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Darryl Head, a 46 year old Basin View Hobie Fishing Guide claimed the ultimate prize in kayak tournament fishing with victory in the 2013 Daiwa-Hobie Kayak BREAM Grand Final.

1Darryl HEADNSW33.4621.1454.62013 Daiwa-Hobie Kayak BREAM Grand Final Winner, Prize Pack
2Scott BAKERVIC31.9431.8663.8Prize Pack
3Stephen MAASQLD32.1811.3643.54Prize Pack
4Craig COUGHLANNSW32.7710.6843.45Prize Pack
5Daniel BROWNNSW32.221.0553.25
6Richard SOMERTONVIC32.6310.5443.17
7Chris BURBIDGEVIC32.310.8243.12
8Chesney FUNGVIC32.4410.643.04
9Nick MACEVIC20.8232.2153.03
10Grayson FONGQld21.231.8153.01
11Andrew DEATHNSW31.2531.7563
12Bryce BEECHEYNSW32.4910.442.89
13Nathan PREZIOSOVIC32.6932.69
14Benton PARROTTUSA20.8331.8352.66
15Sven BANDURAVIC31.8110.7542.56
16Justin DINGWALLVIC31.5610.8842.44
17Josh CARPENTERNSW20.6931.7352.42
18Scott LOVIGVIC10.7421.6732.41
19Sean O'HAGANNSW21.6310.7232.35
20Chad AUMANNVIC31.9210.3942.31
21Jonathan CHENACT32.1732.17
22Stewart DUNNNSW21.7310.432.13
23Joel CROSBIEVIC32.1132.11
24Jason MEECHNSW31.6310.4842.11
25Tony PETTIEVIC32.0932.09
26John SORRELLWA11.5410.5322.07
27Clark WILSONVIC32.0232.02
28Shane TAYLORNSW21.2210.832.02
29Wayne ROBINSONNSW31.2910.6841.97
30William LEEQLD21.0420.9341.97
31Dennis SKOUDEN10.6431.341.94
32Jason REIDNSW31.9331.93
33Brad ROBERTSVIC031.9231.92
34Paul DAVIDSONVIC31.8731.87
35Jason LAMBERTNSW31.8431.84
36Wade MOBBSNSW31.7631.76
37Kurt THOMSONNSW10.5221.2331.75
38Matt PETRIEVIC31.7331.73
39Tom MICHAELUSA31.6231.62
40Rick MASSIEVIC10.4621.0631.52
41Ronny HELAERSBEL1110.5221.52
42Staffan JORUPSWE21.5121.51
43Nick GEORGIADISNSW021.4921.49
44Simon MORLEYNSW31.4631.46
45Andy MITCHELLWA021.4621.46
46Mark MUGGLETONNSW21.0710.3431.41
47Herve MARTINFRA10.7210.6721.39
48Joe FRANCOWA10.4410.9421.38
49Dave HEDGENSW10.8510.521.35
50Jordan TRUSTYVIC10.7910.5621.35
51Warren ALLENNSW20.910.4431.34
52Glenn ALLENNSW10.4820.8631.34
53Scott BROWNLEESVIC21.2621.26
54Stephen DUFFVic21.2321.23
55Brendan CHAMBERSWA011.1711.17
56Martin FELLOWSVIC011.1711.17
57Marty MOODUSA10.4710.721.17
58Justin CARTERUSA20.6910.4431.13
59Denis METZDORFQLD21.1221.12
60Grant STINGELTAS21.0921.09
61Ronnie SONTERNSW21.0721.07
62Steve CRAWLEYQLD10.5510.4420.99
63Patrick MCQUARRIENSW10.410.4520.85
64Ben HOUGHWA10.4310.420.83
65Gero PRIEBEGER20.820.8
66Jon CLISBYVIC20.7820.78
67James DARKENZL10.7210.72
68Xizhao CHENCHN10.6910.69
69Tim STYLIANONWA010.610.6
70Wei-Cheng SHENTWA10.5610.56
71Jim HALLIDAYNSW010.5310.53
72Richard OFNERCAN10.4810.48
73Mathew CAMERONNSW10.4710.47
74Chris STARKEY010.4510.45
75Carl DUBOISNSW10.4110.41
76Aj MCWHORTERUSA010.4110.41
77Kevin WINCHESTERNSW010.4110.41
78Sami RASANENFIN010.3910.39
79Cheng-Li CHANGTWA00
79Gianluca ARAMANIITA00
79Hiyang LICHN00
79Keeton EOFFUSA00
79Luke KAYNSW00
79Michael MAASQLD00
79Shane OWENSWA00
79Suttichat CHATSUTTITHA00
79Xiaohong MACHN00
103Mark DELAROSAUSA0-0.050-0.05
104Rob BRAYUSA0-0.05-0.350-0.4
105Chris SEETONSW1-0.71-0.7

