I headed straight back up to the entrance where I had located all of the fish the day before. I found the fish still there, and I worked a 100m stretch of bank and by 8am I had a 42cm and a 40cm. I kept working the edge and the flats in the same 100m area where there were plenty of fish in the low 30cm range. Everyone else who had been in the same location seemed to have left the area and moved down to the inlet opens in the estuary and were working the centre of the channel with vibes. There were plenty of boats in the area watching what we were doing. I kept working the edges and pulled in a 37cm on a Deep Diver Spike prawn pattern. I had my bag for the first session.

How were you feeling going into Day 2: “I have done 7 tournaments now and three at Bemm, I had a good bag on the board and knew it was really hard to come up with two big bags back to back. I was feeling really relaxed in the morning as I hadn’t really expected to do that well, and with the quality of the top 15 anglers with Paul Malov, Joel Crosbie and the like chasing me with just 400g separating us, it was anyone’s game. I was pretty happy with what I had already done but I was still hoping for fish”.

Strategies Day Two: “I went straight back to the front from the starting line to find 3 tinnies, who had been watching me catch the fish the day before, already sitting there lined up in the spot I had worked the day before. I went around them and on my second cast I hooked a 41cm Black Bream. Then the boats moved off the bank to follow another competitor when they saw him catching fish on vibes in the centre. I then moved back into my favoured spot but found nothing, so I moved right up to the front where the water washes over the bank (it wasn’t at the time) there were “yellows” and “blacks” up there and I got a 35 and a 38 and that was my bag for the day”.

Winning Ways: “Probably working that 100m stretch of bank and throwing into the edges and flats and not into the middle of the channel”.

Do you have a comment on the venue? “I really like Bemm. I would have to say that Bemm River and Marlo are my two favourite spots for catching bream”.

What are your thoughts on a worlds campaign, now you have made such a great start? : “I work for myself and it is really difficult to find the time to compete. I wasn’t going to try and notch up 3 world’s qualifiers before, but now that I’m leading with maximum points, I might have to try to find the time to head to Mallacoota and hopefully Forster”.

Lyons took home a huge prize payout of $2990 and over $400 in sponsor prizes.


Lure: Lucky Craft Flash Minnow Chartreuse Shad

Leader: 3lb Sunline Sniper FC

Rod: Daiwa Infeet

Reel: Daiwa Steez 2004


2014 Hobie Fishing World’s 3rd place getter, Kevin Varty from Nowra in New South Wales came into the round with low expectations not having fished Bemm River before.

“I normally like to fish deep and it was just really shallow. I headed up to the entrance and started throwing plastics in about 10-12 foot of water. When they started biting and I started landing them my first impressions changed”.

When asked if he was going to make run at qualifying for the worlds Varty replied,

“I’m just going to try and fish as many worlds qualifying rounds as possible this year and see what happens”.

Varty took home a $1560 cheque and over $300 in sponsor prizes.


Rod: Daiwa Drunken Monkey & Daiwa Itchy Twitchy

Reel: Shimano Stradic 1000

Lure: ZMan GrubZ in various Colours


Hobie has introduced divisions as an exciting way to encourage new anglers to try their hand at tournament kayak fishing. All anglers compete in the general category but there are also Youth (16-21), Women’s, Masters (60-64) and Grand Masters (65+) divisions which provide another layer of incentive to anglers.

Nathan Prezioso from Victoria took out the Youth Division with 6 for 4.52kg fighting off a strong performance from fellow Victorian Steven Pryke on 4.35kg. Prezioso went into day two trailing Pryke by 180g but his solid bag on day two allowed him to come from behind to give him a 170g lead and take home the inaugural Youth Division competition.

Michelle Carmody from New South Wales picked up the Women’s category with 6 for 4.3kg in an encouraging field of seven female competitors. Tracey Wright from NSW was leading the Womens Division on day one with a 2.44 bag, that had her in 17 position overall in the 105 angler field. Carmody sitting in 59th overall and 3rd in the Womens Division started strongly on the second day with early catches and bagged out on the way home to snatch the top female prize from Wright in the last half hour of competition.

