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JML Anglers Alliance Round 6. Clyde River, NSW.April 8, 2017

April 30, 2017. Clyde River, New South Wales.

JML Anglers Alliance Round 6 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9 sees the Hobie Road Show head to Batemans Bay for an epic ‘One Dayer’ on the Clyde River!


1Mark CromptonNSWO42.49$590.00 Plus sponsor prize pack
2Andrew DeathNSWO42.45$350.00 Plus sponsor prize pack
3Richard SomertonVICO42.42$210.00 Plus sponsor prize pack
4Josh KlimasNSWO42.32$140.00 Plus sponsor prize pack
4Jack GammieNSWY42.32$140.00 Plus sponsor prize pack
6Corey GallagherVICO42.26Sponsor prize pack
7Craig CoughlanNSWO42.06Sponsor prize pack
8Mark YoungNSWO41.9Sponsor prize pack
9Carl DuboisNSWO41.76Sponsor prize pack
9Richard BensonNSWO41.76Sponsor prize pack
11Matt PetrieVICO41.69
12Kane TerryNSWO31.57
13Kevin BoeseNSWO41.56
14Arthur AmiesNSWO31.37
15Jonathan ChenACTO31.34
16Glenn AllenNSWO31.23
17Tim OlsenACTO21.21
18Darren WedaVICO21.05
19Paul DavidsonVICO11.00
20Danny JobsonNSWO20.88
Michael WalkerNSWO20.84
21Jason ReidNSWO20.84
23David HedgeNSWO10.82
24Matt JorgensenNSWO10.79
25Tom McBrideACTO10.71
26Simon MorleyNSWO10.66
27Jason DeenenVICO10.58
28Scott MarcinkowskiNSWO10.52
29Mitch KingVICO10.45
29Cameron StarrNSWO10.45
Leah KeelNSWW10.36
32Lex CourtNSWM10.3
33Paul HardimanACTO
34Geoff AlfordACTO
35Shane HahesyNSWO
36Phillip HamiltonNSWO
37Andrew MaloneyACTO
38Gordon GammieNSWO
39Doug BakerNSWO
40Lex ForbesVICM
Atomic Big Bream $100.00
Paul DavidsonVIC1.00
Mortgage Corp Monster Mover
Andrew MaloneyACT
Division Winners
Youth Division
Jack GammieNSWY42.32
Womens Division
Leah KeelNSWW10.36
Masters Division
Lex CourtNSWM10.3

Final Report

40 anglers from Victoria, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory headed to Bateman’s Bay and the Clyde River systems on the South Coast of NSW to compete in JML Anglers Alliance Round 6 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9, in this one day event on April on April 30.

The Pre-Fish Day, saw anglers hit the water in search of a plan for Sunday’s competition. Many anglers were reporting good size bream in good numbers even though conditions were testing at times.

The Power Pole start was held just to the east of the Bateman’s Bay bridge in idyllic conditions with a slight run-out tide. The wind forecast was spot on with a light westerly before the light northeast sea breeze filled in just after midday. Angler enjoyed the incoming tide to assist in getting to the back of the waterway before the outgoing tide later in the day helped with the trip back for weigh in. For Autumn fishing, you could not have had a better day!

Anglers were chasing a bag limit of 4 bream with a minimum length of 26cm to the tip. A quarter of the field returned to the scales with full bags and 32 of the 40 anglers returned fish to the weigh-master. In total 81 bream were caught weighing a total weight of just over 41 kilos during the one day session.

It was Mark Crompton from NSW who took the day with 4 Bream for 2.49kg and picked up a $590.00 cheque Plus sponsor prize pack. Crompton was followed by Andrew Death(NSW) with 4 Bream for 2.45kg and Richard Somerton(VIC) with 4 for 2.42kg.


Mark Crompton from Sydney NSW, took out his first tournament win in the Hobie kayak series for 2017.  After a, less than ideal start to the weekend Crompton pulled together a plan that would see him to victory.

“The Pre-Fish Day on Saturday was so-so, by leaving some essential gear at home, namely the seat for the kayak! Never the less, I found fish and started putting together a game plan for Sunday.

“Right off the start I headed for the bridge pylons which were less than 100 meters from the start line. I took off slow to see what everyone was doing and most of the anglers passed them by.  I threw some Cranka crabs at the pylons and managed to get my bag before the tide started to turn. Crabs are a perfect bait for that system as they’re the staple diet for probably 90% of the fish there.

“The rest of the day, I fished the oyster racks as well as a few deep holes that have hard rocky bottom. I didn’t have a big bag however felt I could at least finish in the top 10”.