Head Hauls for Grand Final Win

Darryl Head, a 46 year old Basin View Hobie Fishing Guide claimed the ultimate prize in kayak tournament fishing with victory in the 2013 Daiwa-Hobie Kayak BREAM Grand Final.

Claiming a wire-to-wire victory Head grabbed the lead on day one on the back of a 3 kilo plus bag then never let it go as he stormed to victory.

Fishing just inside the first lake heading upstream Head fished shallow (1/2 metre of water) and threw an assortment of different lures and used a host of different techniques to catch his fish. Day one in particular was the day when he threw his whole tackle box.“The fish didn’t turn on until the middle of morning when the tide turn and there was no real pattern or lure that stood out. As a result I just rotated through my lures and mixed up how I worked them”, explained Head.

Throwing blades, deep diving crankbaits and soft plastics and using retrieves that ranged from slow rolls to twitches and pauses, it was a multi approach that delivered him 5 fish for the session.

Weighing in a 3.46kg limit for the session it was a 1.74kg kicker fish in his bag that anchored his leading margin heading into day two. Heading off on day two with a 690gram lead Head had a feeling that the fishing would be tough, especially with the deteriorating weather, and had suspicions that one fish would be enough to keep him in front of his challengers.

“I was happy when I caught my first fish in the first hour, then was over the moon when I got my second fish in the last hour”, explained Head.

The last angler to hit the stage, Head’s two 2/2, kg in the end proved enough to relegate a strong finishing Scott Baker to second place and claim his maiden Kayak BREAM win.

“To claim the win in such strong company is truly amazing”, explained a jubilant Head.

Head now becomes only the forth angler to call themselves a Daiwa-Hobie Kayak Grand Final winner and now joins Scott Lovig, Daniel Brown and Shane Taylor on the honour roll.

Baker Cranks into Second

Inaugural Hobie Fishing Worlds Champion Scott Baker produced another solid tournament result to finish second and claim his best result to date in a Kayak Grand Final.

Compiling a 6/6, 3.8kg limit to secure his podium finish Baker fished to his strength and through a deep Jackall Chubby for the entire tournament.

“The Chubby has been my go-to lure for a long time now, so when the weather was bad and the fishing tough I tied one, knowing that if any lure would get me fish it would be that one,” explained Baker.

Fishing a 1.7 metre deep flat near the first island upriver of the start line, Baker religiously used his Power Pole to hold his Hobie in position and allow him to fish the area thoroughly.

“Without the Power Pole I wouldn’t have been able to fish the area as as I did, and I wouldn’t have caught the fish that I did”, explained Baker.

With his Power Pole deployed and his Hobie facing into the current Baker would make long casts then retrieve his Jackall with a dead-slow slow roll, bumping the lure across the bottom.

“You couldn’t work the lure too slow, you just wanted it to touch its way across the bottom as you cranked it back in”, explained Baker.

While the technique was crucial for success so was the choice of lure colour.

“I could only get fish on the pink eyed, brown suji shrimp colour. While other colours looked great, I just couldn’t get fish to eat them”, explained Baker.

His choice of technique and lure colour produced seven fish on day one and four fish on day two. One of only two anglers to catch their full limit for the tournament Baker’s consistency and result once again confirmed his status as an angler to look out for in a big event.

Hogs Breath Boss Hog

Event winner Darryl Head claimed the Hogs Breath Boss Hog, with the champion’s day one 1.74kg kicker fish falling to a twitched and long paused suji shrimp coloured Jackall Squirrel.

Winning Tackle

Rod- 7’6” Millerod Control Freak

Reel- 1000 Shimano Stella

Line- 8lb OH DragonPE

Leader- 4lb flurocarbon

Lure- Jackall Squirrel, Ecogear VX30, Jackall Chubby, Berkley Gulp Shrimp, Berkley 3B Sub Dog

Winning Ways

“There was no one lure that dominated (especially on day one) so I threw a heap of different lures in the hope of increasing my chances of giving them something they wanted”.