In the tightest finish of the weekend Masters Division winner Tony Curwen from Victoria scooped the top spot with 6 for 4.35 nudging out Gary Hanson by just 10g. Curwen was leading on day one with 2.81kg to Hanson’s 2.21kg but just managed to hold out the strong 2.13kg day two bag of Hanson with his 1.54kg prize winning bag.

The Grand Masters Division was tight across the board with Allan Osborne from Victoria taking the top place in the category with 5 for 3.75 as well as picking up the Mortgage Corp Monster Mover for the most improved over the two days. 540g separated top to bottom over two days of tight competition. Osborne brought home a small bag of .83kg on day one and sat at the bottom of the division but he smashed it on the second day with 2.92kg and took home over $500 in prizes.


There was an amazing finish to the Hog’s Breath Café Boss Hog Big Bream competition with Aaron Williams (Vic), Michelle Gamble (Vic) and Paul Malov (Vic) all bagging bream weighing in at 1.24kg. Williams hooked his on a Flash J Grub 3.1” on a Decoy Violence 31F Jighead, Gamble caught hers on a ZMan GrubZ in Motor Oil on a Jig Pro Jighead and Malov also enticed his big bream on a ZMan GrubZ in Motor Oil.

Full results can be seen online at:




On the opening morning of the Hobie Kayak Bream season, a record field of 105 anglers pedalled off from the Power-Pole starting line in calm conditions at the iconic bream fishery of Bemm River in, East Gippsland, Victoria.

Bemm turned on the charm for this massive field and fishing throughout the day was excellent with over 80% of anglers returning to weigh-in with full bags of 3 bream. The fish were on the bite and hitting hard early in the session with many competitors looking for upgrades by 8:30am.

At the close of Day one, Rich Davies from Victoria is in first place with a full bag of 3 Bream for 3.12kg followed by Kevin Varty from New South Wales with 3 Bream weighing 2.9kg and Chris Lyons from Victoria is currently sitting in third with 3 for 2.85kg.

This year Hobie has introduced divisions into the mix as an exciting way to encourage new anglers to try their hand at tournament kayak fishing. All anglers compete in the open division as usual but there are now also Youth (16-21), Women’s, Masters (60-64) and Grand Masters(65+) divisions which should definitely keep things interesting at weigh-in.

Leading the Youth division is Steven Pryke from Victoria weighing 3 for 2.4kg, Tracey Wright is currently leading the Women’s with 3 for 2.44kg, Masters is held by Tony Curwin from Victoria with 3 for 2.81kg and Finally Grand Masters is lead by John Whelan from New South Wales with 3 for 1.98.

Paul Malov is currently leading the Hog’s Breath Café Boss Hog Big Bream with his bag kicker tipping the scales to 1.24kg.

Weigh in today was split to accommodate the large field. Half the field returned to the Daiwa event site at 2:30pm and the other half at 3:00pm. Tomorrow the order will be reversed to ensure that everyone has the same amount of time on the water.

At the close of day one 285 bream were brought to the scales with a combined weight 198.14kg before being returned to the waterway to fight another day.

With the final session of the event to be completed tomorrow we are in for another excellent day on the water.

Bemm River is a buzz!

The massive 2016 season of the Hobie Kayak Bream Series presented by Daiwa is set to kick off in a record breaking fashion.

With the Pre-Fish ban ending at 12am this morning, a good number of anglers took advantage of the opportunity to head out on Sydenham Inlet today. Most dropped a line, but not wanting to over work the tournament arena for themselves and others, they took it easy travelling a fair distance and sounding out potential locations and lure combinations for the opening of the 2016 series tomorrow.

Today’s wind was less than predicted, barely blowing early but it blew up to a consistent 15kmh from the ESE around the middle of the day. It is expected to drop off again overnight. With the mouth of the inlet closed the water level is fairly high, certainly well above the levels of last season’s Bemm River round and higher than it has been over the previous weeks when the mouth was open.

With a record field of 104 plus anglers lining up for the first Hobie Fishing World Championship qualifying round, Bemm is starting to buzz with anticipation as more and more anglers roll into the tiny township, in the East Gippsland region of Victoria.

A encouraging endorsement of the series it that the most female competitors ever to compete in a Hobie Bream Series tournament since it’s inception in 2009 are included in those impressive numbers of participants.