Winning Tackle

  • Lures: Cranka crabs in brown and olive.
  • Rod: Zentetsu silver wolf rod.
  • Reel: Daiwa Freams z 2500 reel.
  • Line: Daiwa Tournament EVO 8 Braid 6lb.
  • Lure: Cranka Crank in Olive and Brown.
  • Kayak Used: 2017 Hobie Pro Anger 12 – Camo.

Winning Ways

“I just followed my golden rule. Fish where everybody else isn’t fishing.”


I have fished the river system a few times and I really l like what the Clyde system has on offer however the system was fishing tough and I only had 1 bream, 26.5 tip by 12 pm and as the tide pushed in with water over the racks I managed get my bag of 4 bream by 1:00pm then, I picked up a couple of upgrades by 1:30 before heading back. Part of the success for me was using a GLADIATOR Bingo hard body lure.

Tackle Used

  • Rod: Edge Rods.
  • Reel: Daiwa Luvias.
  • Line: Gosen 14 lb. casting.
  • Lure: GLADIATOR Bingo.


Paul Davidson from Bairnsdale, Victoria, took out the Atomic Big Bream $100 cash price. It was the first time I have used a Cranka crab and it netted me the Atomic price!

Mortgage Corp Monster Mover

Andrew Maloney from the ACT picked up the Mortgage Corp Monster Mover Prize and took home a Mortgage Corp battery pack  for his efforts.

Division Winners

  • Youth Division     
    Jack Gammie
  • Women’s Division     
    Leah Keel
  • Masters Division    
    Lex Court

Special Thanks

JML Anglers Alliance Round 6 of Hobie Kayak Bream Series 9 could not have gone ahead without our generous sponsors, Daiwa Australia, Berkley, Atomic, Lowrance, Rhino-Rack, Strike Pro, TT Lures, JML Anglers Alliance, Power-Pole, Mortgage Corp,Pro Lure, Hobie Polarized and ABT.

Entry List

1Phillip HamiltonNSWOpen
2Michael WalkerNSWOpen
3Geoff AlfordACTOpenView Profile
4Mark YoungNSWOpenView Profile
5Matt JorgensenNSWOpen
6Lex CourtNSWOpenMastersView Profile
7Paul DavidsonVICOpenView Profile
8Paul HardimanACTOpen
9Tim OlsenACTOpen
10Jonathan ChenACTOpenView Profile
11Shane HahesyNSWOpen
12Arthur AmiesNSWOpen
13Leah KeelNSWOpenWomens
14Carl DuboisNSWOpenView Profile
15Andrew MoloneyACTOpen
16Jason ReidNSWOpenView Profile
17Darren WedaVICOpen
18Corey GallagherVICOpenView Profile
19Jack GammieNSWOpenYouth
20Gordon GammieNSWOpenView Profile
21Josh KlimasNSWOpenView Profile
22Glenn AllenNSWOpenView Profile
23Kevin BoeseNSWOpen
24David HedgeNSWOpenView Profile
25Cameron StarrNSWOpen
26Danny JobsonNSWOpen
27Jason DeenenVICOpenView Profile
28Scott MarcinkowskiNSWOpenView Profile
29Richard SomertonVICOpenView Profile
30Richard BensonNSWOpen
31Matt PetrieVICOpenView Profile
32Mitch KingVICOpenView Profile
33Simon MorleyNSWOpenView Profile
34Tom McBrideACTOpenView Profile
35Mark CromptonNSWOpenView Profile
36Andrew DeathNSWOpen
37Craig CoughlanNSWOpen
38Kane TerryNSWOpenView Profile
39Doug BakerNSWOpenView Profile
40Lex ForbesVICOpenMasters
Youth (16 ‰- under 21yrs)1
Masters (60 - 64yrs)2
Grand Masters (65 and over)0
PA17T Tandem0
First Time Entries0
Important Rule Changes for 2017

Livewells shall have a minimum capacity of 23L with a functioning, battery operated, intake pump. Livewells smaller than 23L in capacity will result in disqualification. Please familiarise yourself with the updated 2017 Hobie Bream Series Rules prior to entering.

2017 Hobie Bream Series Rules

Information Sheet


Early Entries Close at midnight AEST on 21/04/2017.

  • Early Entry: $50.00
  • Late Entry: $70.00

April 30, 2017.


Clyde River
Korner’s Park, Wharf Road, Batemans Bay, New South Wales.

No Fishing

Monday 17th April up to and including Friday 28th April.

No Go Zones

Sanctuary Zones

See Map Below

Registration Times

Day 1 6:00am.

Briefing Times

Day 1 6:30am.

Session Times

Day 1 7:00am – 2:30pm.

Briefing, Launch And Weigh-in Location

Clyde River
Korner’s Park, Wharf Road, Batemans Bay, New South Wales.

More Information
Santuary Zones

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