Temperature’s tomorrow should hover in the low twenties with a little scattered cloud cover and hopefully a bit of breeze to throw some cover across the water surface.

With the exciting start set to be streamed live, it should be worthwhile logging on to to check out the action as things get started.

 First NameLast NameState / TerritoryDivisions
4BenHarrisonSouth AustraliaOpen
5AmyBarrieNew South WalesWomen
6ChristopherPurnellNew South WalesOpen
7DarrylHeadNew South WalesOpen
8SimonMorleyNew South WalesOpen
10GlennAllenNew South WalesOpen
12DerekHamerNew South WalesOpen
14TraceyWrightNew South WalesWomen
15MarkYoungNew South WalesOpen
18RhettGillSouth AustraliaOpen
19AlanOsborneVictoriaGrand Masters
21JasonReidNew South WalesOpen
23RonnieSonterNew South WalesOpen
24WarrenAllenNew South WalesOpen
26CarlDuboisNew South WalesOpen
27AndrewHancoxNew South WalesOpen
30JohnWhelanNew South WalesGrand Masters
32AlexWhiteheadSouth AustraliaOpen
44VickiLearNew South WalesWomen
45JasonLambertNew South WalesOpen
47DavidHedgeNew South WalesOpen
49AndreDukinoNew South WalesOpen
50JeremyThomasNew South WalesOpen
51JasonChildsNew South WalesOpen
54DanWalterNew South WalesOpen
55StewartDunnNew South WalesOpen
57Ka ChingChungVictoriaOpen
58RalphErikssonNew South WalesOpen
59JamesRoganNew South WalesOpen
First Time Entry
61JimBarrieNew South WalesOpen
62ShaneTaylorNew South WalesOpen
63BrianRutledgeNew South WalesGrand Masters
64ByronHillNew South WalesOpen
69JoshCarpenterNew South WalesOpen
73CristieBensonNew South WalesWomen
First Time Entry
78ScottCarmodyNew South WalesOpen
79ScottMarcinkowskiNew South WalesOpen
80MichelleCarmodyNew South WalesWomen
83AndrewDeathNew South WalesOpen
86TameikaPurnellNew South WalesWomen
88KevinVartyNew South WalesOpen
First Time Entry
90JasonMeechNew South WalesOpen
91ShannonHushNew South WalesOpen
95MichaelShawNew South WalesOpen
96ChrisSeetoNew South WalesOpen
98EricWoodNew South WalesOpen
99WillDavisNew South WalesOpen
103CraigWallaceNew South WalesOpen
104PeterWoodsNew South WalesOpen
Grand Masters3
First Time Entry3
Event Dates
6th – 7th February.
No Fishing
Monday 25th January up to and including Thursday 4th February.
Pre-fish Day
Pre-fishing will be allowed on Friday 5th February.
Session Times
7:00am – 2:30pm
Registration Times
6:00am till 6:30am
Registration Location
Bemm River foreshore, Sydenham Parade, Bemm River.
Briefing Times
Briefing Location
Bemm River foreshore, Sydenham Parade, Bemm River.
Launch Location
Bemm River foreshore, Sydenham Parade, Bemm River.
Weigh In Site
Bemm River foreshore, Sydenham Parade, Bemm River.
No Go Zone
Crossing of the bar at Sydenham Inlet.
Dealer Support
Hobie Cat Australasia
Youth (16 – under 21yrs) – Youth competitors must be 16 years of age (as at the date of the event) and under 21 years of age on 31 December 2016.
Masters (60 – 64yrs) – the age is to be determined as at 31 December 2016
Grand Masters (65 and over) – the age is to be determined as at 31 December 2016.
More Information
Contact Us
Purchase your Victorian recreational fishing licence online
Fishing Rules

Anglers will hit the monster Black Bream of Bemm River with an absolutely, huge Bang! Let’s crack the ton for the first time. And with that, there’d be some big bucks in that prize pool. In 2016 Bemm River will also be the first in a series of five Qualifying Rounds for the 6th Hobie Fishing World Championship..

Youth (16 – under 21yrs)
Masters (60 – 64yrs)
Grand Masters (65 and over)